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Chen Xiang didn't know why Long Shuangru had appeared in this Spirit Wasteland either, and why he had entered so deep all of a sudden.

"No problem, big sister Qiao Yan is only stronger than them!" The Small tree fairy laughed.

Xie Qiaoyan nodded: "Leave it to me!"

The Small tree fairy telling Xie Qiaoyan to go out, the sudden appearance of Xie Qiaoyan on the battlefield surprised both Long Shuangru and the two black clothed men.

At first, Long Shuangru was worried that Xie Qiaoyan was the helper of the two black-robed men, but when she saw that Xie Qiaoyan had appeared, she immediately attacked the two black-clothed men, causing her to heave a sigh of relief.

After that, Long Shuangru and Xie Qiaoyan joined hands, and with the help of sound transmission, they quickly killed the two men in black. It was only at this time that Chen Xiang came out from the Divine Sense Sea World of the Small tree fairy.

"Shuang Ru, why are you here?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Is Hundreds of Flowers Village alright?"

"Not bad!" Long Shuangru immediately understood, the woman who had come to help her just now, was precisely called over by Chen Xiang. She smiled and said: "Who is this big sister? Could it be your new wife? "

"This... "I guess so!" Chen Xiang coughed dryly.

"Not yet!" Xie Qiaoyan said anxiously, afraid that Long Shuangru would misunderstand.

Under their cooperation just now, Long Shuangru knew that Xie Qiaoyan was very strong, much stronger than Chen Xiang. However, she was not surprised at all by Chen Xiang being able to be on good terms with such a woman.

"You guys hurry up and come in, it's too dangerous outside!" The Small tree fairy shouted: "You guys have a great battle here, it's very noisy, let's leave here first!"

Then, Chen Xiang and the two girls entered the Divine Sense Sea World of the Small tree fairy.

After Xie Qiaoyan and Long Shuangru introduced themselves, Long Shuangru was extremely shocked, "Xie Qiaoyan, this is a master above the Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands and the only female Alchemist of the Limitless Pill Dao!"

Long Shuangru knew that Chen Xiang's alchemy skills were extremely high, it was normal for Chen Xiang to be so close to him.

In order to cure his father, Long Shuangru had a deep understanding of the art of alchemy, especially the Alchemist above Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands.

"I no longer belong to Infinite Divine Mountain!" Speaking of this matter, Xie Qiaoyan couldn't help but let out a faint sigh, and then, Chen Xiang briefly explained the matter of Xie Qiaoyan being arrested.

"Sister Qiao Yan, why don't you join our Hundreds of Flowers Village? The ones who are really in love with each other are all women! " Long Shuangru held onto Xie Qiaoyan's jade hand, and said with a light smile.

Long Shuangru stayed in the Hundreds of Flowers Village for a while and felt a sense of belonging towards the Hundreds of Flowers Village, even though she was a dragon.

"Hundreds of Flowers Village?" Xie Qiaoyan looked at Chen Xiang.

"Didn't you tell her?" Long Shuangru asked in surprise: "She's not your woman?"

"I just said it, not yet!" Xie Qiaoyan said with a bit of a blush.

Long Shuangru pinched Chen Xiang: "You were right earlier, how dare you lie to me!"

Chen Xiang was pinched to the point of pain, he cried out, "Shuang Ru, you must have learnt bad things from those crazy girls back in Hundreds of Flowers Village! You actually know how to pinch me! "

After that, Long Shuangru informed Xie Qiaoyan of the existence of the Hundreds of Flowers Village. After hearing about it, Xie Qiaoyan was also very interested and decided to go take a look.

"Oh right, Shuang Ru, why are you here?" Furthermore, it's you who is doing it, it's too dangerous! " Chen Xiang asked again, although he asked earlier, Long Shuangru did not answer.

"I came to look for Xue Ying. She had just formed a Dao pill and left without a sound. Imperial Concubine Lian used the Heaven extended method to calculate that she was here, so I came! " Long Shuangru said. She was considered strong in the Hundreds of Flowers Village, that was why she was allowed to take a look.

Xie Qiaoyan was shocked, she never thought that there would actually be women from the Undead Divine Race in there. She knew that only the Undead Divine Race knew about Heaven extended method.

"Is Xue Ying also a female from the Hundreds of Flowers Village? She just came in here alone with her Dao Dan realm, it's very dangerous! " Xie Qiaoyan said.

"I actually saw her!" Chen Xiang frowned. Xue Ying was the Phoenix Princess, and he was sure that the phoenix he saw earlier was Xue Ying.

"What?" Then why aren't you with her? " Xie Qiaoyan looked at Chen Xiang reproachfully.

"No …" I wasn't sure it was her then! " Chen Xiang sighed: "Xue Ying is a phoenix. When I saw her before, I did not dare confirm that it was her because I felt that she should be inside the Hundreds of Flowers Village."

"Phoenix …" Phoenix! " Xie Qiaoyan was stunned: "When we entered deeper inside, we also met a phoenix, could it be that she is Xue Ying?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "It's all my fault for being too careless … However, I was planning to ask her about it, but she flew too fast and someone was trying to catch her! "

Xie Qiaoyan never thought that not only was there a dragon in the Hundreds of Flowers Village, there was even a phoenix. She wanted to know what kind of woman there was in the Hundreds of Flowers Village.

"Don't worry, she's very strong now …" I don't know why! " Chen Xiang patted the ground and said: "Small tree fairy, didn't you say you were talking about the Phoenix before?"

"There's nothing much to say. She's one of the Heavenly beast, the emperor within birds. Of course she's very strong …" The phoenix that was previously missing in the Spirit Wasteland has disappeared for a long time now, the strength of this new phoenix is not any weaker than the old phoenix. " The Small tree fairy said: "Master, you are really awesome, you know so many female Heavenly beast … …"

"Small tree fairy, quickly find that phoenix!" Chen Xiang said.

"Alright, if she turns into her human form, then it might be difficult to find her!" The Small tree fairy said: "Can you give me her human form?"

Chen Xiang immediately released Xue Ying's shadow, looking extremely beautiful with a braid hanging on his chest, looking very pretty when he smiled.

The Small tree fairy was immediately found. He said: "She is currently very safe, she is currently in a forest. I will bring all of you to find her now."

"Alright, hurry up!" Chen Xiang said. After knowing that the phoenix was Xue Ying, he was even more worried.

"Chen Xiang, I heard your master say that you are living well outside, is that true?" She had heard all kinds of legends about Chen Xiang from the Hundreds of Flowers Village, so from the bottom of her heart, she also hoped to be able to travel with Chen Xiang.

"Nothing, didn't I tell you before?" "I am a troublemaker!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Up till now, I have only offended Infinite Divine Mountain … Of course, there's also the Undead Divine Race here. They have started to look at me. "

"Then aren't you in danger?" After Long Shuangru finished speaking, he smiled and said, "I forgot about the Divine City that the three great native bank s established. When you returned earlier, you told us about it."

"He is very safe in the Three Money Divine City, there is no need to worry, it is just that sometimes he will run out, just like now." Xie Qiaoyan said.

"If I don't run out, who will save you?" Chen Xiang chuckled, and then, he caressed Xie Qiaoyan's face.

Long Shuangru could already tell what Xie Qiaoyan was thinking from his expression.

"Where's Hongqing and Xiang Yin? You're not going to let them do all the work for you, are you? " Long Shuangru asked.

"Of course not, they are doing very well now!" Chen Xiang was extremely worried that the women in the Hundreds of Flowers Village would forcefully take the two beautiful women away.

"We're here!" The Small tree fairy suddenly said: "But besides the phoenix, there are other things here!"

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