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Chapter 248 - Greater Crisis

The devil sect disciples and those ordinary Devil Beasts and Human Devils simply did not pose any threat to them. However, what they were afraid of was encountering those terrifying Devil beasts, such as pack leaders or ancient beasts from remote antiquities, like the Black Armored Crocodile Chen Xiang had encountered before.

Of course, this level of Devil Beasts were somewhat manageable, but if even more powerful beings showed up, like those who reached the Extreme State, they would have no way to resist.

Inside the hill, everyone was together in a circle eating some sort of meat from a demon beast. This had all been provided by Zhu Rong, only he would carry so much food.

“Ahh, two months, only a little amount of time has pa.s.sed! I’m worried about that altar, this is a huge opportunity for those devil path cultivators to turn things around. They’ve definitely made backup plans, as long as the altar is there, they are able to communicate with individuals from the Devil Domain. With their help, they could still do many things.” Chen Xiang sighed.

Looking at the terrain of the Southern Wasteland, it was almost certain that many powerful existences had been sealed inside. Moreover, there was also a mysterious altar inside. It was quite evident that these must have been left behind from the last Great War between the Three Heavenly Realms.

“I could go with you to destroy that altar.” Hao Dongqing suggested.

Chen Xiang shook his head and said, "Senior Brother Hao, you stay here. I’ll check it out alone first, if I can’t destroy it alone, then I’ll come back and we can go together.”

Hao Dongqing was in the 5th level of the True Marital Realm and could be considered somewhat powerful, but Chen Xiang going alone was much more convenient given his abilities.

“Brother, I’ll go with you!” Leng Youlan said. To travel the world with Chen Xiang has been her dream for a very long time.

"Youlan, this place needs you, be obedient!" Chen Xiang replied. Leng Youlan was also not weak, there were many 2nd level or 1st level True Martial Realm martial artists here, but they didn’t have any means to retaliate when facing those devil sect disciples. In order to win, many people needed to remain alive, and to ensure that, stronger martial artists were required to stay behind to guard.

Leng Youlan was somewhat disappointed, but still nodded her head.

“This is a messaging rune. If there’s anything urgent, as long as the rune is burned, I will know.” Chen Xiang handed Hao Dongqing the rune, Chen Xiang had obtained this from those Free Immortal Sea disciples he had killed before.

Chen Xiang already had decided to go to the altar, but if this place was not safe, he would not be at ease. But now he could go and search for altar without worry.

Chen Xiang knew the location of the Altar, however, it was relatively deeper into the Southern Wasteland. In other words, there were also many powerful Human Devils and Devil Beasts in his way.

The disciples of devil sects had all gathered together. They had not expected they would suffer so many casualties and even lose Wei Hongdan. Things didn't just end there either, it was unlike what they had planned, and far worse.

"Your Hundred Poison Sect has been flinching, not the little bit useful! Are you good now, not only did you not captured anyone, you’ve also disturbed the monsters in depths!?" A man shouted. These devil sect disciples were hiding in the ground, they all wore a black robe with a hood, all of them had the same outfit on.

"Humph, we, the Hundred Poison Sect, specialize in usage of poisons, don’t you already know how we are in regards to others respects? If no one cooperated with us, we simply could not approach closer to them. It's really windy here too, any kind of poisonous air would be blown away, and could also cause our own side to be poisoned! Our hidden weapons also cannot be used, against these kind of formidable righteous disciples." A hoa.r.s.e sound retorted.

"Now they’re all are hiding. They seem to be aware of our plot, but how could they have found out? We would all rather die than speak. If they don't enter the forests, we simply cannot ambush them and can only fight a head on battle. It's almost like there's not enough of us to kill from the aftermath of the battle! Besides, Boss Wei might also be dead." A lamenting sharp and demonic voice came.

"It seems we can only try that way..." An old sound said.

Chen Xiang nimbly leapt through the mountain forest. He encountered a lot of Devil Beasts and Human Devils, but he was extremely quick, and managed to escape from those bunch of devil creatures. He was currently somewhat suspicious, it seemed these Human Devils and Devil Beasts knew there were humans in nearby.

"Do these guys have very strong sensibility?" Chen Xiang muttered, before Xue Xianxian and the others at the converging point has been attacked by wave after waves of Devil Beasts and Human Devils, now they were once again rushing towards that place. Chen Xiang could not help but be worried as he sped up towards the altar.

"These Devils Beasts and Human Devils are all in True Martial Realm! But their intelligence is very common, even if their sense of smell is extremely sensitive, they would never think of rushing towards some far away place, unless..." Su Meiyao’s tone became solemn.

"This group is being directed by a powerful individual! The Southern Wasteland is an ancient battlefield, maybe those powerful Demon or Devils from time immemorial are here, they may be sealed up, but they could still use their divine sense!" Bai Youyou’s voice turned even colder.

Chen Xiang's whole body quivered from shock, "Are those formidable guys sealed in the depths making these Devil Beasts and Human Devils grab humans in order to open the altar and free themselves!?”

At this point, not only the devil sect disciples wanted to free them, those old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were trying to free themselves! Things have become more and more serious, which increased Chen Xiang's determination to destroy the altar!

Their guess was definitely fairly accurate. Long Xueyi said, "If that's the case, then those powerful guys are still sealed! Hurry up and destroy the altar! If they come out, then the situation would be too horrible to describe.”

"Who the h.e.l.l was responsible for this place during the Three Realm Great Battle!? In remote antiquity, they actually left such dangerous beings." Chen Xiang secretly cursed.

"Some guys are too formidable and very hard to kill. One only can seal them." Long Xueyi said.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were both silent, especially Su Meiyao. Chen Xiang found she seemed to be worried about something, and didn't have her previous demeanor with that enchanting smiling expression.

These groups of Human Devils and Beasts Devils chased Chen Xiang for a while before giving up. It seemed like they were under control of someone, but Chen Xiang would not allow these groups to go and besiege those disciples in the small hill.

Chen Xiang jumped up in the air, and smacked a palm towards the ground. Universal True Qi transformed into a huge transparent palm, fiercely pressing down on the earth, turning those devil creatures into patties one by one.

"Chen Xiang, be careful! If these things are being controlled by someone, they might know what happened here. Plus, you are now on your way to altar. Perhaps that guy might arrange some powerful creature to try and block you." Su Meiyao exhorted in serious tone.

Not long after Su Meiyao's words fell, a low-spirited and gloomy beastly roars came from ahead, making the dark wasteland even more frightening.

The blowing chilly wind, the inexhaustible Death Qi, the gloomy beastly roars one after another drifting off into the sky along with the continuous shaking of the ground all served to create an incomparably horrifying atmosphere that even sent Chen Xiang into jitters.

"Come then! Father's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is not something to be trifled with!" As Chen Xiang clasped the blade's hilt, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade suddenly flashed with an azure aura. Moreover, it slightly trembled as if it was excited.

Feeling an intention for battle coming from the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Chen Xiang’s blood started seething. The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade’s mission was precisely to slaughter devils, as can be seen by its t.i.tle. In battle, it could give Chen Xiang even more power in order to cut demons and extinguish devils!”

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