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Chen Xiang had enemies, and those that entered the inner city had to join the army, if they fought, Chen Xiang would be in the army, and the enemy would be easy to deal with!

"It's fine, I've asked around, if Alchemist were to go in, we can avoid fighting and get the best protection, right?" Chen Xiang said.

"You are still Alchemist?" Yan Guang laughed: "I really can't tell! Alchemist should not be like you, who likes to cause trouble. "

"Hehe, next time if there's a chance, let's have a drink together. I'll go to the inner city first." Chen Xiang waved at Yan Guang, then turned and walked towards the inner city.

When entering the inner city, they did not need to return any Jade money, as long as they pa.s.sed one of their equipment tests, and proved that they were at the third level of Dao Dan realm, they would be able to enter.

After pa.s.sing the test, Chen Xiang was now in the third level of the Dao Dan realm. He was able to enter the inner city and even gave him a jade tablet.

After entering, Chen Xiang found a small booklet that stated the rules to be observed in the inner city. It could be seen that in the inner city, it was much stricter than outside, at least he was safe and did not need to worry about Undead Divine Race and the rest coming in to cause trouble.

Seeing the contents of the booklet, Chen Xiang understood a lot about the rules of the inner city.

"I still have a year's time before I enter. I will be joining the army in a year. If I don't want to, I must leave the inner city, and I can't enter the inner city again for a thousand years." Chen Xiang felt that this was pretty good. After a year, he would be able to sit through a lot of things.

"He only joined the army three years ago!" Chen Xiang kept the booklet and strolled around. There were a lot of people in the inner city, many of them had killing intent written all over their face, one could tell that they were people who had experienced the battles before.

Chen Xiang had a lot of Jade money now, but he had asked around, even if there were a lot of them, he would still have to join the army. This was a very strict rule, everyone was an exception, even if their status was very n.o.ble.

"There's still a year left. I should take advantage of this time to train and improve my strength as much as possible. I'll decide whether or not I want to join the army here. I'll decide after a year." Chen Xiang found a pretty good inn, where he started cultivating and so on. It was not bad, and the price was very cheap.

He and Chu Hongqing were refining Qingyuan Dan at a faster and faster rate. Chu Hongqing would also occasionally eat one and cultivate.

With the help of the World G.o.d's Spring, they were able to grow a large amount of Qingyuan Dan s and the herbs they needed.

With the help of a large number of Qingyuan Dan, Chen Xiang practically broke through stage one every three months. A year's time pa.s.sed and he was now stage seven of the Dao Dan realm, which was even more powerful than before.

If it was anyone else, they would definitely not be able to break through as quickly as he did. The fastest would be several years, and some might even need up to a hundred years! The reason he was so fast was also because he had a large number of Qingyuan Dan. Even if it was a very wealthy person, if they didn't have a suitable pill to eat, it would be useless.

Chen Xiang walked out of the tavern and headed towards a tall building. Previously, his jade tablet had vibrated a few times, reminding him to report the fact that he had joined the army.

When he arrived at the tall building, he saw that there were a few people waiting there as well. They were here to register.

A year of time pa.s.sed by extremely quickly for Chen Xiang, especially when he was in closed-door cultivation.

"A year has pa.s.sed, I wonder how those fellows from Undead Divine Race are doing!" Chen Xiang recalled the group of people who spoke at the city gate a year ago, and it seemed to have happened only yesterday.

"You shouldn't have to worry about anything inside, those guys don't even dare to come in!" Chu Hongqing said, her cultivation had also increased by a lot, she was already at the tenth stage of the Dao Dan realm, and had been preparing to charge into the Dao Po realm, thanks to the Qingyuan Dan.

At this time, a middle-aged man dressed in white walked out. It was City Lord Yan Guang!

When he saw Chen Xiang, he was stunned, then laughed: "I had thought that you had already left the inner city, I didn't expect that you had always been here!

"I'm not a coward!" Chen Xiang laughed: "City Lord, you sure are nosy, taking responsibility for this kind of thing!"

Yan Guang laughed bitterly: "My position in the City Lord has already been taken, so I can only do this kind of thing. "Those guys are in the outer city right now. They didn't come in."

Yan Guang began to help the others register.

"Why didn't they come in?" Chen Xiang asked.

Most of them are deserters here, they have all joined the army back then, but they ran away before the time even pa.s.sed, so if they wanted to enter the inner city, they would have to wait for more than 10,000 years. As for the others who have never entered the inner city before, because of their current cultivation level is very high, once they enter the inner city, they will have to immediately join the army.

Chen Xiang did not know about these things, when he first came in, the booklet had only mentioned the rules related to his cultivation.

"Senior, I am a Alchemist, and am able to refine intermediate king grade pellets. Do I need to go onto the battlefield?" Chen Xiang asked.

"If you can really refine it, there's no need for that. If you perform well, you will be rewarded!" Yan Guang said: "I'll help you register now, when the time comes, you can go take the examination. If you pa.s.s, it will naturally be easier."

Chen Xiang nodded, and accepted the jade tablet that Yan Guang handed to him. At this time, Yan Guang had nothing else to do, so he brought him to undergo the alchemy exam.

"Old Lu, someone came to take the test, are you still sleeping?" Yan Guang brought Chen Xiang to a courtyard at the back of the building and shouted as he knocked on the door.

"Come in! I'm so busy, how can I have time to sleep? " An old man's voice came from inside.

Yan Guang pushed the door open and entered with Chen Xiang.

After entering, Chen Xiang immediately smelt a medicinal fragrance. Someone was concocting pills.

"Refining Dao mark Dan?" Chen Xiang asked. In the courtyard, there was an old man concocting pills.

"That's right, we are in urgent need of a large number of Dao mark Dan!" The old man nodded. "How do you know?"

"I can smell it!" Chen Xiang was a little doubtful: "Aren't Dao mark Dan eaten by the Dao Ti realm? All the people who entered were at the third level of Dao Dan realm, why do they need Dao mark Dan? "

"One look and you can tell that you just entered not long ago! If you have children born in the inner city, then there will be no limit. Right now, there are quite a few little kids with Dao Ti realm s who need to quickly cultivate and create Dao marks. " The old man said, "Then we'll need a lot of pills to break through the Dao Dan realm. The war is about to start, and every Alchemist has a huge burden on them."

"Old Lu, this kid said he knows how to refine Qingyuan Dan and wants you to take it." Yan Guang laughed.

"If he can refine Dao mark Dan, then we can pa.s.s, the inner city is lacking Alchemist s, this is a medicinal ingredient, you should have a pill furnace, no matter how much he can refine it, I will consider it as you pa.s.s." Old Lu said.

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