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Huang Xiaotian already knew about his father's situation. His father, Huang Tian, needed a cultivation cauldron, and Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin were the best candidates.

Now it's good, Chen Xiang was hung there, this made Huang Xiaotian very excited!

"The elders of the Fire Reverent School are also here. One of them is from the Dao Po realm." Chu Hongqing said again. Both she and Yang Xiangyin were extremely anxious.

Huang Xiaotian threw a stone over, and after triggering the array around the big tree, the stone was immediately blown away.

"Looks like it wasn't easy for us to go over. This Chen Xiang has some skills, to actually be able to pa.s.s through such a formation." Huang Xiaotian carefully observed his surroundings. He also noticed a naturally formed array beside the big tree.

Chen Xiang did not say anything. He wanted to see how Huang Xiaotian would capture him, and he really hoped that Huang Xiaotian and the others would be able to pa.s.s through the array.

"Break the roots!" The elder from the Dao Po realm said, and then he started to attack the ground, followed by ten or so Fire Reverent School people doing the same.

In just a short while, many of their roots had been snapped. Huang Xiaotian tried again and found that the stone could hit Chen Xiang.

"Everyone, be careful when you go over there! Furthermore, do not kill him. We still have to force him to hand over the two Heavenly artifact s and lure Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin out. " Huang Xiaotian laughed sinisterly: "Everyone pay attention to the ground below you, the tree vines should have come out from the ground."

Huang Xiaotian observed very carefully and discovered that there were traces of tree vines breaking out from the soil beneath Chen Xiang's hanging. Of course, he also discovered the little blue flower inside the small tree hole.

"Ming, your reaction is the most sensitive, you go take a look, if possible, cut the vines and bring Chen Xiang here! He has twenty billion Jade money on him, if you can make him hand it all over, I can give you one hundred million. " Huang Xiaotian said to a young man behind him.

Ah Ming hesitated. He also knew that this was a very dangerous situation, but he still walked over. To him, a hundred million Jade money was a huge amount.

Ah Ming very carefully went underneath Chen Xiang. His entire body tensed up, it would be best if he could prepare to escape at any time!

Huang Xiaotian and the rest looked at Ah Ming. After a while, he was not tied up by the tree vines.

"Ah Ming, break the tree vines and throw Chen Xiang over." Huang Xiaotian was extremely careful. Although Ah Ming was fine, he and the others did not go over.

Ah Ming nodded his head and took out a long sword. Then, he floated in the air and chopped at the thick vine. Even after several chops, he was still unable to cut it.

Huang Xiaotian and the rest also made their moves, controlling their weapons to fly over and hack at the tree vines that was hanging on Chen Xiang's body.

"It's working. We can cut it in half after a while!" Huang Xiaotian saw that the thick tree trunk was slowly being split open, and shouted in joy.

After a while, the tree vines indeed broke, and Chen Xiang who was wrapped up by the tree vines also fell to the ground. Ah Ming immediately released a golden net and wrapped Chen Xiang up.

Just when Huang Xiaotian and the rest were extremely excited, they suddenly felt something wrapped around their feet. In a flash, they were inexplicably hung on the big tree, they were also wrapped by the tree vines!

Although Chen Xiang's entire body was bound tightly by the tree vines, the tree vines connecting him to the big tree had already been cut off, so with a jolt of his body, the tree vines were immediately burst open, and with the power of the White Tiger Dao mark, he executed a spatial jump, escaping from this strange big tree!

"Thank you for saving me!" Chen Xiang floated in mid air and laughed loudly.

Huang Xiaotian and the others were so angry that they spat out blood. They had worked hard to help Chen Xiang cut off the tree vines, but when they thought that they were going to catch Chen Xiang, they were all wrapped up by the tree vines.

Chen Xiang now knew that this tree had intelligence. The big tree took advantage of the moment when Huang Xiaotian and the others were slashing down on the tree vines to secretly release the tree vines underground.

This big tree's wisdom and methods made Chen Xiang secretly admire it, and he almost fell for it too!

"Chen Xiang, quickly save us, we can disregard the past grudges and respect you as the distinguished guest of our Fire Reverent School!" At this moment, they had discovered that the strangest thing about this large tree was its extremely fast speed in absorbing the Daoyuan immortal power.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ah Ming suddenly cried out miserably. The tree vines that bound him suddenly tightened, crushing all the bones in Ah Ming's body. Even the blood that leaked out was absorbed by the tree vines.

Immediately after, the rest of the Fire Reverent School s started screaming out miserably, even the elder was constantly shouting, because the tree vines binding them were shrinking, they were extremely powerful, and their strengths were not weak, they were all from the Dao Dan realm, and the elder was even from the Dao Po realm!

However, like cotton, they were easily crushed into a small ball by the tree vines!

Chen Xiang's scalp went numb, and he still had some lingering fear. In the blink of an eye, more than ten people were strangled to the point where not even their bones were left, their flesh and blood completely sucked. Not a single drop of blood fell to the ground, and they were all sucked dry by the tree vines.

Huang Xiaotian had not been strangled to death, and now he was the only one left!

This caused Chen Xiang to be even more shocked, the big tree was planning to use Huang Xiaotian as its bait! Just now, he was being used by the big tree as bait, which was why he had attracted Huang Xiaotian and the others over ten people.

"This killing tree is too terrifying!" Chen Xiang could not help but shiver, he did not know what would happen if he was restrained.

"Chen Xiang, quickly save me!" Huang Xiaotian roared, and continued to shake his body, he was like a pitiful worm trapped in a spider web.

"Why should I save you? You guys wanted to capture me just now, s.n.a.t.c.h my Heavenly artifact, and even wanted to capture my female slave, hmph! " He took out the Six Realms mirrors, sat on it and flew next to Huang Xiaotian.

Huang Xiaotian was also one of the higher ranked trees, but he could not do anything about it. He saw that when Chen Xiang rode on the Six Realms mirrors, the vines wanted to attack Chen Xiang, but they were all blocked by the Six Realms mirrors.

"As long as you save me, I'll promise you anything. I don't want to die!" Huang Xiaotian cried. He knew Chen Xiang had the ability to save him.

"I don't believe a guy like you!" Chen Xiang showed no mercy towards this kind of person who wanted to kill him. He took out his Heavenly magic sword and swung it towards the head that Huang Xiaotian revealed.

Huang Xiaotian didn't even have time to scream before his head fell to the ground.

At this moment, the big tree was trembling, as if in fear, because the flames Chen Xiang had released just now were extremely strong, able to threaten the tree.

Chen Xiang came to the side of the tree, touched the tree trunk and smiled: "Little one, don't be scared. I know you're very strong, but you're afraid of my fire, right?"

The tree trunk trembled again. It actually understood human speech.

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