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Before Chen Xiang encountered the Small tree fairy, he felt that this part of Spirit Wasteland was relatively safe. However, after seeing how the Small tree fairy ate people, and finding out about the hidden powerful existences of this part of the Spirit Wasteland from the Small tree fairy's mouth, he was extremely worried for Xie Qiaoyan.

The Small tree fairy had already started to help Chen Xiang search for traces of Xie Qiaoyan, he was connected to the flowers and trees here, if they were looking for Xie Qiaoyan, it wouldn't be difficult, as long as Xie Qiaoyan was still here.

"This may take some time, just wait patiently!" The Small tree fairy said: "I never thought that there would be more and more humans entering the Spirit Wasteland, I just wonder how many of us can survive."

Chen Xiang had previously heard that there were no dangers here, but the Small tree fairy did not say so.

"Small tree fairy, there were two Heavenly artifact here, and it seemed like humans could easily get their hands on them. Furthermore, before I came in, I understood that there would not be any danger, so many people came in." Chen Xiang said.

"Heavenly artifact? "Some of them are pretty easy to obtain if you're lucky!" The Small tree fairy said: "The place where there is no danger in Spirit Wasteland is outside. The area where you meet me is relatively safe! Of course, this is only temporary. "

"Why is it temporary?" Chen Xiang did not understand.

"This is because the Spirit Wasteland has just descended onto this land, and many beasts and various items have been gathered in the center area. After a period of time, they will try to go outside to take a look, and at that time, the entire Spirit Wasteland will no longer be safe." The Small tree fairy said: "With your cultivation, if you don't have any tricks, you will most likely die!"

Chen Xiang was also almost eaten by the Small tree fairy, when he thought about it, he felt a little afraid, because the Small tree fairy did not seem to be the most terrifying thing here, but was able to kill Huang Xiaotian and the rest.

"Master, as long as you are with me, you will be safe. The beasts and humans in the Spirit Wasteland would not dare to offend us plants and flowers. They are relying on us to live! The reason why Spirit Wasteland is called Spirit Wasteland is because after all living things here opened up their spirit, they all became unusually strong. This is the special characteristic of Spirit Wasteland. " The Small tree fairy laughed.

"Of course, we are also afraid of people like you. Especially those flames you released, they would have great destructive power towards us spiritual flowers, plants, and trees."

Chen Xiang said: Don't worry, I will not use it carelessly, this Spirit Wasteland is not bad, I do not want to destroy this place!

"You said that there are humans here, then are the humans here strong?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course I'm strong!" Humans and beasts are natural enemies here, and they often fight. But now that so many humans have come from the outside, it poses a greater threat to the beasts here. Therefore, if any humans were to be targeted by the powerful beasts, they would definitely be attacked. " The Small tree fairy said.

"The beasts here aren't weak, right?" Chen Xiang said, he had actually seen something like the phoenix here.

"Of course not! The biggest characteristic of the beasts in Spirit Wasteland is that none of them are stupid, and most of them can transform. Do you know how dangerous it is for humans now? " The Small tree fairy said.

Beasts that could take human form, and had a high level of intelligence, would be easily ambushed by these beasts if humans were unable to differentiate between them.

"Of course, not all beasts frequently attack humans. Many beasts are relatively gentle, such as those that don't eat meat, some birds, or fish in the water …" The Small tree fairy suddenly said: "We found your friend, her situation doesn't seem to be good, she has been tied up."

"What?" Chen Xiang shouted in shock, "How can that be? She was pretty strong. Even if she was beaten black and blue, she wouldn't be tied up so easily … Is she hurt? "

"No!" The group is in a small valley, and only she is tied up. For some reason, I'll bring you there right now, it's not too far away. " The Small tree fairy said.

Chen Xiang was clearly caught by his own people, and should be captured by the people from the Infinite Divine Mountain, but why? Xie Qiaoyan held a relatively high status within the Infinite Divine Mountain's Boundless Pill Dao, and had even gifted a Beauty Pellet to the Jiang Family Patriarch a while ago!

Chen Xiang asked the Small tree fairy to pa.s.s on what he could see. The Small tree fairy also managed to vaguely see something through his connection with the other flowers, plants and trees.

Chen Xiang had also only seen Xie Qiaoyan's face in a daze, but he could still confirm that it was Xie Qiaoyan. After that, it was a few people that he was more familiar with, and among them, Ning Quan was suddenly Huang Tian … Other than them, there were also Infinite Master s of the Limitless Pill Dao, as well as Leader Qiao Wushuang of the Skypiercing Sect and Qiao Kun …

After half an hour, the Small tree fairy arrived at the small valley.

"They are all very powerful humans, how do you plan to save that woman? She was also quite strong, but she could only submit to this group of humans. Had she offended this group of humans? Why were you captured! " The Small tree fairy asked.

At this time, Chen Xiang could clearly see the things inside the valley. There were more than two hundred of them, and their overall power was extremely strong. Forget about Xie Qiaoyan being tied up by a special rope, there were also three overlapping array discs at her feet.

"Xie Qiaoyan, you still have an hour!" The one who spoke was the Infinite Master, he was the Great Elder of the Limitless Pill Dao and had an extremely high position in the Infinite Divine Mountain.

"Even if I die, I will not compromise with you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" Xie Qiaoyan said angrily.

"The three Longevity Fruits in your hands are useless to you, you can still be considered to be very young, and we old fellows don't have very long to live. As long as you hand them over, we guarantee that we won't make things difficult for you in the future." The Infinite Master said.

"Humph!" Xie Qiaoyan merely snorted coldly, then closed his eyes and no longer looked at this group of people.

Huang Tian suddenly said: "Three seniors of Infinite Divine Mountain, you should leave Xie Qiaoyan to me as soon as possible! This way, you can obtain the three Longevity Heavenly Fruits in my hands a little more easily. If Xie Qiaoyan dies, you won't be able to get anything else. "

Chen Xiang immediately understood what was going on!

Xie Qiaoyan and Huang Tian had gotten their hands on three Longevity Heavenly Fruits respectively, and this matter had been known to the Leader s, the Limitless Battle Dao and the two elders of the Limitless Pill Dao. They were already a little old, so they naturally needed the Longevity Heavenly Fruit to increase their lifespans.

Of course Xie Qiaoyan would not give it to them. The moment Xie Qiaoyan knew that the Limitless Pill Dao was hiding something from him and gave her the broken Infinite Dan method, she secretly hated the Infinite Divine Mountain.

Therefore, she was naturally unwilling to hand over the Heavenly Longevity Fruit!

When Infinite Divine Mountain's Leader and the two elders saw her att.i.tude, they were extremely furious and used unyielding methods. This further stimulated the already extremely arrogant Xie Qiaoyan.

Xie Qiaoyan was cold and arrogant, the more he forced her, the more she wouldn't compromise!

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