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Most of the Alchemist s were able to succeed in learning the pill techniques that Chen Xiang had taught them. It was just that they were unable to learn how to refine pills within six hours, so they could at least refine pills. They knew that once they familiarized themselves with the pill techniques, they would be able to increase the quality and quant.i.ty of the pills within a shorter period of time.

"Senior, why don't you try? I can see that you're also a Alchemist." Chen Xiang stood beside the black clothed female and said while laughing.

"How can you tell? Do I look like a Alchemist?" The lady in black laughed lightly and asked, she felt that Chen Xiang was very interesting, moreover, very mysterious.

"This is my intuition. My intuition is always very accurate." Chen Xiang laughed: "Even though you specialize in spatial energy, I can tell that you are proficient in the way of pills. When I was explaining, you listened very carefully, and when I was teaching pill refining, you also listened very carefully. If I wasn't an alchemist, you wouldn't be that interested."

"Good eye." The girl in black smiled and said, "You have already fulfilled your promise and pa.s.sed down your pill techniques to everyone. Now, I will also reward you. Follow me."

The black clothed female was one of the three Dao Sovereigns. The heavy pay that she mentioned must definitely be very heavy. Although the old Alchemist were envious, they were not jealous, because they knew that Chen Xiang should have it.

Chen Xiang followed behind the black clothed female into the depths of the White Spirit Palace. At this moment, he was in a pa.s.sage which led to the ground.

"Senior, what's your name? You might be a Dao Sovereign, but you should have a name, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Guess." The black-clothed woman smiled sweetly and said.

"He can't be called the black-robed Dao Sovereign, can he?" Chen Xiang thought, he was truly unable to guess.

"Your alchemy skills are so high, but you still can't guess." The girl in black took off her veil, revealing her beautiful face, causing Chen Xiang to exclaim in his heart.

"Another beauty." Chen Xiang thought, he had seen many beauties, so he would not be captivated by them. His level of willpower was cultivated by many beauties.

"Bai Ling." Chen Xiang said.

My full name is Xia Bailing. She smiled lightly and stuck out her tongue. "Do you think I'm not pretty enough? Why do you only have this kind of reaction when you see me?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't tell me you want me to act like I want to eat you? Sister Bai Ling, you are really beautiful, it's just that I have a strong resistance towards beautiful women."

"Hehe, you can't be not interested in women, right?" Xia Bailing's voice was always so gentle and pleasant to hear. Now that she was joking with Chen Xiang, with a hint of mischievousness in her tone, it was even more special.

"Don't spout nonsense. My interest in women has never waned. It's just that I've had around eight beauties like you before. Hehe." Chen Xiang smirked: "This is also why I am so resistant to beauties."

"I really can't tell that you're a bad person." Xia Bailing laughed and said, "What do you want now? If I have something, I'll give it to you."

"Then why did you bring me here?" Chen Xiang had already followed Xia Bailing into a secret room. He thought that they would come to a treasury, allowing him to choose some sort of treasure.

"Of course it's to teach me alchemy. What do you think I brought you here for? Take off your clothes and roll around in bed with you." Xia Bailing laughed.

"You … You're not a good person either. " Chen Xiang laughed dryly. Although Xia Bailing looked delicate and pretty, her gentle voice made people feel that she was naive and innocent. They never thought that she could make such a joke out of them.

"Why aren't you studying outside? Isn't this wasting my time?" Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"I'm worried that if I make a mistake while studying outside, it will be very embarra.s.sing. I'm a girl, and my skin is very thin. I can't afford to embarra.s.s myself like that." Xia Bailing pouted.

"Your skin is almost as thick as mine. You really can't see where it has thinned out." Chen Xiang said snappily: "Alright, then from now on, ask me again if you have anything you don't understand."

"Got it, good teacher." Xia Bailing giggled and took out a pill furnace.

Chen Xiang was completely speechless. No matter what, this Xia Bailing was still a Dao Sovereign, but now, he looked like a mischievous little girl. He could not help but ask, "You really are a Dao Sovereign."

"Of course, don't you think so?" Xia Bailing asked while blinking his eyes.

"What do they look like?" Chen Xiang asked in reply, "You are obviously called Bai Ling, and you are even dressed in black. It's very strange."

"Hmph. You're underestimating me, aren't you? However, if you see any other Dao Sovereigns, you'll know that I'm much better than them." Xia Bailing scoffed.

"No matter how weak they are, they should be more like Dao Sovereigns than you." Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"Don't tell me that just because she's a girl, she thinks that she doesn't look like a Dao Sovereign?" Xia Bailing said with a blushing face.

Chen Xiang didn't know how brave he was, but he actually extended his hand and pinched her face, and pinching a girl's face was something he had gotten used to over the years. Especially when he was face to face with such a cute face, he couldn't help but want to pinch her.

Xia Bailing did not expect Chen Xiang to touch her face, and this caused her to be at a loss of what to do for a moment. After being stunned for a moment, her face was filled with anger as she coldly shouted: "You actually touched me, you're dead for sure."

Xia Bailing was very angry and immediately rushed over to beat Chen Xiang up, scaring Chen Xiang to the point that his face turned pale. Xia Bailing was a Dao Lord, he was definitely strong, he was worried that the eccentric Dao Lord would beat him to death.

However, Xia Bailing merely pounded his chest lightly, and then laughed coquettishly, "You must be scared to death, hehe … It's funny how you look scared out of your wits. "

The muscles on Chen Xiang's face started to twitch, he almost wanted to pinch her b.u.t.t, or just pinch her chest like he did with his own woman. Of course, he wouldn't do that, it was an extremely suicidal action.

"Go refine pills." Chen Xiang snorted, this Xia Bailing, no matter how you looked at him, looked like a child, how could he have the appearance of a legendary revered Dao Lord.

Xia Bailing stuck his tongue out at Chen Xiang, and even made a face at him, then laughed: "I think you're still the best, much better than that Tanglang. I had wanted to give Tanglang a good beating, or scare him, or make him cry for his parents, it's just that he knows how to refine Shengdao Dan, I don't dare to do that."

"Hmph, I also know how to refine Shengdao Dan. If you had known earlier, you would have hated me that much." Chen Xiang rolled his eyes at her. He was quite frightened just now and almost cried for his mother.

"I was wrong." Xia Bailing said in a soft and tender voice.

"I've forgiven you, hurry up and refine the pills, after I teach you, I still have to cultivate, I am only at the Dao Dan realm now." Chen Xiang urged.

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