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Refining Dao mark Dan was a piece of cake for Chen Xiang, but right now he was safe in the inner city, and now that there was a war going on outside, he did not want to partic.i.p.ate in it, so he would perform well. If he performed well, the White Spirit City would protect him even more. Ybdu.

Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly furnace, grabbed the medicinal ingredients and began to refine them. He smiled: "Senior, if I am able to refine them, do I not have to fight outside anymore?"

"Of course... But, if the White Spirit City s were to be breached, the Alchemist s that are hiding inside would have to go up by themselves. " Old Lu sighed, "Over all these years, there have been a few times when we faced such dangers, and we were almost sent to the battlefield of Alchemist."

Yan Guang laughed: "So, all of you Alchemist must work hard and refine even more good pills. Only by doing this will we be able to make our warriors stronger, and we don't have to worry about our White Spirit City being breached."

Chen Xiang had already started refining. If it wasn't to scare them too much, when he used the Bones in his eyes to refine the pills, his speed would have increased even more.

Yan Guang also didn't leave. He also wanted to see if Chen Xiang could really refine pills, since he still didn't really understand Chen Xiang at all. All he knew was that Chen Xiang really cared not for his life, to actually dare offend the Undead Divine Race and that Evil Spirit Race, and even scolded them like that at the city gate.

When Chen Xiang was refining the Dao mark Dan, he had steadily used four of them. Now, he was refining according to this standard, and in less than an hour, he had already finished one furnace.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang suddenly said, which surprised Yan Guang and Old Lu.

"It recovered so quickly?" Old Lu was also a rather powerful Alchemist, so he was the most surprised at this moment. Of course he could have such speed, but Chen Xiang was only a young man in his eyes.

Chen Xiang opened the pill furnace and Old Lu anxiously walked over to take a look. Seeing the four quality Dao mark Dan s, he immediately praised: "Good boy, your standards are really high, I have truly underestimated you!"

Chen Xiang only laughed humbly: "Senior, you're the awesome one. You're going to refine ten sets of ingredients at the same time, you're probably planning on refining a lot of pills in one go, right?"

"You also saw through that!" Old Lu chuckled: "You can stay now, you can stay with me from now on. We'll focus on refining Dao mark Dan."

Chen Xiang nodded.

Yan Guang had already confirmed that Chen Xiang knew how to refine pills, and that his level was extremely high. He bid farewell to Chen Xiang and the others, and left.

Chen Xiang chatted with Old Lu while concocting pills. Old Lu's full name was Lu Yuchuan and he grew up in the White Spirit City. He was an elder in the White Spirit City's Alchemy Department.

"Senior, is this all our mission today?" Chen Xiang looked at the pile of herbs.

"No, this is our mission this month, our Alchemist also needs some rest." Lu Yuchuan laughed: "If we are fast enough, we will have a lot of time to rest."

That small pile of medicinal ingredients had around five hundred of them, which was extremely rare for Chen Xiang. If he was willing, he could complete it in a day.

"Senior, how many Alchemist like you are here?" Chen Xiang said, he planned to use the Thousand Refinements method to refine it later.

"There are more than ten of them, but they are different from me. They have quite a few ghosts following them, so they also have quite a few missions." Lu Yuchuan laughed: "Don't worry, I won't push all these issues to you like they will."

Chen Xiang had finished refining another batch of pills. This time, he was much faster than last time, shocking Lu Yuchuan yet again.

Following that, Chen Xiang used the Ten Thousand Refinements Method and refined five batches of Dao mark Dan s at the same time. Lu Yuchuan was originally more satisfied with his own speed, he could refine ten batches of s at once, which was equivalent to ten batches of s.

Now that he saw Chen Xiang using this method to control five pill furnaces at the same time, if his speed was like before, he would definitely be faster than.

"Where the h.e.l.l did you come from?" How amazing, could it be the disciples of those legendary Dao Sovereigns? " Seeing how fast Chen Xiang's few Magic method furnace were progressing, Lu Yuchuan could not help but exclaim.

"I came in from the outside. What New Eight Wastelands is it? " Chen Xiang then told Lu Yuchuan about the New Eight Wastelands, he did not know much about it and only knew a little.

Knowing that Chen Xiang had only hidden here because he had stirred up trouble, Lu Yuchuan laughed: "In fact, many people have provoked powerful people. It wasn't just you who had to enter this place without a choice! Therefore, you don't have to worry about those guys coming for revenge. They wouldn't dare to offend the three Dao Sovereigns who founded this city.

"Are those three Dao Sovereigns very powerful?" That sounds really good! " Chen Xiang asked, he had already heard Yan Guang talk about it before.

"Of course they're strong, I've only heard of them before, but I have never seen them before. Yan Guang has actually seen them a few times, in short, they are all mysterious people." Lu Yuchuan said: "Other than that, the three great native bank s are very mysterious here. There were cities that were destroyed in the Spirit Wasteland, but the three great native bank s inside were not harmed at all."

Chen Xiang was also relatively familiar with the Three Great native bank s. They were arranged by the Heavenly Dao in this era to control the various powers of this era.

In the next few days, Chen Xiang and Lu Yuchuan worked very hard, and all the medicinal ingredients were completed.

"Brat, you're even more than a dozen times stronger than those other guys!" We have more than 20 days to rest. " Lu Yuchuan laughed.

Yan Guang had come here twice to help Chen Xiang create the Alchemist's ident.i.ty jade token. As long as Chen Xiang refined pills in the inner city for a full three years, he would be able to casually walk around in the inner city without being restricted in the slightest. Of course, he could also continue to stay in the army to refine pills and help them develop.

"What's our mission next month?" Chen Xiang asked.

"For the time being, I don't know. No matter what it is, with our speed, we'll be able to quickly finish it!" Lu Yuchuan was very happy at the moment, because with Chen Xiang joining them, he became very relaxed.

These things were all very easy for Chen Xiang. During his rest time, he himself was refining a Qingyuan Dan, but he was still at the Dao Dan realm. Compared to the other Rankers in the Undead Divine Race, he was simply too weak.

Very quickly, more than twenty days had pa.s.sed, and Lu Yuchuan had returned with a batch of medicinal ingredients.

"Brat, we have work to do!" Lu Yuchuan shouted.

Chen Xiang anxiously walked out, looking at the fruit jar that Lu Yuchuan took out, he frowned: "What pill is this? I seem to have never seen or even recognized this medicinal herb before! "

"Don't worry, there will be a pill formula. With your level, you will quickly be able to master it." Lu Yuchuan laughed.

Just as Chen Xiang took out a fruit, Yan Guang ran in and anxiously said: "Old Lu, all the Alchemist from other cities are looking for you by name, but I don't know why."

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