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Seeing Xie Qiaoyan's calm expression, Chen Xiang was secretly relieved. Although Xie Qiaoyan had just learned how to refine pills, she had used it extremely well now and her quality had increased by a lot.

"Chen Xiang, if you don't accept it, why don't you compete with Qiao Yu and refine a cauldron? Huang Tian also thought that Qiao Yu would win for sure. When Huang Tian came to this city, he started to understand the alchemy G.o.ds above Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands, and all of them knew the overall quality of those alchemy G.o.ds.

So now that he saw Qiao Yu concoct a total of 12,000 points in quality, and a high grade king level pill at that, he immediately believed that Qiao Yu had won.

"Indeed, I will not compete with him. He is not qualified." Qiao Yu said with a cold smile, at this moment, his face was full of arrogance, as though he had already defeated Xie Qiaoyan.

"You are not qualified in my eyes. If I were to refine a Dao mark Dan, I will definitely not lose to you!" Chen Xiang smiled faintly: "The last time I fought with Xie Qiaoyan, what I refined was a failure, but the quality was already that high, and now I can successfully refine a pill!"

Chen Xiang's single pellet's quality was over ten thousand, which really made many Alchemist exclaim in amazement. Qiao Yu only snorted coldly, he had no choice but to admit that Chen Xiang still had some ability.

"To be honest, if I knew how to refine Dao Gu Dan, defeating you wouldn't be a problem at all." Chen Xiang laughed: "I simply do not put you in my eyes, because you can't even win against Xie Qiaoyan."

Chen Xiang would not lose to his opponent in a bickering match. Qiao Yu did not say anything now, he did indeed want to compete with Chen Xiang in refining the Dao mark Dan, but he was worried that he would lose. Although he was arrogant, he was not stupid, and knew clearly what it meant for Chen Xiang to refine a single Dao mark Dan with over ten thousand points of quality.

Time was almost up, Xie Qiaoyan had also opened his pill furnace!

"Only three pills? Senior Master, this is not your true strength! " Ning Quan immediately shouted in shock.

Everyone present had heard that Xie Qiaoyan had refined five Dao Gu Dan s in a single pot. Although they only had three pills that glittered with golden light, they did not think that she had a higher quality than Qiao Yu.

Qiao Yu's Dao Gu Dan s had a single quality of three thousand, and that was the highest one in the history of the Dao Gu Dan. Even if Xie Qiaoyan had a single quality of three thousand, her three pellets only had a total quality of nine thousand.

Xie Qiaoyan didn't know how high the quality of the three Dao Gu Dan he had refined were either. He only knew that she had improved a lot, because she had used the two small techniques that Chen Xiang had taught her.

Xie Qiaoyan's pill furnace had always been a great help to her quality, and with her Infinite Dan method, and her current pill techniques, she felt that she wouldn't lose.

Xie Qiaoyan carried the three Dao Gu Dan s that she had just refined and walked to the side of the testing board. At this moment, everyone held their breaths as they watched, if Xie Qiaoyan lost, she would be kicked out of Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands, and in the pill refining circle, this was explosive news.

As one of the few women in the Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands, Xie Qiaoyan had attracted a lot of attention over the years.

Under everyone's gazes, Xie Qiaoyan placed a Dao Gu Dan on the pit.

"Five thousand!" Chen Xiang smiled faintly: "The quality of a single grain is five thousand, this is over two thousand more than Qiao Yu's!"

Everyone started to pant, the quality of the single pill was much higher than Qiao Yu, it was almost twice as high, causing Qiao Yu's expression to instantly become ugly.

The second pill also cost 5000! Everyone exclaimed once again. Two pills was already over ten thousand!

The third time, it was six thousand! Qiao Yu's face was ashen. He who was previously so proud was now like a man who had been slapped dozens of times in public. His face was almost green.

"Two billion, give it to me!" Xie Qiaoyan coldly said to Qiao Yu.

At this moment, Qiao Yu was a little unsteady, he did not expect Xie Qiaoyan to actually improve so much in a short period of time, he looked at the smiling Chen Xiang beside Xie Qiaoyan and immediately understood that it was Chen Xiang who had given him the pill techniques.

"Humph!" Qiao Yu tossed a Storage bag to Xie Qiaoyan. After Xie Qiaoyan finished counting the items, he gave it to Chen Xiang.

"For me?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised.

"You trust me so much, consider it as me thanking you!" Xie Qiaoyan said.

This caused everyone to be extremely jealous. Chen Xiang bet two billion just now, and now he could receive ten billion, and Xie Qiaoyan gave him another two billion.

Of course, the thing that attracted the most attention was the relationship between Chen Xiang and the two hundred million Jade money.

After Chen Xiang obtained ten billion from the native bank, when he was about to leave with Xie Qiaoyan, he was suddenly called back.

"Wait!" The one who spoke was a middle-aged man wearing a luxurious yellow robe.

"Qiao Kun, are you here to avenge your son?" Xie Qiaoyan sneered.

"Not bad, he was unwilling to lose." Qiao Kun smiled faintly, "He felt that your performance today was a bit abnormal, but he couldn't find any problems, so I planned to compete with you again."

"He means my left arm?" Do you think everyone around you is blind? If he really said that, then let him come out. I will properly take care of him, and actually slander me like that. " Xie Qiaoyan was instantly enraged.

Everyone was slightly shocked that Xie Qiaoyan actually wanted to take action. In this city, private battles were not allowed.

"Miss Xie, don't be angry. This is only an excuse for that boy to refuse to accept your loss. That's why I've come to challenge you. Regardless of whether I've lost or won, he has nothing more to say." Qiao Kun laughed.

"I'm tired today. If I were to compete with you again, my performance would be terrible. How about this? Why don't you compete with him?" Xie Qiaoyan said: "But he only knows how to refine Dao mark Dan!"

Xie Qiaoyan looked at Chen Xiang and said: "He has once defeated me. If you defeat him, it's equivalent to winning against me!"

Chen Xiang laughed out loud: "If Uncle Qiao, you don't think there's anything good about winning against me, I can bet with you, I just won 10 billion, so why don't we bet 10 billion?"

Chen Xiang was completely confident in his ability to refine a Dao mark Dan. He could even refine a Dao mark Dan of extremely high quality with a Magic method furnace, what would happen if he used a Chuangshi G.o.d furnace?

There were a lot of people around, and they were all stunned. Chen Xiang had just won ten billion, now he actually wanted to take it out to gamble?

Of course, it didn't matter if Chen Xiang lost, as he could easily win 10 billion.

"What is it? You don't dare? or do you not have that many Jade money? " Xie Qiaoyan's tone was filled with ridicule, as if he was saying, if you don't have that many Jade money, get lost already.

Qiao Kun didn't know what to do now either. If he turned around and left, others would say that he couldn't afford to bet. If he bet with Chen Xiang, and was worried about losing, he could only take out five billion Jade money.

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