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"Of course." Chen Xiang nodded his head: "It's just that I can't guarantee that everyone will be able to succeed in using my technique, all seniors should be clear about this, there are some other people's techniques that are not suitable for themselves, no matter how much they are learned, I can't guarantee that I will give it to everyone, and will do my best to let everyone learn it."

Seeing that Chen Xiang's att.i.tude was so good, and even addressed everyone as senior, all the old Alchemist present secretly praised Chen Xiang, it was countless times better than that Tanglang.

Tanglang was obviously slapping his face. Although it wasn't really slapping him, it made him very angry, and his face was also burning hot.

"Humph, words are empty. Anyone would say that you have to refine them. Moreover, you need to refine them very quickly. Don't waste just a few days to refine a single furnace. Moreover, the quality is the worst kind." Tanglang laughed coldly: "I only took six hours to refine it. What about you, are you capable of it?"

"Six hours. That should be fine. How about we compete now?" Chen Xiang smiled faintly.

"Let's compete then." Tanglang snorted, and took out his own pill furnace and Chen Xiang his own Heavenly furnace.

The lady in black was also very interested in watching the compet.i.tion. She knew very well about Shengdao Dan s, even she was unable to refine them, but the two young men in front of her could.

Of course, she had the best impression of Chen Xiang, especially that calm and approachable smile of Chen Xiang, which formed a very clear contrast with Tanglang.

"There are no problems with your pill furnaces, you can start now." The black-clothed woman said. The medicinal materials were provided by her. Everyone had two stone-like items.

Chen Xiang and Tanglang had started refining at the same time, and while he was refining, he had also used the Dao heart Eye to check out the other party's pill furnace. He wanted to see what method Tanglang had used, and whether it was the same as his.

The method Tanglang used was different from his, but the principles were the same. Initially, Tanglang used a very unique type of Daoyuan immortal power, he guessed what method Tanglang used to control the transformation of the Daoyuan immortal power into a type of Daoyuan immortal power with impact, and inserted into the interior of the stone.

After entering the interior of the stone, it would gather to a certain degree and break the stone to pieces. However, it wouldn't harm the energy within the stone; this way, the pill would be able to form a core.

However, the Crash method that Chen Xiang used was simple and crude, and it could be completed in an instant. At this moment, he was also secretly pondering how to turn it into a method specifically used to refine Shengdao Dan, without causing his Heavenly Alchemy to leak out.

Of course, refining the Shengdao Dan with the Crash method was still relatively easy to understand, and it was not as troublesome as clashing for the sake of improving quality. Therefore, he felt that it was not difficult for the Alchemist s to learn it, because Chu Hongqing had already successfully clashed it out with the You Yao Mountain Villa, and was already starting to condense the pellet.

Because it was his first time refining it before, it took Chen Xiang a long time to do it on his first try, and it was always the same on his first try. But now it was his second time, he was extremely familiar with and adapted to every aspect, so he felt that he could complete it within six hours.

Chen Xiang very quickly completed the collision process. He had controlled it very well, adding on to the special characteristics of the two stones, the explosion of the energy during the collision was very intense, so the pill furnace was very quiet.

After smashing them into pieces, they very quickly turned into medicinal liquid, following that, Chen Xiang entered the process of condensing a pill. Because of the special nature of the material, when refining Shengdao Dan, Chen Xiang felt that condensing a pill was the most difficult stage.

Chen Xiang realised that Tanglang was the same, because Tanglang had entered the Congealing Core realm earlier than him, but the progress was slow, and there was still a long period of time before the end of the six hours.

Very quickly, six hours had pa.s.sed, and Chen Xiang was the first one to complete it.

"I'm done." Chen Xiang wiped the perspiration off his face and laughed.

"I'm almost there too, don't be too pleased with yourself. I can refine two pellets in a single furnace. Furthermore, I had already made a furnace before. That's why I'm a bit slower now." Tanglang said.

Chen Xiang smiled lightly and opened the lid of the pill furnace. He took out five golden-red pills that were glowing with a golden light, looking just like pearls, it was extremely beautiful.

Everyone present were stunned. They knew that Chen Xiang was able to refine Shengdao Dan, but they never expected him to be so powerful to be able to refine five of such high quality pellets in one go.

The black-clothed female's pair of beautiful and gentle eyes were even more fluid and filled with amazement.

"I have five pills." Chen Xiang opened his palm and laughed.

Tanglang also stared with wide eyes, his face full of disbelief. If he did not personally see it, he definitely would not have believed this to be true, because he was extremely confident in his pill techniques and thought that only his method could solve the problem of refining Shengdao Dan.

Tanglang's face was flushed red, he had already completed it, but he did not open the lid, he knew that he had lost, lost completely and without a shred of face.

Chen Xiang gave these five Shengdao Dan s to the girl in black, and laughed: "How is it, is this a Shengdao Dan? The furnace I refined earlier also had five, but I have never eaten them before."

"Yes." The woman in black nodded and spoke softly.

Chen Xiang took out one pellet from inside and threw it to Tanglang, saying: "Take it, this is for you, your alchemy skills are also very good. If you weren't so arrogant, I think you could have made it even better, you felt that you could only refine yourself when concocting the pellet, and no matter how you refine it, no one would ever say that you were bad, which was why the quality of the pellets you refined is so poor. I feel that you still have a lot of room to improve yourself, refining three or four of the good quality Shengdao Dan."

Tanglang received the pellet of Shengdao Dan, and then heavily said. "Many thanks." With that, he quickly left. He did not have the face to stay, but in his heart, he was truly grateful to Chen Xiang, allowing him to understand many things just now.

"What's your name? I know most of the Alchemist in the three cities, but I have never seen you before." The woman in black said.

"Chen Xiang, I just came." Chen Xiang looked at Lu Yunchuan. "I'm with Liu Lao now."

"Can you teach everyone the pill techniques you used to refine Shengdao Dan now?" The woman in black asked again. Her voice was soft and sweet, making people feel comfortable listening to it.

"Of course." Chen Xiang then started to explain the refining process in detail.

In order to let everyone see this more clearly, he even used the Magic method furnace to cover up the whole process.

The Alchemist s here were all very outstanding, and after that, everyone started refining in the hall. If there were any problems, Chen Xiang would instruct them on the spot, like a master instructing his disciple, but he was extremely respectful to these seniors.

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