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Lu Yuchuan appeared to be very calm as he said, "Let's go, let's take a look and see if that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is really bored."

Yan Guang and Lu Yuchuan followed him towards a palace in the inner city. Although Chen Xiang had been in the inner city for more than twenty days, he had never played around here before.

"This is the White Spirit Palace. These are the residences of the three Dao Sovereigns …." Who exactly is the background of the Alchemist? How could they have such treatment and be able to live in the White Spirit Palace? " Lu Yuchuan was no longer as calm as before, and was a little fl.u.s.tered.

"Don't worry," he said. "I don't know exactly what's going on. You've been doing pretty well over the years, Old Lu. You three Dao Sovereigns definitely know that." Yan Guang said.

Arriving at the s.p.a.cious hall inside the palace, Chen Xiang and Lu Yuchuan sat on chairs. Lu Yuchuan was a little perturbed at the moment, and looked extremely nervous.

Not long after, three people walked in. One of them was an old man, while the other two were young and handsome. They were all well-dressed, giving people a sense of respect.

The old man had some wrinkles on his face. He wore very old white clothes with a strand of white beard. When he smiled, he looked very benevolent.

When someone walked in, Chen Xiang and Lu Yuchuan immediately stood up.

"This should be Elder Lu, Yan Guang often mentions you and he is quite a famous alchemist master in our White Spirit City." A man said.

"I don't dare." Lu Yuchuan immediately smiled humbly and said.

"This is the Void City's Zhang Qi. I wonder if Elder Lu has heard of him." the man asked.

"Of course I've heard of it." Lu Yuchuan hurriedly nodded his head, "Master Zhang is the number one Alchemist of the Void City, I have admired him for a long time."

Chen Xiang was a little curious about the ident.i.ties of the two men. Seems like they were not simple, and Yan Guang did not introduce them.

"Master Lu Chen, the reason why I came to look for you today is to solve a problem. I have just obtained a pill formula and I have the medicinal herbs, but I am unable to forge it." Zhang Qi said.

"Oh, I heard that there are even more Alchemist in the Void City than our White Spirit City. Could it be that even the Void City's Alchemist is unable to refine one?" Lu Yuchuan said, he was also very interested at the moment.

Zhang Qi nodded. "We were unable to refine it, so we came over."

Lu Yuchuan looked at Yan Guang, and Yan Guang said: "Actually, the Void City was also built by three Dao Sovereigns, and these two are the disciples of one of them, they are all in the Void City."

The disciple of the Dao Sovereign, Lu Yuchuan's heart trembled. He did not realize that such a person was a very respected existence in his eyes.

"We have a total of three cities that belong to the alliance. Soon, we will have to fight against a few beast races. This pill formula was unintentionally obtained by the three Dao Sovereigns, and even they are unable to refine it themselves …" So I want to see which Alchemist can take care of it. " a man said.

The fact that even the Dao Sovereign was unable to refine it made Lu Yuchuan feel a lot of pressure. He felt that he would definitely be unable to refine it as well.

"Is this pill very powerful? Is it very helpful in battles?" Chen Xiang who had been silent all this time suddenly asked.

"Yes, this pill is a high-grade king level pill, called the Shengdao Dan, it is a type of pill that can be advanced. In other words, the lowest grade of the Great Dao Pill is a high-grade king level pill, and if there are medicinal ingredients, then refining an Emperor level pill is not a problem." One of the men nodded, then asked: "Brother, are you also a Alchemist?"

"I guess so. Elder Lu and I are together." Chen Xiang laughed, he was very interested in this kind of pill.

"The main thing is that the Dao Dan realm eats it, which can allow the Dao Dan realm to quickly step into the Dao Po realm, but there's no effect after the Dao Po realm eats it, so it's sufficient to have a high-grade king level Shengdao Dan." The man said.

Chen Xiang was having a headache as he did not know when he would be able to step into the Dao Po realm. He was currently at the seventh level of the Dao Dan realm, and it would be difficult to advance the next three stages.

"If we can successfully refine it, with enough of them, we will have even more Dao Po realm warriors."

Lu Yuchuan replied, "I will do my best."

After that, Zhang Qi told Lu Yuchuan all of the experiences that he gained from refining and gave him the ingredients for the pill.

"If I can concoct them, the three Dao Sovereigns will definitely reward me handsomely." The man smiled and said, "I'm just waiting for your good news."

Lu Yuchuan was under a lot of pressure right now, so he could only nod his head.

Because he wanted to refine this kind of Shengdao Dan, he didn't need to do the thing he just received. He asked Yan Guang to return these medicinal herbs.

There were only two types of Shengdao Dan's medicine. They were not plants, but two stones, one red, and one golden, only the size of a walnut.

Chen Xiang had planned to copy some of it previously, but the stone could not do so at all.

"What's this?" Chen Xiang looked at the stone inside the jade box and asked, "Is it a stone?"

"It's a stone, but it is indeed a very special stone. Just like plants and trees, it has a process of sprouting and blooming." Lu Yuchuan laughed, "You probably haven't."

"No, I thought it was a stone." Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, but he was still unsure if this stone could be planted.

"Elder Lu, are those beast races really that strong? Why do they fight all day?" Chen Xiang understood that this kind of city would often face wars, and every time they fought, a lot of people would die.

"Very powerful, those beasts only need to eat some food to become strong, they don't need to train at all, and they are born with a tough body." Very powerful, those beasts only need to eat some food to become strong, so they don't need to cultivate at all. Lu Yuchuan said: "I wonder if we can win this time."

Chen Xiang felt that this Spirit Wasteland was also in a balanced state. It was obvious that there was some kind of power secretly controlling the development of humans and beasts, otherwise, if one side was too strong, it would be hard to control.

Chen Xiang took a few pieces of the Shengdao Dan s, then returned to his own room. There were a lot of those stones, and Lu Yuchuan didn't mind if he took them to refine. He didn't dare to underestimate Chen Xiang, because even when he was refining the Dao mark Dan, he already felt that he was inferior to Chen Xiang.

"Hongqing Xiang Yin, look and see if this can be planted." Chen Xiang placed the two stones into the You Yao Mountain Villa.

"Alright, let's go try it out now." Chu Hongqing said.

Chen Xiang also began refining the Shengdao Dan, putting the golden and red stones into the pill furnace.

When he was in the main hall, he had heard from Zhang Qi about the difficulty in refining the ingredients. The main problem was that the ingredients were very special and strange, very different from the previous herbs.

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