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In just 10 short days, in the mysterious mountain range that suddenly descended, two Heavenly artifact appeared. This was enough to make many experts go crazy!

He suddenly felt that the three great native bank s intentionally sealed off the news, all to prevent the people in those cities from finding out! On one hand, he was worried that the compet.i.tion would be more compet.i.tive, and on the other hand, he was worried that the people from Three Money Divine City wouldn't be able to come back after they went there.

"The big powers and upper echelons in the Three Money Divine City must be aware of this, but they have kept it a secret, so Jiang Xian does not know either." Yang Xiangyin said: "Master, you must be careful when entering that mountain range! Not only is there danger inside, the experts who go in to search for Heavenly artifact are also a great threat to you. "

"En, I will be careful!" Chen Xiang said.

After Chen Xiang left the city, he saw that the countryside outside the city was filled with tents or small wooden houses. There were a lot of people outside the city and it had become a simple and crude city.

Of course, there were also a lot of people who were here to search for companions. This way, they would be safer.

When Chen Xiang was in the city, he had already asked around for the location of the mountain range.

Chen Xiang travelled for half a day and also saw the mountain range. From afar, he could see jade-green mountains that stretched for tens of thousands of miles.

Occasionally, there would be clouds floating in the middle of the mountains. Some of the mountains even had silver waterfalls hanging down. If one listened carefully, they would even hear the sound of the water splashing. It was as beautiful and magnificent as an immortal mountain.

"It suddenly appeared? "This is quite magical. Let's go in and take a look. If anything goes wrong, we can run again." Chen Xiang had also heard that there were a lot of people who could come out after going in, if not no one would be able to find Heavenly artifact.

Chen Xiang quickly entered the mountain range and walked in the fragrant mountain forest. Listening to the pleasant birdsong, he instantly felt refreshed.

"This is not in any other s.p.a.ce. How strange, why would such a beautiful mountain suddenly appear?" Chen Xiang pondered the entire way.

He had come here to roam around, so he was in no hurry to travel. He walked slowly along the way, feeling the beauty of this strange mountain range.

"These plants are fairly old. They should have been growing for a long time." Chen Xiang gently touched a flower, then he used the G.o.d's Eye to look around.

Now, he was even more certain that this was a mountain range that should have existed for many years, and it was not an illusory formation. This was because he could see that the flowers, plants, and trees were greedily absorbing the Dao Qi of heaven and earth.

"The environment here is much better than other places. It seems like those sects and aristocratic families didn't just come here for the treasure, they are also seizing territory!" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of this, this place was so good, even he himself wanted to stay here for the long term.

"How did they find the Heavenly artifact in here? This mountain range is not small! " Chu Hongqing asked.

"I don't know. That person just wants to see how lucky he is!" "I'm still at the outer layer of the mountain range. I'll go deeper in and see if it's the same place as this place." Chen Xiang used his s.p.a.ce wind, and quickly sensed that there were people ahead of him, and he had also entered a deeper place, he was just unsure if this was the place with the deepest depths of the mountain range.

There were a lot of people ahead, so Chen Xiang turned into a bird that flew over and stopped on a tree.

There were more than a thousand people resting beside a small river. With so many of them, they must belong to the same faction.

"When will we be able to reach the position where the Patriarch is? They have been gone for several days! " A person complained.

"I don't know. The Patriarch and the Elders went there with great difficulty. We should still have to walk for a few more days!"

"I don't know what's in there either. I heard that it's pretty dangerous, but there's Heavenly artifact! If our Ning Family has one of the Heavenly artifact, then we don't need to care about Infinite Divine Mountain's face anymore. "

"No, we need at least two. Infinite Divine Mountain has already gotten one Heavenly artifact!"

"Chen Xiang has two, but this guy is too weak. As long as we leave the city of the three great native bank, once we are discovered, we will be robbed."

Chen Xiang did not expect to hear someone talking about him here, and he did not know whether to laugh or cry. Now that he knew that these people were from the Ning Family, they were all relatively weak. They were probably called in to build shelter or something.

Based on his deductions, Chen Xiang believed that there would not be any danger from the depths, if not the Ning Family would not let such a group of people in.

Just as Chen Xiang flew to another tree and was about to fly forward, an old man suddenly took out a piece of Communication jade Symbol paper. After he read the contents inside, he immediately shouted: "Patriarch has sent news, saying that Chen Xiang has already entered the mountain range! Let's split into groups to search for him. Once we discover him, do not alert me by any means, and let me notify the Patriarch. "

"So fast!" It seems like the Undead Divine Race is also inside, only they can calculate that I am inside! " Chen Xiang was on his guard now, although he knew that there were powerful enemies in front of him, he still wanted to go in and see. He wanted to know why there were Heavenly artifact here, and even more of them.

Chen Xiang guessed that, and only after Undead Divine Race calculated his approximate location, did he inform the other forces that Undead Divine Race did not care about the Heavenly artifact in his body. They only hoped to kill Chen Xiang, as they were very clear of Chen Xiang's potential, and would definitely become his rival in the future.

"I haven't played this game in a long time!" Chen Xiang secretly laughed in his heart. In the past, he would often deal with existences that were a lot stronger than him.

He continued to move forward, turning into a bird as he flew. In order to be more hidden, he even blended into the flock, imitating the smell of the bird as he flew forward.

There were countless birds in the forest, with a variety of species and there were birds everywhere, so it was best for Chen Xiang to hide as a bird.

What made Chen Xiang felt even weirder was that the birds in this place were all bold. Even if there were people flying everywhere, the beasts roaring in front of them, the birds would not be scared.

"Where are the birds going?" Chen Xiang mingled with the flock of birds and felt that there was something different about this group of birds. They seemed to have been summoned by something and were rushing towards a certain place.

Chen Xiang flew with the flock of birds until the morning of the second day. Suddenly, he heard a crisp and gentle cry, accompanied by a burst of Qi, which he felt to be very familiar with.

With a puzzled expression, he followed the flock of birds out of the forest. In front of them was a vast gra.s.sland with all kinds of birds circling in the sky. These birds arranged themselves in an orderly manner, soaring high in the sky. In the middle of the plains below was a small mound, and on top of it stood a beautiful giant bird covered in fiery feathers.

"Phoenix!" Chen Xiang exclaimed. "This aura is so familiar … Could it be Xue Ying's? "

Xue Ying is the Phoenix Princess, and also Lv Qilian's disciple. His relationship with Chen Xiang is not bad, and he should be in the Hundreds of Flowers Village right now!

Therefore, Chen Xiang was not sure if this phoenix was the one he recognized!

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