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Chen Xiang returned to his room and laid on his bed. He needed to rest well for tomorrow's compet.i.tion, if he won, he would have twenty billion Jade money.

When dawn was about to break, Chen Xiang woke up.

Xie Qiaoyan had also woken up very early. She now knew that Chen Xiang was a bad guy, so she was always on guard against him.

Of course, with her strength, she could definitely beat Chen Xiang up, but she couldn't do it.

"Today, I will definitely obtain complete victory!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"There will definitely be a lot of people coming today. The Jiang family's head has a lot of face, there might be more than ten people from the Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands!" Xie Qiaoyan said.

She also did not sleep well last night. On one hand, her emotions were complicated by the fact that she had been forcefully kissed, and on the other hand, she was racking her brains to think of how Chen Xiang had managed to comprehend the Crossing World Pill Technique.

"That's even better. I'll let them know that the Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands is just a child's play." Chen Xiang was now full of confidence. Today, he had competed with Qiao Kun in refining Dao mark Dan, and he would use all of the techniques available to him. After all, those were ten billion.

Jiang Xian shouted from outside: "Brother Shen, wake up quickly, the sun is shining on your b.u.t.tocks!"

Hearing that, Chen Xiang laughed: "This boy has come to find me. Let's go, we will go to the Jiang Clan together."

The core members of the Jiang Clan had also moved into the city. This birthday banquet was only being held with the partic.i.p.ation of the core members of the Jiang Clan. They would then invite a few more famous figures to attend.

Old guys usually had a lot of face, so they would try their best to invite the big shots, showing that they had a lot of power.

Chen Xiang and Xie Qiaoyan walked over to open the door. Originally, Jiang Xian wanted to tease Chen Xiang a little more, but when she saw Xie Qiaoyan's ice-cold beautiful face, she immediately became speechless.

Jiang Xian had also heard that Chen Xiang and Xie Qiaoyan were very close. Now that he saw Chen Xiang and Xie Qiaoyan coming out together, and it was so early, Xie Qiaoyan must have spent the night inside.

"So the two of you are together!" Jiang Xian coughed dryly, then laughed: "That's good too, Master Xie is also an esteemed guest of our Jiang Family, let's go together!"

Chen Xiang patted Jiang Xian's shoulder, and laughed: "Don't be so formal, we are all on the same side! Jiang Xian, you actually didn't mention this to me. "

Jiang Xian knew right away that it was Xie Qiaoyan who told Chen Xiang, so he curled his lips: "This is too embarra.s.sing, of course I won't tell you. Although I left the Limitless Battlefield, my whole body relaxed, and people aren't staying in that place!"

Xie Qiaoyan also had the same thought.

Jiang Xian had his own carriage, so he only got in after he invited Chen Xiang and Xie Qiaoyan in.

"Brother Shen, you are now a famous person with ten billion in wealth. You are a great benefactor. My grandfather was extremely happy when he heard that I invited you here." Jiang Xian laughed.

"Today, I will be sparring pill refining with Qiao Kun at the lower price. I will defeat him ruthlessly, at that time, will your grandfather be unhappy?" Chen Xiang said.

"Of course not. If something like that happened during his birthday banquet, it would be a good thing for him. In the future, when he brags with others, he would be able to talk about a lot of things." Jiang Xian laughed.

"Oh right, I didn't prepare any present!" Chen Xiang looked at Xie Qiaoyan, then asked: "Qiao Yan, have you prepared a birthday present? I forgot about that! "

"Of course. I thought you were already prepared." Xie Qiaoyan said as he took out a wrapped case: "This is an Emperor Pill I refined. Its main effect is to let it have a young appearance."

"Master Xie, you are so generous!" If my grandfather knew, he would definitely be very happy. He has always wanted to regain his youthful appearance like this. " Jiang Xian said in shock.

"The birthday present I gave him should be the Dao mark Dan that I refined! It's useless to him, but it will make a lot of sense. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"Could the quality be very high?" Jiang Xian knew immediately.

"Of course, that will be the unique Dao mark Dan with the highest quality." Chen Xiang laughed. He gave Xie Qiaoyan the pill he refined previously, it had a 2% chance of quality, but at that time, he had yet to learn the Sublimation refining method.

Xie Qiaoyan also wanted to know how high the quality of Dao mark Dan would be after Chen Xiang comprehended that kind of pill technique!

After Chen Xiang and Xie Qiaoyan got off the carriage, they attracted the attention of the crowd and many people started to discuss about them softly. Regarding those rumors, Xie Qiaoyan did not mind them at all, after all, she felt that being together with Chen Xiang was something that had a lot of face.

Jiang Xian led Chen Xiang and to a luxurious hall, there were many tables full of food and drinks, the moment Chen Xiang entered, he saw Ning Quan and Huang Tian's stinky faces, and they also saw Chen Xiang.

Jiang Xian's grandfather was called Jiang Yingqi and was a very straightforward old man. There were a lot of wrinkles on his face, but he had a face full of smiles.

Xie Qiaoyan went forward and said a few words of congratulations, then presented his own gift.

"This is Master Xie's unique Cosmetics Pill, it's a low-grade Emperor Stage pill. It's most suitable for an old guy like me. Many thanks." Jiang Yingqi never thought that Xie Qiaoyan would gift him such a generous gift, he immediately thanked him, his voice was very loud, causing many of the pill refining masters to be secretly surprised upon hearing it.

"There's no need to be so polite. Elder Jiang, why don't you try out the effects of this pill?" Xie Qiaoyan said.

Jiang Yingqi ate the pill on the spot, and after consuming it, he returned to his normal appearance as a middle aged man. His hair became completely black, which made many of the wrinkled elderly people feel extremely envious.

Xie Qiaoyan took out such a gift. If she needed help in the future, Jiang Yingqi would definitely help out, it showed just how strong Jiang Yingqi was. Otherwise, Xie Qiaoyan would not gift him such a gift.

Normally, Alchemist above Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands would be called a master, that was why Jiang Yingqi and Jiang Xian called him that.

"This is Master Shen?" Jiang Yingqi looked at Chen Xiang and chuckled. Although Chen Xiang was able to defeat him wasn't in the Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands, in Jiang Yingqi's eyes, he was still a master.

"I am not a master yet, I have yet to refine a Dijie Dan!" Chen Xiang laughed faintly: "Elder Jiang, I really do not know what kind of gift to prepare for you, I am truly sorry! But later, I will compete with Mr. Qiao Kun from the Skylane Sect, and at that time, I will gift the Dao mark Dan I refined to you, how about it? "

"No problem. I heard that the quality of your single Dao mark Dan exceeds ten thousand. This is extremely rare! "To me, this is a rare collection." Jiang Yingqi laughed: "When you compete with Master Qiao later, I hope that you will not hurt our friendship, this is not good."

"Of course not, the reason we arranged to compete here today is to add fuel to the fire." Chen Xiang said, then looked at Qiao Kun and Qiao Yu father and son. Beside him was an old man, and that old man was clearly the Leader of the Skypiercing Sect.

"Qiao Wushuang is here too. I thought he was in closed door cultivation! He is ranked second in Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands! " Xie Qiaoyan said.

Jiang Yingqi laughed: "Not only is Grandmaster Wu Shuang from the Skysword Sect here, even the Infinite Master of the Limitless Pill Dao is there. He is over there!"

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