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After Huang Tian was entangled, he saw Chen Xiang and Xie Qiaoyan suddenly appear. Ning Quan, whose hands were still stuck in the tree hole also shouted out in shock, at this time, he was also tied up by the tree vines released by the Small tree fairy.

"All of you did this?" Ning Quan shouted anxiously, "Senior Master, quickly save me … I know Huang Tian has always wanted to have you, but I have always been against him! "

Hearing that, Xie Qiaoyan's face turned cold: Don't think that I don't know that you were the one who suggested this to Huang Tian, saying that you wanted to use the Longevity Heavenly Fruit to exchange, don't call me Junior Master, I am no longer from Infinite Divine Mountain!

While talking, Xie Qiaoyan had already taken out a long sword, seeing the cold gleam on the sword, Ning Quan's entire body shivered, the cold expression on Xie Qiaoyan's face showed that she would not show mercy. Ybdu.

"Uncle-master …" Martial Uncle... "Huang Tianzhen and I are not on the same side. If you want to kill him, I have never harmed your interests." Ning Quan wailed.

"Hmph, don't think that I don't know about your scheme with Huang Tian. I won't believe your lies!" Xie Qiaoyan was not a gentle and kind girl to begin with. She had already wielded her long sword and cut down Ning Quan's neck, and decapitated him.

As Huang Tian saw this, his already terrified heart turned cold. He knew that he was dead for sure!

Xie Qiaoyan had been so decisive in killing Ning Quan that she had never hesitated for sure.

Chen Xiang came to the bottom of the sky and smiled: "Didn't you say you wanted to kill me or something? Now it seems like you are going to be killed, haha … "

Seeing Chen Xiang's current taunt, Huang Tian was once again angry in his heart. He wanted to slap Chen Xiang to death, but he had already been bound tightly, to the point that he couldn't even move a finger.

"Qiao Yan, do you want to come or should I?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's better if you do it! You and him have had a conflict, I don't want to kill this kind of guy! "" You … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you … you …. Xie Qiaoyan pa.s.sed the long sword in his hand to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took the longsword, and said to Huang Tian with a smile: "Both father and son have died in my hands. If there is a next life, you can also become father and son like this!"

"Chen Xiang, you little beast …" Before Huang Tian could finish cursing, his head was chopped off by Chen Xiang.

Huang Tian and Ning Quan's cultivation were relatively high, and to the Small tree fairy, this was a huge feast!

Following that, Xie Qiaoyan saw how a tree was able to absorb two corpses, and he even told her about Huang Xiaotian and the others who were devoured by the Small tree fairy before.

"Although the taste of this guy is not good, the energy is still quite strong. I am quite satisfied with it!" The Small tree fairy laughed: "Do you guys still want to follow me deeper in?"

"Of course I want to go in, maybe I can even find Heavenly artifact inside!" Chen Xiang said, and then he and Xie Qiaoyan went back into the Small tree fairy's Divine Sense Sea World.

Although the voice of the Small tree fairy was like that of a young child's, it was extremely refined, so Chen Xiang did not need to worry that something bad would happen while he was in the deeper parts.

"That group of old fellows are also going to enter deeper. They seem to know what is in the depths, and they understand this Spirit Wasteland quite well!" Xie Qiaoyan suddenly said: "I don't know what basis they have to find the Heavenly artifact, but it's not that simple!"

This reminded Chen Xiang of the Undead Divine Race. Not long after he entered the Spirit Wasteland, the Ning family already knew about him entering there. It was definitely what the Undead Divine Race had told them!

Chen Xiang immediately understood that the Undead Divine Race was trying to rope in these forces because he knew that there was a gap between them and the three great native bank.

"It should be the Undead Divine Race!" Chen Xiang said: "If the Undead Divine Race is able to form an alliance with these powers, then they might have to deal with the three great native bank s."

"The power of the three great native bank s is extremely terrifying. Does the Undead Divine Race really have the power to shake them?" Xie Qiaoyan shook her head, she felt that it was not possible.

"Hard to say, Undead Divine Race is very mysterious!" Chen Xiang still did not have a thorough understanding of Undead Divine Race, but he knew how ambitious Undead Divine Race was.

Now that the Undead Divine Race was together with the Evil Spirit Race, their powers would definitely become stronger, and with the sudden appearance of the Spirit Wasteland, Chen Xiang felt that the situation was not so simple.

"Small tree fairy, didn't you say that there is the Ancient Desolation? Could it be that other than the Spirit Wasteland, there are seven other Ancient Wastelands? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes!" However, our Spirit Wasteland's strength is at the top … As for the other seven wastelands, they have always been hidden here. " The Small tree fairy said: "Your New Eight Wastelands is definitely not as strong as the ancient Eight Desolate Land."

Chen Xiang shook his head. At this point in time, even he did not understand the New Eight Wastelands very well, let alone the ancient Eight Desolations.

"Right now, there's no need to think too much into it. The most important thing is to improve your own strength." Xie Qiaoyan said.

When Xie Qiaoyan had been captured earlier, it made her even more aware that her own strength was too weak and she had almost allowed herself to be slaughtered. Thus, ever since that incident before, she became even more determined to work hard to increase her strength in the future, so as to prevent such a thing from happening again.

"Ah... "It's so cold, there's some tough guys fighting up there, it looks like a dragon!" The Small tree fairy suddenly shouted.

"Are you okay?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"I'm fine!" I have seen dragons before, so I know the aura of dragons. However, this dragon seems to be a bit tender, but it is also considered a rather rare species in the Spirit Wasteland. " The Small tree fairy said.

"Is an ice dragon a rare species in the Spirit Wasteland?" Chen Xiang asked. Most of the dragons that could use the power of the cold were ice dragons.

"Of course not, there are still some ice dragons. However, this one doesn't seem like an ice dragon. Although it can use the power of the cold, it has a unique aura." The Small tree fairy said.

If that was the case, then there could only be one possibility. The dragon that was standing on the stage was a White Dragon!

"Let's go up and take a look!" Chen Xiang told Chen Xiang that in this era, Long Shuangru was the only White Dragon. Long Xueyi came from another era, so it could not be counted.

The Small tree fairy immediately came to the ground and revealed what she had seen in her own Divine Sense Sea World for Chen Xiang and Xie Qiaoyan to see.

A white-robed woman was in the midst of battle. She held a long white sword in her hand as she battled against two black clothed men.

"It's Shuang Ru!" Chen Xiang immediately shouted.

"You know this woman?" Xie Qiaoyan asked anxiously. Chen Xiang was her lover now, and although she knew Chen Xiang was a playboy, she was still a little jealous.

"Long Jiuxiao's daughter!" Chen Xiang said.

Xie Qiaoyan had already known that Chen Xiang had a Heavenly furnace previously, and that it was a pill furnace created by Long Jiuxiao. Therefore, she immediately thought that the Heavenly furnace was a gift from Long Jiuxiao, and the relationship between Chen Xiang and her daughter was definitely very good.

"Qiao Yan, how is your strength compared to the two men in black? Can you help Shuang Ru? She's my friend. " Chen Xiang said.

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