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Xia Bailing knew that Chen Xiang had just broken through to the tenth level of the Dao Dan realm, but she felt that Chen Xiang was the kind of person who would not fight back. She was also very happy that Chen Xiang was able to stand out, but she was worried that Chen Xiang would be beaten to a pulp.

"You are the Alchemist, fighting or something like that is not suitable for you!" Xia Bailing immediately pulled Chen Xiang back.

"It's nothing. I used to play quite a lot, and my luck has always been good. I could always win." Chen Xiang smiled faintly.

Void said: "Don't force it, you are a Alchemist, and you can even refine Shengdao Dan, forget it! We'll accept it too. "

Qingyang nodded his head: "If Alchemist is severely injured, it might have a huge impact on the future of pill refining, don't take the risk!"

"Seniors, there's no need to worry. Just let me go up and take a look. My hands have been itching for a long time already."

He had stepped into the Dao Dan realm, but he had yet to experience the benefits of the Dao Dan realm. For example, the ability of the Dao Dan realm to borrow the energy of the Natural Law Principles.

"Alright then. If we can't beat him, we will stop him immediately." Seeing how determined Chen Xiang was, the air could only allow Chen Xiang to go up.

"Is there really no problem?" Xia Bailing frowned, her face was filled with worry as she asked.

"No problem, I can definitely beat them!" Chen Xiang laughed and then walked toward Li Bao in large strides.

Li Bao sized Chen Xiang up for a moment, and laughed coldly: "You sure are confident, even though they don't think much of you, you actually still dare to come up! However, I am also looking forward to fighting with a human Alchemist and defeating him. This is a rare opportunity. "

"Wait till you defeat me! You seem so much more confident than I am, so you won't laugh at me. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"Alchemist brat, you look so much like a weak chicken, can you really fight against me?" The tiger-riding man laughed.

"Defeating you is impossible, but I think defeating Li Bao shouldn't be a problem!" Chen Xiang replied.

"Yo, you're pretty calm!" If you can beat the five of us strongest kids, we promise to stop this war for ten years! " The tiger-riding man laughed.

"Really? Do you know how to disobey words? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Haha …" I never lie. Ask your three Dao Sovereigns if you don't believe me. The big fellow on the tiger laughed out loud.

"Alright, I believe you!" Chen Xiang looked at Qingyang and Xia Bailing, and they nodded. This showed that the tiger rider's reputation was not bad.

"I'm ready!" Chen Xiang said.

"Begin!" The tiger-riding warrior immediately shouted.

Just like the three of them who attacked Tian Rui and the others, Li Bao rushed over from the start. With an extremely fast speed, his aura, which was as fierce as lightning, arrived in front of Chen Xiang in an instant.

However, he missed! Because Chen Xiang was even faster, he was actually behind Li Bao in an instant. A fist ignited in flames, and smashed onto Li Bao's back like a giant axe.


Chen Xiang's fist carried the powerful Meteor immortal power, as it directly landed on Li Bao's back, releasing a wave of scorching heat that melted all the stones around.

After the flames scattered, Li Bao's entire body was scorched black, lying on the scorching ground and moaning!

Xia Bailing and the other three Dao Sovereigns were stunned, they never thought that Chen Xiang could actually fight like that. Only now did Xia Bailing remember that Chen Xiang also knew how to use spatial energy, and had instantly teleported behind Li Bao just now to launch that extremely fatal strike.

"Don't worry, I didn't kill him!" Chen Xiang said to the burly man riding the tiger, who had a gloomy expression. Then, he picked up Li Bao and threw him to them.

Although Li Bao's entire body was charred black, he was only burned by the hot air from the Meteor immortal power, he was unable to fight in a short period of time, and would be better after taking some medicine.

was secretly pleased, he had only borrowed a bit of the Heaven's Path's flame power, he did not expect it to be so terrifying, and with one move, he beat Li Bao down.

"Beautiful!" cried the happy void in that tender voice, and raised her little pink fist.

"Flying Leopard, you go!" The big fellow was an existence as strong as the three Dao Sovereigns. He had already seen through Chen Xiang just now, and knew how powerful he was especially due to the usage of the spatial energy.

"Xia Bailing, is this your disciple?" Because he knew that Xia Bailing used his spatial energy.

"No." Xia Bailing laughed: "He taught me his pill techniques, you have lost for sure!"

"It's rare for a human to have such a powerful little ghost! Let me see just how strong he is! Flying Leopard, remember this, from the beginning, you have to use your full strength, don't hide your true strength like Li Bao. " The man on the tiger urged.

"Understood, Beastmaster!" Then, it came to the battlefield and looked at Chen Xiang.

He looked very similar to Li Bao. Maybe it was because of the leopard pattern on their faces, but they looked the same.

"Begin!" A voice shouted from the void.

From the very beginning, the Azure Dragon Dao scar on Chen Xiang's body lit up, and under his mental control, he borrowed the Thunder power from the Heavenly Dao to condense a very strong power.

The flying leopard had only taken two steps forward and was only three meters away from Chen Xiang. However, a bolt of lightning had come out of nowhere and accurately struck the back of the flying leopard.

Chen Xiang had been completely motionless from beginning to end, and didn't have the slightest bit of aura on his body, yet he had quickly condensed a bolt of lightning, and appeared behind the flying leopard's back out of nowhere!

This was the result of him using the spatial lightning strike of the Azure Dragon's Dao mark to attack, and he also borrowed the power of the Heavenly Dao to make the lightning strike stronger. In a short period of time, he would be able to condense enough Thunder power and defeat the flying leopard!

At this time, Chen Xiang was still controlling the Thunder power, so he was worried that he would kill the flying leopard. When the other party gets furious, the three cities might immediately face war!

The flying leopard was thrown back by Chen Xiang, and he also took away the Thunder power at that time, so the flying leopard could quickly stand up. However, he was already filled with fear towards Chen Xiang now.

"Ah Ying, you go up!" The tiger-rider's face became gloomy, because even he did not understand Chen Xiang's method of attack, it was simply too bizarre.

Xia Bailing could actually see a little, because she could feel that there were extremely weak spatial fluctuations. Chen Xiang had clearly used the power of s.p.a.ce, and had even quickly condensed her Thunder power to attack through the air. But all of this was too fast, and the most important thing was that Chen Xiang did not make any movements at all.

The opposing Ah Ying looked like a teenager, but he had a pair of wings on his back, which should be an eagle.

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