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Huang Jintian took the things that Chen Xiang had given him and left the city, while he planned to refine a Dao Gu Dan.

"Brother Shen, are you inside?" This was Jiang Xian's voice.

Chen Xiang immediately went to open the door, and laughed: "I just came out and you're already here.

"I've got someone waiting here! When they saw you open the door, they informed me immediately, and I came as fast as I could. " Jiang Xian laughed.

"Come in!" Chen Xiang said.

"No, I have an urgent matter to discuss with you!" Jiang Xian took out a piece of Communication jade Symbol paper and said, "Take a look for yourself! I heard that it was Xie Qiaoyan who gave it to you, I don't know what was inside, it should be an urgent matter. "

Back then, Xie Qiaoyan said that there was an important matter to attend to when she returned to the Infinite Divine Mountain, but she would be back very soon. But now, three months had pa.s.sed and she had yet to return.

Chen Xiang took the jade talisman, and sent his divine sense inside, immediately hearing Xie Qiaoyan's voice, "Chen Xiang, do not leave the city controlled by the three great native bank s. There are many forces outside trying to capture you, and they are all very strong, including the Undead Divine Race!"

With how famous he was now, the Undead Divine Race s and Evil Spirit Race s of the same generation as him would definitely hear about his achievements here. It was normal for them to know about him now.

"Do you have any news about Xie Qiaoyan? She said that she would be back, so why is it you can help her send a message to me now? " Chen Xiang asked.

"She came here a month ago, but she can't enter your villa. She said that she still has something to do in the Infinite Divine Mountain, so she asked me to pa.s.s this on to you! What did it say? Is this a very important matter? " Jiang Xian asked.

"She warned me to be careful and stay in these cities as much as possible. Once I leave, there will be many powerful organisations that will capture me." Chen Xiang said: "I can guess that!"

"That's for sure. You have two Heavenly artifact s in your possession, and twenty billion of them at that. Xiuwen isn't that high and you don't have any powerful experts by your side either." Jiang Xian said: "If you leave now, others will find out where you are. You don't even need to think to know what kind of situation you will be in."

Chen Xiang sighed helplessly: "Looks like I have to become stronger in this city, or else if I go out, I'll be robbed."

"Actually, it's not like you can't go out. You're so rich, and your alchemy skills are so profound, you can definitely have a few strong bodyguards. That way, you can have some protection as well." Jiang Xian laughed: "You can go take a look at the Three Great native bank s. They might have someone suitable for you."

"I've already registered for the gambling match, do you want to take a look? The preparation is about to begin. "

"No, I know you will win." Chen Xiang laughed.

"That's true, but you can't bet on it even if you go. The Three Great native bank s can't allow someone like you to gamble. If you go, they will lose a lot." Jiang Xian laughed as he patted Chen Xiang's shoulders. Then, he quickly walked towards the fighting arena.

Jiang Xian was already very strong in the Limitless Battlefield. Although he retreated, he was quickly increasing his strength and fighting to gain more combat experience.

Chen Xiang wanted to see if he could use the Jade money to hire a few strong bodyguards. That way, he would have a guarantee when he goes out.

Right now, he was the most famous person in the city. As he walked on the street, there were many people watching him and discussing him.

When Chen Xiang came to the Eternal Life Native Bank, the shopkeeper immediately became anxious. Chen Xiang was their big client, but they were worried that Chen Xiang was here to earn money.

Chen Xiang directly went upstairs, where there was some slave sale and other stuff. He wandered around, but did not find anything satisfactory, it was just that they were too weak, he felt that there was not much of a guarantee.

Being too famous also made Chen Xiang a bit troubled. He had no choice but to use his transformation technique to change his appearance, and at this time, he was much more peaceful inside and out of the native bank.

He was currently in the Three Lives native bank, and wanted to see if there were any good servants to sell, but he unintentionally heard someone talking about Xie Qiaoyan.

"Xie Qiaoyan actually lost, and was defeated by a man inside the Infinite Divine Mountain, and now she is no longer a master above the Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands!"

"Yeah, I thought she was close to Chen Xiang and had learnt a few moves from him, but she still lost in the end!"

"I heard that he is preparing to challenge the champion of the Infinite Divine Mountain's Unrivaled Master Wu Shuang, who has just returned to the second place! Right now, the momentum of the Infinite Divine Mountain was very strong! The Skysword Sect has been suppressed by them! "

"The Skysword Sect doesn't have any Jutian Dan Ding, so they are destined to decline. They are simply too arrogant, to actually use this kind of thing as a bet. They are truly reaping what they sowed."

"Haven't you heard? Right now, the place is bustling with noise and excitement, we are too plain and dull in the Three Money Divine City! All the heroes are gathered in the Eastern Wasteland! "

"Why are you going to the Eastern Wastelands? Did something big happen? How come we don't know about this? "

"I only found out about it after entering from the outside. You will probably know about it in a few days, and I heard that an extremely huge mountain range suddenly descended from the Eastern Wastelands. I heard that the reason the Skysword Sect went all out was to search for the Heavenly artifact. "

Hearing this news, Chen Xiang did not dare to be sure that it was true, but he felt that it was possible. Maybe Xie Qiaoyan had also gone there, which was why he did not come looking for him.

"This happened a few days ago! Of course, if one wanted to obtain Heavenly artifact s, there was a lot of risk! The mountain range that suddenly appeared is extremely strange, and even now, we still have not figured out what happened. "

When Chen Xiang heard this news, he also wanted to take a look, but he was extremely worried about his own safety. He was at the second stage of the Dao Dan realm, and compared to the experts of the sects and families, there were a lot of people watching him.

"I'll just have a look. Anyway, I haven't come to this Big Chaotic Times and have yet to experience it properly!" Chen Xiang made up his mind. After that, he left the Three Lives native bank and came to the Eternal Life Native Bank.

At this moment, he had already used a transformation technique to change his appearance. If he did not have a unique technique, it would be impossible to see through.

The Transmission array in the Eternal Life Native Bank could be teleported to various large cities in the Wasteland, while Chen Xiang could teleport to the Haotian City in the Wasteland.

The city was very crowded, and he could only walk along the streets close to people. From the large crowd gathered here, he knew that what he had heard before was true.

Of course, this group of people didn't gather here to go to the mysterious mountain range, but to do business here. After all, there were many places to earn money.

Chen Xiang had experienced the terror of the Wasteland. Amongst the people who were gathered here, there were many Dao Po realm s, but these people looked to be very poor, not very rich.

Chen Xiang had bought some information from the mouth of a Dao Po realm middle aged man. That person specifically told him that someone else had obtained the Heavenly artifact, and that it was the people from the Infinite Divine Mountain!

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