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Chen Xiang looked at the beautiful fiery red phoenix and had the urge to fly over.

"This is a Heavenly beast!" Chu Hongqing exclaimed: "I never thought I'd see someone alive!"

"The phoenix is the emperor among birds, it's said that it has an immortal body, this strange mountain actually has this kind of Heavenly beast, it's really magical," Yang Xiangyin said.

"There's a phoenix in the Hundreds of Flowers Village. She's even Big Sister Qilian's disciple. The aura of this Phoenix in front of us, is very similar to that of Hundreds of Flowers Village's. " Chen Xiang said.

Although Chu Hongqing had stayed in Hundreds of Flowers Village for a period of time, she didn't know about this sort of thing.

Chen Xiang wanted to go over to take a look, but he was worried that he would alarm the phoenix. Moreover, the phoenix was covered in a holy light, he did not know what it was doing.

"It's really a Heavenly beast here, no wonder it has such a terrifying aura!" A person suddenly appeared with a face full of pleasant surprise, followed by a large group of people.

"It's a phoenix, you must definitely catch it. Also, make this phoenix our Ning Family's guard Heavenly beast. This is something even more honorable than obtaining the Heavenly artifact." An old man laughed loudly and immediately rushed over.

The phoenix let out a long cry and flapped its wings, creating a blazing fire. The fire spread out in all directions and instantly enveloped the entire prairie in a sea of fire.

The countless birds circling in the air scattered in all directions and disappeared in the blink of an eye. The phoenix also turned into a streak of red light and flew towards the forest, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

"Quickly chase!" The Ning Family elder shouted.

Previously, the Ning Family wanted to capture him, but now, they wanted to capture the phoenix. If not for the sudden arrival of these people, he might be able to converse with the phoenix and ask about some things here. This way, he could confirm that the phoenix was not the Xue Ying he knew.

Chen Xiang was not worried about that phoenix either. The power that the phoenix used just now was extremely strong, and it ran very fast.

He also wanted to catch up, but he needed to find Xie Qiaoyan first. Xie Qiaoyan would be more familiar with the situation here, she was the first person to enter.

Chen Xiang continued to fly in the middle of the forest. This mountain range was extremely strange, especially in the depths, there were many weird-looking flowers, plants and trees. He was currently in a blue colored forest.

The trees inside were not very big, but the bark of the trees were all blue, and would even flash. Some of the the trees grew flowers, and from time to time, a drop of blue liquid would drop.

"I wonder if there are any medicinal herbs here that can concoct pills!" Chen Xiang was very careful now, he used his own experience to search around here.

Not long after, he found a small hollow tree under the root of a big tree. Traces of light blue mist were coming out from the hollow of the tree.

"There are strange and wondrous flowers and plants in the tree hole. This is also to protect myself. At the same time, I absorb Dao Qi from the heaven and earth through the big tree." Using the Dao heart Eye, Chen Xiang could see that tiny blue flower.

He immediately flew over, and just as he was about to enter the tree cave, the big tree suddenly shook violently, releasing a very strange power, making Chen Xiang feel as if he was suddenly blown away by a strong gust of wind.

He immediately turned back into his human form and ran towards the tree once more, but this time he was blown away by the strange power released by the tree.

"How strange, I wonder how it was formed!" The roots of this huge tree actually formed a natural formation beneath the ground, protecting the entire tree from being invaded. The flowers that are hidden inside the hole in the tree also get very good protection. " Chen Xiang looked around, there were no traces of people coming here, he was the first person to discover this blue flower.

After his previous two attempts, he had already discovered that this tree was protected by a naturally formed array formation. Against this sort of array formation, he had an extremely good method of dealing with it.

He immediately tried it, and as expected, it was very easy to pa.s.s through the formless array and reach the roots. He reached into the small tree hole, and just as he was about to pick it, he felt a trace of movement from the ground. He immediately wanted to teleport away, but he was still a little too slow.


It turned out that his feet were tied up by the vines that hung him upside down beside the big tree. Moreover, there were also many vines that extended onto his body, instantly binding him like a dumpling, exposing only his head.

"This tree has become a spirit!" Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart, he then wanted to struggle free from the tree, but realised that the Daoyuan immortal power was not able to flow into his body.

"Do you want me to go out and help you?" Chu Hongqing asked.

"Don't come out, this tree is very dangerous!" Chen Xiang had never encountered such a thing. After his feet were bound by the tree vines, the tree vines actually released a strange power that seeped into his body and absorbed the hidden Daoyuan immortal power in his flesh.

After a few tries, Chen Xiang realised that as long as he was able to release a bit of Daoyuan immortal power, it would all be sucked dry immediately. As long as it was the energy that escaped from Divine Sense Sea, it would all be sucked into the big tree!

"Then what should we do? Use your sword! " Chu Hongqing immediately said.

I have to be released at the same time, I am bound like this, I am unable to use it, if I want to control the sword, I have to release a very strong Daoyuan immortal power to control it, but the speed at which the Daoyuan immortal power is absorbed by the tree is extremely fast. Chen Xiang laughed bitterly, he was currently thinking of a way, for the moment, he was much safer.

His physical body's strength was not strong enough, and all the energy inside the Divine Sense Sea would be instantly absorbed. Originally, he wanted to borrow the Natural Law Principles's power, but like before, he was also sucked dry, which gave Chen Xiang a huge headache.

If he called Chu Hongqing out, then he was worried that they would also be tied up by the vines, which would be even more troublesome.

"Someone's coming!" Chen Xiang frowned, he heard a lot of footsteps: "It's Huang Xiaotian!"

He recognized this Qi. Chen Xiang was currently unable to use the power of the Divine Sense Sea, so he was unable to use his transformation technique.

"It's Chen Xiang!" After Huang Xiaotian arrived, he shouted in joy. He was not stupid and immediately said to the people around him: "Everyone be careful, there's a problem with this tree!"

"They are all from the Fire Reverent School!" Chu Hongqing said anxiously: "Do you really not want us to go out? You are in danger now! "

"Not for now, they won't be able to make it!" Chen Xiang said.

Huang Xiaotian laughed from afar, "That's great, we can find any place with our broken steel shoes now, and Chen Xiang will fall into our hands!"

To be able to obtain two Heavenly artifact s just by obtaining Chen Xiang, many people thought so!

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