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The most obvious characteristic of Qiao Yu's Crosscut Pill Technique was that it could release a special kind of flame. When refining the medicinal ingredients with this flame, the quality of the medicinal liquid that was separated would be higher.

Chen Xiang remembered that there was a similar method in the Heavenly Alchemy, but he was not sure if the Sky Zong School's Sky Crossing Pill Art was good enough.

He just sat there on the chair with his eyes closed, searching. It wasn't until late at night that he opened his eyes.

"Could it be that all sorts of pill techniques in this era were learned from the Heavenly Alchemy?" Chen Xiang had already found a method to cultivate the Sky Crossing Pill Art, it was called the Sublimation refining method, it was formed from the fusion of several methods.

"I can find the Infinite Dan method in the Heavenly Alchemy, and now I found the Crosscut Pill Technique." At this time, Chen Xiang was even more curious about the origin of the Heavenly Alchemy. It had actually spread among the various great powers of this era, and these great powers were all sects with extremely high alchemy skills.

Chen Xiang entered the secret room, took out the Dao mark Dan's medicine, and used the Sublimation refining method that he had just comprehended. After using this method of refinement, the flames he released were actually purple.

This kind of purple flame consumed a lot of Daoyuan immortal power, and was more than ten times the flame that he normally used. Even so, Chen Xiang was secretly excited, because this proved that the Sublimation refining method that he had just comprehended was the same as the Sky Crossing Pellet, it was just that the color of the flame that he released was different.

"Is it this kind of purple-colored power of mine or the golden flames of Qiao Yu's group that's strong?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this, he immediately used this flame to refine the Dao mark Dan.

This time, he did not plan to use the Crash method. He wanted to see how high of a quality the Dao mark Dan would be made out of by using this kind of flame. Right now, he could only use this kind of flame to refine the Dao mark Dan's medicinal ingredients and then use the pattern refining method to refine the three types of into one.

After releasing the purple flames with all his strength, the refining speed of the spirit herbs was extremely fast. In a short moment, all the spirit herbs were refined, and he immediately used the pattern refining technique to refine the scattered Spirit grain.

"Much faster." Chen Xiang was secretly pleasantly surprised, of course, the fastest was when he used the Bones in his eyes to refine it, it was just that the quality was not as high as it was now.

"Just condense four pills just like before." Chen Xiang only wanted to know how much the quality of the flames he used increased.

He quickly formed four Dao mark Dan.

"The quality is much higher, and the outside is even emitting a faint purple l.u.s.ter. Is this because of the purple flames?" Chen Xiang looked carefully at the four Dao mark Dan s.

He did not have any quality testing tools in his hands, so he looked at Xie Qiaoyan's room.

He had only knocked twice on Xie Qiaoyan's door when Xie Qiaoyan's voice came from inside, "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, there's something that's happened in the middle of the night, why not say it again in the morning?"

Chen Xiang had originally planned to look for Xie Qiaoyan in the morning, but he was very curious now. If he did not get the results, he would definitely not be able to rest in peace.

"Sister Qianyan, there's something important that I didn't want to disturb you with. I promise I won't do anything bad and be honest." said. A man knocking on a woman's door in the middle of the night would definitely raise her guard, not to mention that Chen Xiang had forcefully kissed her yesterday.

"Hmph." Xie Qiaoyan snorted, and opened the door.

"What is it? Tell me." Xie Qiaoyan said.

"Lend me the items for your test." Chen Xiang said somewhat embarra.s.sedly.

"Were you training in refining Dao mark Dan yesterday? You were going all out too, take it …" Xie Qiaoyan handed over the test disc to Chen Xiang, and decided to attend the Jiang Clan Master's birthday banquet at dawn. At that time, Chen Xiang would have to bet 10 billion, so it would be normal for him to train.

After Chen Xiang received it, he immediately took out the Dao mark Dan that he had refined using his normal flames. After continuously testing a few of them, he found that they were all of around one hundred and eighty to two hundred and thirty in quality.

"What are you doing? Weren't you the one who created the Dao mark Dan after the collision? Why are you only of this little quality?" Xie Qiaoyan frowned slightly, "You didn't mean to disturb me, did you?"

"Of course not, I just learned a method. I was testing the quality of the Dao mark Dan that I refined before." Chen Xiang laughed.

Now he took out the Dao mark Dan he had refined using the Sublimation refining method s to release flames. Its appearance carried a layer of purple l.u.s.ter, and Xie Qiaoyan could tell the difference with a glance.

"The quality of what you just refined is indeed higher than the ones you tested. Quick, let's see what the quality is." Xie Qiaoyan urged.

Chen Xiang nodded, and then picked up one of the stones. The results of the test made Chen Xiang and Xie Qiaoyan very surprised, as it was actually three thousand high quality pills.

After that, Chen Xiang took the remaining three pellets. Their quality also reached 3000, making it into a total of 12,000 pills.

"It's still a little low." Chen Xiang said, because it was much lower than the ones he refined using the Crash method, he refined two of them using the Three Crash s.

"How did you do it?" Xie Qiaoyan asked. She knew that if Chen Xiang did not use the Crash method, the pills refined would be of a lower quality, around two to three hundred, but now, it was three thousand.

"Kiss me and I'll tell you." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Hmph, don't even think about it." Xie Qiaoyan remembered that Chen Xiang had forcefully kissed her, and was secretly angry in his heart, as he immediately closed the door.

"Hold on..." Chen Xiang immediately said: "Qiao Yan, do you still remember the Qiao Yu's pill techniques yesterday?"

"Unhindered Pill Art? Have you learned the Unhindered Pill Art? You only took one look to learn it. This is impossible." Xie Qiaoyan was slightly surprised. The quality of the pills refined by Qiao Yu's Crossing World Pill Technique was indeed very high.

Of course, I did not watch him learn it, but chose to comprehend it myself. I was able to release a kind of flame that would raise the quality of the medicinal liquid while refining medicinal ingredients. Moreover, releasing this kind of flame is ten times more than what I used to possess. Chen Xiang said.

"How is that possible? You only needed to look at it for a moment to realize that pill techniques are that easy to comprehend. I have my own Infinite Dan method, but I have not been able to comprehend anything for so many years." Xie Qiaoyan was even more surprised, but she had no choice but to believe Chen Xiang's words.

"I feel like I'm still improving. I was just using the Crossing Pill Arts and didn't even join the two small techniques I taught you." Chen Xiang chuckled: "If I use my Crash method again, my quality will definitely breakthrough once more."

Chen Xiang was excited just thinking about it, but Xie Qiaoyan was a little jealous. She knew that Chen Xiang himself had a very mysterious and powerful pill technique, but now he had even learned the Crossing World Pill Technique.

Seeing Xie Qiaoyan's jealous expression, Chen Xiang smirked: "Do you want to learn?"

Xie Qiaoyan coldly snorted. "I don't want to." Then he closed the door.

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