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Xue Ying was alright now, Long Shuangru and Chen Xiang also could feel at ease! This was not the first time Chen Xiang saved her, so she could clearly remember the scene back then when Chen Xiang saved her.

"Let's go back now!" Long Shuangru said: "I keep having the feeling that it's not safe inside this place. There's danger at any time. "YBdu."

"This is indeed the case, there are dangers everywhere, let's hurry up and get out!" Xue Ying nodded, then looked at Chen Xiang and smiled: "It can't be that you want to stroll around here!"

"Alright, I'll send you out, then I'll come back." Chen Xiang nodded, he truly wanted to explore this Spirit Wasteland.

Xue Ying was Lv Qilian's disciple and was often together with Little Lizhi and the others. Naturally, she understood Chen Xiang's personality, so she could guess it.

Using his spatial power, Chen Xiang brought the three girls out of the Spirit Wasteland, arriving at the city outside.

"Qiao Yan, go back to the Hundreds of Flowers Village with them!" Chen Xiang said: "If you get tired of staying inside, you can also come out for a walk."

Xie Qiaoyan looked at Xue Ying and Long Shuangru, and then nodded. Xue Ying and Long Shuangru, one dragon and one phoenix, were on par with her, and even a little stronger than her.

Chen Xiang took out a piece of jade talisman, and left some words she had said to Lv Qilian in there. She then asked her to arrange things for Xie Qiaoyan, and tell him about some things related to Xie Qiaoyan.

"Be careful on the way!" Chen Xiang warned repeatedly. These three women were very powerful, so Chen Xiang was not too worried.

After watching them leave, Chen Xiang returned to the Spirit Wasteland and found the Small tree fairy.

"We can't just walk around aimlessly here. We need to have a target!" The Small tree fairy said.

"I'm very curious about this human world inside Spirit Wasteland." Chen Xiang thought for a moment, then said, he wanted to see what was different about this ancient Spirit Wasteland.

"I only brought you to that area. I don't dare to go deeper in. If those humans discover me, I'll be in danger." The Small tree fairy said.

Chen Xiang nodded, and then entered the Small tree fairy's Divine Sense Sea World.

Six hours later, Chen Xiang came out from Divine Sense Sea World.

"The human world is just ahead. There is a big city inside. You are a human, so there shouldn't be any problem entering. If there is a threat, you can just run away." The Small tree fairy said: "I'm going hunting, I need to eat something."

"Alright, then we'll meet again someday!" Chen Xiang smiled at the Small tree fairy.

"Goodbye!" Small tree fairy didn't win in a flash.

Chen Xiang looked at the large mountain in front of him. After going over those mountains, he would be able to reach the city where the Spirit Wasteland's humans were gathered.

Looking down from the top of the mountain, the houses in front of him were as far as he could see. It was an extremely densely packed human city, and standing at the peak, Chen Xiang could even faintly hear the noise of the city.

"This Spirit Wasteland is not simple, there is a very strong protective array. I wonder if I can enter with the White Tiger Leap?" Chen Xiang teleported to the foot of the mountain, then arrived at the long city walls. There were many people queuing up at the city gate to enter.

Chen Xiang queued for a short while before he was finally able to enter. What made him curious was that this ancient Spirit Wasteland actually used Jade money too!

His Jade money could be used here, which meant that the influence of the Three Great native bank s also affected this city, which made him very surprised!

The three great native bank s actually had such a strong influence during the ancient era of the Wasteland.

Chen Xiang asked while he was lining up. A lot of people who entered the city came from other cities, but there were also people from New Eight Wastelands outside. The entry fee was a hundred thousand Jade money, so it wasn't very expensive.

After entering the city, Chen Xiang found out that the biggest characteristic of this place was that many things were ancient, but the strength of the things here was not weak at all.

Chen Xiang took a look around the streets. Although there was a pill shop, the pills sold there were all of a very low quality.

He also found that this city was different from the others. It was inside the city as well as the city. When he was shopping, he saw that there were walls inside. The enclosures were huge, but he could not enter.

After asking around, he quickly understood that in order to enter the innermost city, one would need to have a cultivation base at the third level of Dao Dan realm. He also heard that even with a cultivation at the third level of Dao Dan realm, there were many restrictions to entering.

Now Chen Xiang understood why he did not see any good stuff to sell outside, but what made him curious was that there were quite a few people above the third level of Dao Dan realm outside as well. But why were they outside?

When Chen Xiang was eating at a hotel, he asked a waiter about it. The waiter told Chen Xiang that because he worked too hard inside, with too many restrictions, many people who were at the third level of the Dao Dan realm chose to stay outside.

"Why is it so hard?" Chen Xiang was a little puzzled. Someone in the third level of the Dao Dan realm would definitely not be poor, even if they were poor, it wouldn't be too arduous for them.

"You don't understand. If you enter the inner city, you will have to do something if you don't have a higher cultivation base!" For example, you must join the army and become a soldier. " The waiter said, "This means that even if you don't want to fight, you still have to go! Right now, it's a war between humans and beasts. Furthermore, there are times when conflicts occur.

"Why did you let me go? If a powerful cultivator were to make a move, he would be able to kill off the enemy's small soldier at any time. This way, you don't have to sacrifice your small soldier. " Chen Xiang said.

"The enemy has a general too. If we have a general on our side, they will have someone with the same strength to tie us down." The enemy has a general, if we have a general on our side, they will have someone with the same strength. The waiter said.

Chen Xiang currently had not reached the third stage of the Spirit Core Formation Stage, so he was unable to enter the inner city. However, he planned to cultivate for a period of time as well, so he wanted to enter the inner city to take a look.

Although the living environment in the inner city was rather harsh, it was very interesting to Chen Xiang. Furthermore, he wanted to understand the roles that the three great native bank s played in this place, to think that he could see their native bank wherever he went.

Chen Xiang asked for a room in the inn, then ate his Qingyuan Dan and started cultivating. He needed to quickly break through to the third level of the Dao Dan realm, as this way, he could enter the inner city as soon as possible.

… ….

While Chen Xiang was cultivating, a group of people suddenly came outside of the city. They were extremely aggressive, but they still had to obediently line up.

"White Spirit City Master, you're not dead yet! "What a cheap life!" A yellow-robed old man sneered as he saw a middle-aged man walk out of the city gate.

"You look more like a dead person. Why should I die if you're not dead?" He is the City Lord of this White Spirit City City.

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