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Chen Xiang and Qiao Kun were currently in a very good state. They were very happy and thought that they would win, being able to get the six divine artifacts from the other party.

"Prepare to start, let's check the cauldron!" Qiao Wushuang said to the Infinite Master, he even purposely revealed a proud smile towards him.

After the inspection, Qiao Wushuang said: "Since this compet.i.tion is so important, how about we raise the time limit to four hours?"

"No problem!" Chen Xiang nodded his head, the more time pa.s.sed, the more beneficial it would be for him, and Qiao Kun, who was on the other side, also thought the same.

When the time comes, all the testing tools will be used by the three great native bank s. All three great native bank s are represented at the scene, and when the time comes, they will use their three great instruments to test it out. Qiao Wushuang said.

"Alright, I have a lot of trust in the Three Great native bank s." Chen Xiang said, then took out the Dao mark Dan's medicinal ingredients.

Dao mark Dan s were a type of pill that was hard to find, but not easy to find! The compet.i.tion now was between refining higher quality Dao mark Dan. The overall quality of the Dao mark Dan could be one pellet, or it could be a few pellets added together.

After both parties took out the Dao mark Dan's medicinal ingredients, Qiao Wushuang and Infinite Master checked again, and then Jiang Yingqi announced the start of the compet.i.tion!

He was already very familiar with the Heavenly furnace that Chen Xiang was using to refine pills. Whether there was a pill furnace or not, the speed of the Heavenly furnace was the same as the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

If he were to refine a pill that he was not familiar with, the use of Chuangshi G.o.d furnace would be more stable. This was because Chuangshi G.o.d furnace had an extremely strong flame, and all sorts of mystical powers within the furnace would be able to play a stable role.

He was only worried that the secret of the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace would be exposed. After all, they were still Qiao Wushuang and Infinite Master.

From the very beginning, Chen Xiang had always used the Sublimation refining method with all his might, releasing extremely strong purple flames, and from beginning to end, he had always used these flames to refine Dao mark Dan.

In addition, he would also join the Crash method. This way, he would be able to continuously improve its quality and break through to the next level.

Very quickly, he refined all of the Spirit grain's ingredients. This was only for an hour. Then, he used the pattern refining technique to quickly refine all of the Spirit grain into a clump of medicinal liquid.

Currently, he was still using the purple flames to refine it. As long as he continued to refine it, he would be able to slowly improve the quality of the medicinal liquid.

Qiao Kun on the opposite side was the same, Chen Xiang had learned the Sublimation refining method from their Unhindered Pellet Technique, only that the opponent had a golden flame.

"When this purple flame burns, it consumes an extraordinary amount of Daoyuan immortal power, but it can also increase the quality of the medicinal pellet through the usage of the flame. It can also convert the Daoyuan immortal power into a special power, and refine the pellet."

After Chen Xiang stabilized the clump of medicinal liquid, he split it into eight clumps!

He was going to use the Crash method! Before he used it, he had secretly used the Black Tortoise Marks to form a defensive s.p.a.ce around the walls of the pill furnace. This would be able to block out the shockwaves and prevent too much noise.

Because he had the experience of colliding with it many times, during the first collision, Chen Xiang was very proficient and easily pa.s.sed through. At this time, he was using his purple flames to burn the small particles that came out of the explosion, the quality of these small particles rose very fast under the incineration of the purple flames.

"Is it because after the collision, the Ascension of the Purple Flame was even faster?" Chen Xiang also didn't think that it would be like this; he had never tried it before.

He quickly condensed these small particles into a group and then divided them into eight groups. After using the purple flames to burn for a period of time, he once again began to collide with them!

A violent purple light burst out from within the pill furnace along with a powerful shockwave. Luckily, he had already used his spatial energy to isolate the pill furnace.

"What a strong explosive force!" Chen Xiang was incomparably shocked. This was only the second Crash, but it was actually even more ferocious than the first three.

It could only mean that the quality of the Medicine crystal had increased by a lot under the Purple Flame's incineration!

The small particles that had rammed into the pill furnace were just like the Milky Way on a summer night, but they were emitting purple rays of light.

He once again released the Violet Flame to incinerate and sublimate!

Chen Xiang and Qiao Kun had not even finished refining the pill. It seemed that the time limit of four hours had made them feel much more relaxed, and they did not have a sense of urgency in their hearts, which would allow them to refine even higher quality pills.

Chen Xiang had already split the newly formed Medicine crystal into eight groups, and was preparing to proceed with the three Crash s.

There were many people who had witnessed Chen Xiang and Xie Qiaoyan refining Dao mark Dan during their compet.i.tion. At that time, Chen Xiang's pill furnaces shook continuously, with some movement that was very strong, but it was very stable now.

Ning Quan and Huang Tian obviously wished for Chen Xiang to lose. This way, not only would Chen Xiang lose ten billion Jade money, he would also lose a very precious Heavenly artifact!

If Chen Xiang won, they would die of jealousy, and hate Chen Xiang even more!

With so many experts present, even if Ning Quan and Huang Tian wanted to disturb Chen Xiang, they didn't have the strength to do so. If they were discovered, the consequences would be severe.

Although Xie Qiaoyan wanted to stop Chen Xiang from making a bet earlier, she knew that Chen Xiang had a high chance of winning, because Chen Xiang had just learned the Sublimation refining method.

She also knew that Chen Xiang had never tried mixing the ingredients together like this before, so it was hard to say whether he would succeed or not.

Furthermore, she was more worried about Qiao Kun!

Qiao Kun had always been an expert in the Crossing Worlds Pill Art, and was even a Pill G.o.d of the Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands. Now that he used the most powerful pill furnace in the entire wasteland, he was extremely strong.

Chen Xiang was still going to refine a single pill this time. If this Medicine crystal was to split into a few groups to compress, then the pressure would definitely be much less.

If it was just compressing a big ball of Medicine crystal into a small pellet, the quality would definitely be high, higher than dispersing, but there was risk, and the difficulty was too high!

This was also the reason why Xie Qiaoyan always liked to separate when competing against Chen Xiang before, because there was a possibility that something might go wrong. As long as there was even the slightest mistake, it would be fatal!

For example, during the first compet.i.tion between Chen Xiang and the Dao mark Dan that he had refined, they had failed, but the quality was still very high.

Very quickly, the four hours were over. Qiao Kun was the first to complete it, he took out four golden Dao mark Dan s from the pill furnace and started to condense the pills separately, thus it was much easier for him.

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