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That was why she had previously said that Chen Xiang was reckless, because even she wasn't sure if she could win now.

Chen Xiang realised that when he was refining high level pellets and was inspecting the other party's pill furnace, he placed the ingredients inside. As such, no one knew what kind of ingredients were used to refine the pellet, but it was also to prevent the ingredients from leaking out.

"The pill techniques of the Skypiercing Sky Sect are also not simple!" Chen Xiang immediately understood something. When Qiao Yu was refining pills, he was actually using a light golden flame.

This flame was not his original flame, but rather something he had used to change it.

Chen Xiang could only see that the fire was pale golden, but he did not know what benefits it had for refining pills.

He continued to observe, and an hour later, he discovered that the herbs in Qiao Yu's furnace had already been refined into a very viscous liquid, it was much faster than Xie Qiaoyan's.

"Qiao Yan, what is the name of the Skypalace Sect's alchemy technique?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, it's called the Crossroads Dao Technique. You won't be able to tell anything from the name!" Xie Qiaoyan was relatively relaxed now.

"Oh!" He has already refined all of the medicinal ingredients, so you are much slower than him. " Chen Xiang said: "And from his appearance, it seems that the quality of the medicinal liquid he refined was very high. The golden flames he used made the medicinal liquid he refined look very special and contained a very strong energy."

"He used golden flames? Can you really see inside his pill furnace? " Xie Qiaoyan asked in surprise.

"Really, do you know anything about these golden flames?" Chen Xiang asked as he became more serious.

"Yes, it is said that this type of flame has a very special power. When burning medicinal herbs, it can raise the quality of the medicinal herbs by a lot!" "This flame was produced from their Unhindered Pill Arts." Xie Qiaoyan said: "Seems like I won't be able to relax this time!"

"Qiao Yan, at this rate, you will definitely lose. I don't have any more than two billion Jade money." Chen Xiang said.

"Who asked you to be so reckless, I will do my best to defeat him!" Of course, Xie Qiaoyan didn't want to lose that two billion, which gave her a lot of motivation.

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then sent a sound transmission to her: "Qiao Yan, looks like you can only take the risk right now. I will pa.s.s on two techniques to you, so that you can refine higher quality pills … "Of course, I don't know if it's suitable for you to use. You can see for yourself whether you can use it in combination with your pill techniques!"

"Alright!" Xie Qiaoyan immediately replied. Naturally, she was very willing to learn the pill techniques that Chen Xiang had taught her.

After that, Chen Xiang imparted to Xie Qiaoyan the two relatively easier techniques within the Heavenly Alchemy, as they were mainly used to help her improve her quality when concocting pills.

One of them was to merge one's power into the flame while refining the medicinal herbs. When one was being burned and refined by the flames, one's power would seep into the medicinal herbs, increasing the quality of the medicinal herbs.

This was also the reason why Chen Xiang was able to maintain his high quality when refining the pellets for many years. Furthermore, it was also because of the special method of Heavenly Alchemy to release fire around the time the pellet was condensed.

It was merely two small techniques for Chen Xiang, but it was extremely important to Xie Qiaoyan as it was extremely difficult for her to raise even a little bit of quality in her current situation. However, the two techniques that Chen Xiang had pa.s.sed down to her could actually greatly improve the quality.

"It should be helpful. Your pill forging skills are indeed brilliant!" Xie Qiaoyan praised. She also knew that Chen Xiang didn't really like her, if not he would not have casually pa.s.sed it down to her.

Right now, it was useless for Chen Xiang to teach her his superior refining skills. He would need some time to digest them.

"Hehe, then how are you going to repay me? "The two alchemy techniques that I've pa.s.sed on to you are extremely precious!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"If I win, I can make a lot of money. Isn't that enough?" Xie Qiaoyan said.

"Of course it's not enough, I don't lack Jade money now!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Wait till I win. If your two pill concocting skills are of great help, I won't owe you anything." Xie Qiaoyan replied: "I need to concentrate. We'll talk about it when it's over."

Chen Xiang continued to use the power of the G.o.d's Eye to look at Qiao Yu's furnace, the medicinal liquid in the furnace had already turned a thick gold, releasing a strong gold light, at one glance it was clear that the quality was extremely high.

"What kind of flame is this? It can actually continuously improve its quality when it's being burned. It seems that its quality has increased exponentially. No wonder so many people don't think too highly of her beauty." Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart.

Time flew by quickly; it seemed like there was only an hour left before the end. However, Xie Qiaoyan and his team had already completed their mission and it looked like they were in a rush as well.

After about an hour, Qiao Yu finally opened the pill furnace.

"Four pills!" Chen Xiang had seen Qiao Yu condensing four pills just now, and when he was condensing the pills, the quality had increased yet again.

The reason why Qiao Yu was able to refine such a high quality pill, was mainly because of his strange flame. This made Chen Xiang's heart itch, if he had this flame, then maybe the quality would have increased even more when he was refining the pill.

"It seems that Brother Qiao has improved a lot. It is obvious from one look that your four Dao Gu Dan s are of a much higher quality than the ones you refined before." A middle-aged man laughed.

"I'm not too sure either, but in short, I have decided to win today. Although the Infinite Dan method is strong, Xie Qiaoyan has not learned the essence, otherwise, he would not have lost to Chen Xiang." Qiao Yu smiled faintly, and then looked at Chen Xiang with some disdain.

Qiao Yu was very satisfied with the Dao Gu Dan that he had refined today. He felt that today's exceptional performance was much better than when he had practiced before.

"Three thousand points!" Qiao Yu nodded with a smile: "Looks like challenging the higher rankings on Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands isn't a problem. The records of the Pill G.o.ds in the Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands are way too poor compared to me right now."

Qiao Yu saw that he could get 3000 HP per pill, which made him even more proud. He actually looked down on the G.o.d of Pills above Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands.

"Don't we allow him to improve?" Chen Xiang laughed: "It's hard to say whether or not you can enter Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands!"

Qiao Yu laughed and placed the second Dao Gu Dan into the well.

"According to what I know, Xie Qiaoyan's highest quality Dao Gu Dan was only one thousand five hundred! Although there are five pills, the total quality is not as high as what I have now. " Qiao Yu then placed another three thousand quality pellets into the Dao Gu Dan in his hands.

That was a total of 12,000 points, this was indeed very high quality!

Ning Quan immediately laughed: "Chen Xiang, in order to win over my Junior Master, it doesn't matter if you eat something or lose two billion, just keep up the effort!"

"It's fine if you lose 5 billion, but if I lose 2 billion, it's definitely nothing!" Of course, your Junior Master has not managed to refine the Dao Gu Dan yet, so you came to a conclusion too early. Chen Xiang also laughed.

Mentioning the fact that Ning Quan had lost five billion, Ning Quan's face became ugly. He had always kept this matter in his heart.

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