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Chen Xiang only smiled, he did not seem very excited. He was already used to this kind of thing, and this was not the first time he had won such a good thing.

Qiao Wushuang looked a lot older now. After all, no one would be happy if they lost such a precious thing.

After Chen Xiang walked off the stage, Jiang Xian also quickly came over and praised Chen Xiang's strength. He even asked Chen Xiang to take out the Jutian Dan Ding s and show it to him.

In this birthday banquet, only Qiao Wushuang and the others were sad. Although the others looked alright on the surface, they were secretly gloating in their hearts.

He had originally wanted Xie Qiaoyan to stay in the Villa for a few more days. However Xie Qiaoyan said that he had something he needed to do and wanted to return to the Infinite Divine Mountain. He would be leaving the city for a period of time.

Returning to the Villa, Chen Xiang took out the Jutian Dan Ding and easily fused with the cauldron. He unexpectedly discovered that Qiao Wushuang and the others had never merged with the Jutian Dan Ding before, which also meant that they were unable to unleash the power of the Jutian Dan Ding.

"This Jutian Dan Ding seems to be much stronger than that Six Realms Ding, it should be considered very strong amongst the Heavenly artifact." Chen Xiang played around with it, and praised it.

He felt that Jutian Dan Ding were about as precious as Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, and the strong thing about Chuangshi G.o.d furnace was that the flames they released were extremely terrifying.

Jutian Dan Ding were very suitable for concocting pills, they could concoct higher quality pills!

"Let's give it a try!" Chen Xiang took out the Qingyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients, and placed them inside the Jutian Dan Ding to refine them, using the same Sublimation refining method.

However, right from the start, he had felt that this Jutian Dan Ding required a very large amount of Daoyuan immortal power to maintain its circulation and absorb the energy of heaven and earth. Afterwards, it condensed into a special type of energy within the pill furnace.

"Even if I am an ordinary alchemist, the quality will definitely be very high!" Chen Xiang calculated for a bit before he continued to refine the medicinal ingredients.

Two hours had pa.s.sed and he had refined ten Qingyuan Dan. He was not clear as to how high the quality was, but he knew that the quality was definitely high!

"Two more, and of a very high quality!" Chen Xiang's ten Qingyuan Dan said: "It seems that no matter what pill this furnace refines, the quality will become very high and it will also need the Daoyuan immortal power very badly."

Although it could increase the quality, there was a price to be paid as well, and that was that the consumption of Daoyuan immortal power was ten times more than that of other pill furnaces!

Chen Xiang calculated in his heart. If he were to use a large amount of pills to concoct pills, this pill furnace would not be too suitable. If he was going to concoct a high quality pill, this pill furnace would be extremely good.

"I had thought that this pill furnace would be more suitable to concoct pills than the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace." Chen Xiang then took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace again: "The Chuangshi G.o.d furnace can refine anything, the Jutian Dan Ding might not be able to do it."

Chen Xiang had quite a few Qingyuan Dan in his possession, after eating a few, he started to cultivate. He needed to raise his strength, if not he would need to use up a lot of Daoyuan immortal power to refine those high levelled pellets in the future.

Right now, he was only at the first stage of Dao Dan realm! The advantage of Dao Dan realm was that it could comprehend a stronger power of the Ancient Code. At the same time, it could also strengthen the dao core and quickly create more Daoyuan immortal power.

After Chen Xiang ate the Qingyuan Dan, he began to circulate his cultivation technique and cultivate his spirit pellet above Divine Sense Sea. Only by making this spirit pellet grow, would he be able to better understand the power of the Ancient Code.

The city that the three great native bank s had jointly constructed was called Three Money Divine City. The scale of the city was extremely large and the center was gradually becoming bustling with activity.

In order to make the city even more lively, the three great native bank s lowered their standards and invited more people to enter these cities.

Chen Xiang had secluded himself in the Villa for three months and he had eaten a lot of Qingyuan Dan s before finally stepping into the second level of Dao Dan realm. At this moment, he could feel the extremely strong spatial and flame energy of heaven and earth.

However, the higher his cultivation, the more he would be able to absorb! In other words, Dao Dan realm could be used to borrow the power of the Heavenly Dao. The higher the cultivation, the more one could use it.

The last time he fought with Jiang Xian, Jiang Xian suddenly increased his power by a lot because he borrowed the power of the Heavenly Dao.

Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin had also grown quite a few medicinal herbs in the You Yao Mountain Villa. The majority of them belonged to Qingyuan Dan s and Dao Gu Dan s.

"We'll talk after we return to the Hundreds of Flowers Village. Bring the Dao Gu Dan back!" When Chen Xiang walked out of the Villa, the Dao Gu Dan s had both the use of the Dao Dan realm and the Dao Po realm, and their main purpose was to strengthen the body.

The stronger the body, the stronger the dao core would be. If the dao core borrowed more Heavenly Energy, the body would also be able to withstand more. Otherwise, the body would be too weak to withstand a large amount of Heavenly Energy, and might even cause serious injuries.

Therefore, in the Dao Dan realm, it was common for people to have a victory in a battle with a cultivation level above them, and to have a victory in a battle with a cultivation above them, they would usually have a strong fleshly body.

Chen Xiang opened the door and walked out. He saw an old man sitting at the entrance.

"Master!" Chen Xiang was shocked, and immediately pulled Huang Jintian in: "Why are you so down and down? Didn't I give you quite a few Jade money? "

"Well, we have too many people, and we also encountered many things on the way, but at least our journey was smooth sailing. I have settled them down." Huang Jintian chuckled.

"Are you pretending to be pitiful so I can give you Jade money!" Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"Where? I am not that kind of person! " Just as Huang Jintian finished speaking, he saw Chen Xiang pa.s.s over a Storage bag.

"I knew that you were a filial child. Quite a few!" Huang Jintian laughed, he knew that with Chen Xiang's twenty billion Jade money, they would definitely not treat him badly.

"Master, you have nothing better to do anyways, how about this, help me bring something back, and give it to Qilian!" Chen Xiang chuckled.

"No problem!" Huang Jintian promised straightforwardly. He was indeed free.

Chen Xiang took out a jade box and handed it over to Huang Jintian. Inside the box were many Dao Gu Dan s' medicinal ingredients and a jade plate. Inside the box, there was also the memories Chen Xiang had inserted into it.

He had yet to refine the Dao Gu Dan but he felt that it would not be difficult. Feng Yujie and the rest would definitely be able to solve the problem that was troubling them, and it would not take long for him to go back and forth with the Hundreds of Flowers Village. He was just worried that once he left the city built by the Three Great native bank s, he would be targeted.

Huang Jintian had told him before that the Undead Divine Race back in the Star Law Divine Realm era would be able to calculate where he was. If he were to leave the city, he would coincidentally get caught by those Undead Divine Race.

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