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Xia Bailing controlled the horse carriage to travel through s.p.a.ce, and before long, they arrived at the negotiation location, which was a wasteland near the Beastman Tribe.

Chen Xiang got off the horse carriage and saw a few people in the Wasteland. Beasts had yet to arrive.

He looked closely at the men, and he was surprised, for two of them were children, only five or six years old.

These two children were both tender and cute. One of them wore a white robe, while the other wore a green one. Their clothes also looked luxurious, and there were many decorations hanging on their bodies.

In addition, the white-clothed child was riding a very small white lion, while the green-clothed child was riding a blue bird.

"You must have gone silly!" "These two brats are the Void Holy Man and the Azure Sun Holy Man. Their white robes are the void, while their azure clothes are the Azure Sun." Xia Bailing laughed proudly: "Do you think that I have the most appearance of a Dao Sovereign now?"

Chen Xiang swallowed his saliva. He could not believe that the Dao Sovereign that the three cities respected and revered was actually like this!

"Bai Ling, you're late again. You clearly have a high mastery of spatial energy, but you're always late. You must have done it on purpose." The Void Holy Man galloped over on his little white lion and shouted with his tender voice. His young and cute little face was very solemn, making him look strange.

"Little thing, it's not the first time that big sister has been late. You should be used to it." Xia Bailing snorted.

"This is different. We are here to negotiate with the beast race. If we lose too many people, our momentum will weaken. This will be very disadvantageous to our negotiations!" The Void Zhenren's face was filled with seriousness.

Chen Xiang really wanted to laugh out loud, with these two brats here, their auras were already weak to the point of exploding!

"Right, right! The three of us Dao Sovereigns should be together. That is the only way to frighten the enemy!" "Bai Ling, how old are you already? You're still a little immature, how many times have I told you that you have put such an important matter behind you?" The Azure Sun Holy Man, mounted on the little Cyan Bird, flew over and reprimanded them with his soft voice.

Chen Xiang looked at Xia Bailing and saw Xia Bailing stick his tongue out at him. Then, Xia Bailing laughed: "Alright, it's fine if you don't come late next time, right? I thought you guys were here on your own, but I didn't expect you guys to bring people here.

"Didn't you bring someone with you? Who is this kid? It doesn't look that powerful either! " The Void Holy Man raised his head to look at Chen Xiang and asked.

Chen Xiang didn't know whether to laugh or cry in his heart. At this moment, he was unsure if the two Dao Sovereigns who looked like children were real or not.

"He's the one who refined the Shengdao Dan. I brought him here to join in on the fun, do you have any objections? If not, I'll send him back right now. " Xia Bailing said.

"It's fine. Since we're already here, the more people there are, the stronger the momentum will be." The Azure Sun Dao Sovereign nodded.

Now that Chen Xiang saw the three Dao Sovereigns standing together, he felt that they were just three exotic flowers! Of course, he didn't have the feeling that the two children were weak. They were definitely powerful, otherwise they wouldn't have been able to become Dao Sovereigns!

"Last time we talked to them, that group of wild beasts were more aggressive. They liked to negotiate using combat methods, so this time we brought three fighters to talk to them." The Void Holy Man said.

Xia Bailing took a look at the three people they had brought with them. All of them were only of the Dao Dan realm, and were also of the tenth stage.

"Let's fight with the Dao Dan realm s?" Xia Bailing frowned.

"This is what they requested, they said that they will also send out Dao Dan realm beasts, they are also here to see the difference between us humans and their younger generation." The Azure Sun Holy Man said.

"What if we lose?" Xia Bailing asked.

"A loss means a failure in the negotiations. They won't be negotiating with the losers. When the time comes, we can only go back home and prepare for an all-out war." The Void Holy Man said, "If we win, we can fight for two years!"

Xia Bailing said: "If we can get two years, then we can make even more adequate preparations, especially now that we have Shengdao Dan!"

Both Kong and Qingyang nodded. This was also done to reduce the number of casualties.

Not long after, Chen Xiang felt a strong Qi approaching. Compared to them, the beasts seemed to be much stronger, and the beasts around them were much weaker.

There were hundreds of them, and both Xu Kong and Qingyang were looking at them with displeasure!

"Don't worry, we are still very strong." Void said to the person behind him.

The other side's beasts had already taken human form. Moreover, they were riding a huge beast. As they rushed forward, those huge beasts were still roaring non-stop. It was very scary!

Chen Xiang was shocked even when he saw this. Now he understood why Qingyang and the others wanted to negotiate and strive for more time. It was because the other party was not weak.

"Haha, are you really just these few people? Are you afraid that you won't be able to bring it back if you bring it back? " His voice was like thunder, and the huge tiger he was sitting on was like a small mountain. In terms of aura, it was absolutely able to suppress them.

Xia Bailing seemed to be accustomed to this kind of thing, but she did not feel that it was anything strange. Instead, it was Xu Kong and Qingyang who had faces full of unhappiness.

"As long as I can beat you guys, quickly send your people over! You promised that as long as you can defeat your juniors, you will agree to our conditions, right? " Void said.

Chen Xiang felt a little speechless. A child like Xu Kong, and he was even riding on a very cute little white lion.

"Li Bao, go and exchange pointers with them, don't kill them. If you're going to make them suffer forever, let's let them live under your fear, this will be much more interesting than killing them!" The leader laughed.

Following which, a tall man suddenly appeared. He wasn't that type of tall and st.u.r.dy, with a leopard tattoo on his face. It should be a leopard.

"Which one of you is coming?" Li Bao looked at Chen Xiang, then looked at the three men behind him.

Li Bao's strength was still quite strong, and he was able to tell it with a single glance. Especially with regards to restraining his strength, it made him secretly praise it in his heart.

"Tian Rui, go meet him! Don't kill them. We are human beings, not as bloodthirsty as their beasts. " Void said.

Tian Rui was a man who looked calm and steady. With his sharp eyes, Chen Xiang felt gooseb.u.mps just by looking at him. With one look, he could tell that he was a fierce person.

Chen Xiang was only watching from the side. This allowed him to clearly understand the level of the experts in the Spirit Wasteland!

"Tian Rui, be careful!" Qingyang urged.

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