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Xie Qiaoyan handed over the three Longevity Heavenly Fruits in his hands to Chen Xiang …

"For you!" At this time, she was extremely grateful to Chen Xiang. If not for Chen Xiang, she would not have known what would happen right now.

"No need, I have three myself!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"You really don't want it?" Xie Qiaoyan asked in a low voice: "This is very precious! Besides, I don't need it now! But even without these Longevity Fruits, I think those old fellows would still use me to threaten you! "

"Threatening me?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Hmm, you have two Heavenly artifact s with you, and they are skilled in superior pill techniques! It's all very useful to them, and they know I'm very close to you! When I went back to the Infinite Divine Mountain, they asked me how my relationship with you was progressing! "

Xie Qiaoyan's eyes moved, and she asked softly: "If they were to use me to threaten you, would you compromise?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "If I cannot save you, of course I will compromise, I don't want to lose you!"

Xie Qiaoyan lowered her head slightly. She had kissed Chen Xiang previously, and she knew then that Chen Xiang wanted to take over her. At that time, she was also forced to take over half a step and was forced to be kissed by Chen Xiang.

"This group of fellows are really greedy. They seem to already have Heavenly artifact s, but they still want more!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Xie Qiaoyan only sighed lightly. She also didn't think that the Infinite Divine Mountain would actually treat her like this. This was even more cruel than abandoning her.

"Qiao Yan, come with us!" Chen Xiang suddenly pulled Xie Qiaoyan closer to him, allowing her to lean into his embrace. Xie Qiaoyan also just struggled a little.

Chen Xiang embraced her proud and aloof but extremely soft body. He was secretly pleased in his heart, feeling that he had almost conquered this woman.

He placed his hands on Xie Qiaoyan's jade face and gently caressed it. Then, he used his hands to hold her jade face and made her raise her head.

Xie Qiaoyan's gaze was filled with complexity as she avoided Chen Xiang's gaze. She didn't know why, but her heart inexplicably jumped very quickly as her cheeks flushed red. She was also secretly looking forward to something from the bottom of her heart …

This time, Chen Xiang didn't even need to forcefully kiss Xie Qiaoyan; instead, he just pa.s.sively and easily kissed her.

After a while, Xie Qiaoyan leaned bashfully on Chen Xiang's chest.

"When I found out that you entered this mountain range, I was extremely worried. I even planned to look for you and take you with me! I never thought that you would be the one to save me from behind the scenes. " Xie Qiaoyan sat on Chen Xiang's thigh, leaning into Chen Xiang's embrace.

Chen Xiang caressed her face and laughed: "How could I be captured that easily? Right, how did you know that I entered this mountain range? "

"Leader suddenly said that someone sent a message to him. At that time, he secretly sent a message to the other disciples of Infinite Divine Mountain, telling them to go look for you." Xie Qiaoyan said.

Chen Xiang kissed her forehead and asked: "How are you recovering now?"

"It's about time!" Xie Qiaoyan left Chen Xiang's embrace and arranged his clothes.

Chen Xiang kept the Small tree fairy staring at Huang Tian. He asked: "Small tree fairy, how is Huang Tian now?"

"He's together with another guy. That guy seems to be called Ning Quan." The Small tree fairy said.

"Get close to them … Right, where are those three old fellows? Where did they all go? " Chen Xiang asked again.

"They said they were going to find someone who can figure out where you are." The Small tree fairy made Chen Xiang frown. That person was definitely from the Undead Divine Race.

"Who is it?" To think that I would be able to find out where you are! " Xie Qiaoyan was already impressed by Chen Xiang's concealed strength, he had approached them secretly, but the three big shots of Infinite Divine Mountain did not know about it.

"Undead Divine Race's!" Chen Xiang said: "These people are truly lingering around like ghosts. If I had the strength, I would have shoveled them out first!"

Xie Qiaoyan had told Jiang Xian to be careful of Undead Divine Race before, because she was looking for him everywhere.

"Undead Divine Race and I have a grudge, but it won't be so easy for them to catch me either! Looks like I'll be safer in the cities of the three great native bank s in the future. " Chen Xiang sighed: "Without great strength, it's best not to run around."

The leaders behind the three native bank s were all very powerful as they controlled the order of the entire Wasteland. If there were people causing trouble in the city they built, they would act and even the Undead Divine Race would fear them.

"Huang Tian must be related to the Undead Divine Race!" Chen Xiang said. The Huang profound that Chen Xiang had killed earlier belonged to the Undead Divine Race, while Huang profound had to help Huang Tian.

They were all surnamed Huang, so there had to be a branch of the Huang Family in the Undead Divine Race, and this was exactly the case for Huang Jintian.

The Small tree fairy was now close to Huang Tian and the others.

"With my strength, I can deal with these two. I don't need any of you to do anything." The Small tree fairy laughed.

"Alright, try it first. If it doesn't work, then we'll make our move." Chen Xiang said. Although Xie Qiaoyan was not a match for the Infinite Divine Mountain's Three Great Leaders, dealing with Huang Tian was not a problem. Her strength was still much stronger than Huang Tian.

When the Small tree fairy was still a distance away from Huang Tian and the others, it came to the ground and turned into a big tree.

This flower was the Blue Phoenix Flower from before. It was able to release a trace of an extremely peculiar fragrance, and was currently luring Huang Tian and Ning Quan.

"Will that work?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Definitely. According to my observation, those two fellows are very greedy. They will definitely take the bait. Just watch." The Small tree fairy was very confident.

Sure enough, before long, Chen Xiang and Xie Qiaoyan who were inside the big tree could pa.s.s through a curtain of light. They saw two people quickly walking over, it was Huang Tian and Ning Quan.

"This mountain range is truly surprising!" Ning Quan excitedly went over, just in front of Huang Tian.

Seeing these strange flowers and herbs, he did not want to miss it. There was only one flower in front of him, and he was afraid that Ning Quan would take it all for himself.

In just a few blinks of an eye, they had all arrived underneath the big tree. Ning Quan reached his hands into the hole in the tree, just as he was about to grab the Indigo Phoenix Flower, the hole in the tree suddenly shrank back and clamped onto Ning Quan's hand.

"Brother Huang, please do me a favor and chop down this tree. This strange tree should be intelligent to actually know how to protect this flower." Ning Quan anxiously said.

Huang Tian walked over and grabbed Ning Quan's arm with all his might. He wanted to pull Ning Quan's hand out, but Ning Quan had to shout loudly.

"Stop bulls.h.i.tting, it hurts! Just cut down the big tree, hurry up! " Ning Quan shouted. He could feel that the hole in the tree was tightening;

Huang Tian had no other choice but to take out a knife and hack at the big tree. The moment he swung his sword, his feet were entangled by tree roots. Then, many tree vines appeared from the big tree, instantly entangling Huang Tian tightly.

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