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"Then I'll let you go. Next time you see me, you can't do this again!" Chen Xiang caressed the tree trunk, then closed his eyes and focused on communicating with the mysterious tree.

"I don't dare to. Lord, don't burn me with fire!" His voice was actually very young, as if he was only a few years old.

"What flowers are in that tree hole?" Chen Xiang asked: "What's the use of it? I want it! "

"Blue Phoenix Flowers. If humans and savage beasts eat the petals, the injured areas on their bodies will immediately recover. This kind of flower contains the miraculous Phoenix Blood." The big tree said, then used the vines to pick the flower and gave it to Chen Xiang.

"If you give me this flower, won't you have no bait in the future?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Don't worry, my lord, it will grow back out of the small tree very soon!" Right now, he was extremely afraid of the creator's flame that Chen Xiang had just released. He was afraid that he would be burnt, and that was the only flame that could threaten him.

Chen Xiang was worrying about not understanding this place, and was secretly happy to be able to communicate with this Small tree fairy.

"I know there's a phoenix here. What kind of existence is she here?" Chen Xiang asked, he felt that the Small tree fairy must know something about this place.

"She is the new Emperor of All Birds, who has just come here! There have been phoenixes in the past as well, but for some reason, they have disappeared. " The Small tree fairy said.

"So that's how it is!" Chen Xiang frowned. The phoenix that had just arrived was now the Xue Ying of the Hundreds of Flowers Village s.

"What exactly is this place?" Why did they suddenly appear here, and why are there so many Heavenly artifact here?! " Chen Xiang asked again.

The Small tree fairy replied with her young and tender voice: "Our name is Spirit Wasteland, and it is one of the ancient desolate lands! Spirit Wasteland has always been floating in different times, it's just that there's only an era left now, and we'll be back soon. Spirit Wasteland is also the youngest. "

Chen Xiang was stunned, the era of the Eight Desolations was actually the new Eight Desolations, and there was actually an ancient Eight Desolations! He felt that he had completely changed his past. What this world had developed into was completely different from what he knew. He did not know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

"Are there any humans in the Spirit Wasteland? I mean, there were humans, and they're not the ones who just came in! " Chen Xiang asked again.

"Of course there is. Although our Spirit Wasteland is the youngest in the Ancient Eight Desolations, we have everything. Sir, you have to be careful walking around here." Then, a small hole appeared on his tree trunk as a tiny green bead floated out of the small hole.

"Lord, keep this thing. As long as you carry it with you, you won't be attacked by plants and flowers."

After Chen Xiang received the small green bead, the green bead quickly fused into his body.

"Looks like there are many man-eating trees like you hidden in here!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"What I'm eating are all bad people. I didn't plan to eat yours from the beginning. I only used you as bait!" The Small tree fairy was unconvinced.

"How do you know I'm not a bad person? How do you know those guys are bad people? " Chen Xiang chuckled, "I'm actually going to pick that Blue Phoenix Flower."

"Then my intuition … Anyway, you're not too bad, or you'd have burned me to death a long time ago. " The Small tree fairy said.

"Right, what else do we need to pay attention to here?" Chen Xiang decided to probe the wonders of the Spirit Wasteland: "Are there any stronger people here?"

"There is! Especially the beasts, they are a very terrifying threat to you humans! And then there was the evil spirits, which were also very deadly. Of course, the beasts are not around, they are deeper in the Spirit Wasteland, if you want to enter there, you only need to pay attention to evil spirits and some poisonous things along the way. " The Small tree fairy said.

Chen Xiang nodded, "Then goodbye. We'll have a good chat when we have the chance!"

"Sir, your flame can't be used carelessly in this place. We are most afraid of this flame!" The Small tree fairy said: "Right now, I also plan to go deeper in and catch some beasts to eat. Why don't we work together? I can protect the adults! "

Chen Xiang didn't react for a moment, and asked: "How are you going to go into such a big tree? Do you want me to move you in? "

"Hee hee, of course not, I will leave!" As the Small tree fairy spoke, it actually began to move. After walking a few steps, its speed was actually pretty fast.

"Hurry and enter my tree hole, you'll be safe inside." The Small tree fairy said.

"You're not planning on eating me, are you?" Chen Xiang had seen the methods of Small tree fairy s.

"How would I dare!?" I have already given you that green bead. With that thing, none of us can devour you. If you are worried, you can just sit on top of that thing and not come down. " The Small tree fairy said.

Chen Xiang sat on top of the Six Realms mirrors and flew into the tree hole.

"Small tree fairy, are you just going to walk in? You are very big and very conspicuous! " Chen Xiang said. Such a big tree moving about in the forest would definitely be very scary.

"Of course not, I will turn into a little ginseng and advance from the ground." The Small tree fairy said: "Don't think that only you can change, I can too!"

"Isn't it too slow for you like this? I can enter much faster by myself." Chen Xiang felt that if he rode a Six Realms mirrors, perhaps the use of s.p.a.ce wind would be even faster.

"You'll find out when you get deeper in. The environment inside is very complicated. If you were a little stronger, perhaps it would be fine, but your current cultivation is too low. Although you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve, entering this place is very dangerous." The Small tree fairy said.

"Wait, you've turned into a little ginseng, and I'm still inside your body …" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of this.

"You are in my Divine Sense Sea World." The Small tree fairy laughed: "Relax, I often go into the depths of Spirit Wasteland to play, I can definitely bring you in safely."

He never thought that he would fall in love with a human, and right now, he was shuttling across the ground with Chen Xiang.

"Small tree fairy, can you do me a favor? I want to find a person! " Chen Xiang asked: "Can you help me ask your demon friends if they have seen this person before?"

When Chen Xiang was at Demon Forest, he had a good relationship with the Treant Race. He felt that the Small tree fairy could be considered their kind, but it was much stronger than the Treant Race.

"Okay, release that person's image!" The Small tree fairy said.

Chen Xiang released Xie Qiaoyan's image. Seeing it, the Small tree fairy laughed: "Is this your woman?"

"No, she's my friend! "Don't ask anymore, help me find her. She has been here for quite some time, I'm a bit worried about her." Chen Xiang said.

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