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Seeing how engrossed Jiang Xian was, Chen Xiang laughed: "Brother Jiang, do you want to try next time?"

Jiang Xian nodded his head: "Of course I want to, but I can't do it now, in a few days it will be the Jiang Family's compet.i.tion, I cannot be injured here, if not it will be too troublesome, those guys will definitely laugh at me."

Jiang Xian was also worried that he would run into a monster that he couldn't beat, and that he would be injured. When the time came, he, the Patriarch of the Jiang Family, would definitely be ridiculed by others when he appeared on the stage with an injury on his ten thousand year birthday celebration.

Jiang Xian could only look on with an itch in his heart, but he couldn't fight on stage.

"Brother Shen, you must go when the time comes. You are a famous person here right now. If I can invite you here, I would have a lot of face in the Jiang family." Jiang Xian laughed.

"Don't worry, I'll be there in a few days. In two days, I'll come find you. Where are you staying?" Jiang Xian asked.

Chen Xiang told Jiang Xian his address. When Jiang Xian found out that Chen Xiang had bought it himself, he was shocked.

"Brother Shen, you're quite wealthy. Buying such a large place by yourself is enough to accommodate a sect. Right now, you're the only one living inside." Jiang Xian asked.

"Of course not, I still have two female slaves." Chen Xiang snickered.

Only now did Jiang Xian remember that Chen Xiang had used four billion to buy Yang Xiangyin before, and then won five billion from Ning Quan. Chen Xiang was by himself, but he possessed so many Jade money, which made him quite wealthy in Three Money Divine City.

Of course, if it was the wealth of a sect or a great clan, Chen Xiang would be far inferior to them. After all, he was just a single person.

"Keep reading. I'll go around for a while." Chen Xiang said. Just as he was about to leave, a voice came out from the compet.i.tion arena that made him stop.

"Now, let's invite Huang Jintian and Ji Yong out. Both of them are at the second level of the Dao Dan realm."

Chen Xiang stared blankly at him, then opened his eyes wide and looked at the white hair on the fighting arena. It was indeed Huang Jintian, and he was still smiling.

"This old madman." Chen Xiang was very surprised about this, because he never thought that Huang Jintian would actually appear in this city and was even at the second level of the Dao Dan realm.

"Brother Shen, what's wrong?" Jiang Xian asked quickly.

"Nothing, that old man is an acquaintance of mine." Chen Xiang laughed bitterly, he had originally planned to explore the city, but seeing that Huang Jintian had come on stage, he did not plan to leave.

"Is he a friend of yours, is he? That Ji Yong is at Ji Clan, your friend might not be able to beat him, but he's really good at fighting." Just as Jiang Xian finished speaking, Chen Xiang saw Ji Yong transform into a ball of flame that quickly flew towards Huang Jintian.

After Huang Jintian dodged it, although he didn't know why, he still used the same attack method as Ji Yong, turning into a ball of fire to attack Ji Yong.

Just like this, no matter what moves Ji Yong used, Huang Jintian would use exactly the same. This not only astonished Chen Xiang, even the thousands of people watching the battle were extremely surprised, they were basically mimicking Ji Yong's moves.

"This friend of yours is truly strange. Many of Ji Yong's methods require Dao marks to be able to use. However, this friend of yours can learn them as well. In addition, their power seems to be even greater than Ji Yong's." After Jiang Xian finished speaking, he said again: "No, he's not completely model acquired. There are some areas that are still very rough, and he's learning them."

Right now, Chen Xiang could only wait for Huang Jintian to finish fighting before asking Huang Jintian what exactly he had experienced that caused his speed of breakthrough to actually be so much faster than his own.

Although that Ji Yong was strong, he was not a match for an old madman like Huang Jintian. This was because Huang Jintian's fighting style was completely unpredictable, because at the start, Huang Jintian had always been imitating Ji Yong's moves, but later, Huang Jintian used his own moves to defeat him, and with a few moves, he completely stunned Ji Yong.

After Huang Jintian won, he also received ten million Jade money, but Chen Xiang hurriedly sent a sound transmission to Huang Jintian and shouted, "Master."

"I've finally found you brat. I know you're here, but I don't know where you're hiding." The moment Huang Jintian entered the city, he heard of Chen Xiang's great name. Originally, he wanted to look for Chen Xiang at the Immortal Life Restaurant, but he found out that Chen Xiang had already moved out.

In order to find Chen Xiang, he could only use this method to attract his attention.

Chen Xiang hurriedly walked out of the fighting arena. Jiang Xian also followed Chen Xiang because he wanted to have a match with him and also want to get to know him.

"Brother Shen, that old man is some acquaintance of yours." Jiang Xian followed behind Chen Xiang and asked.

"My master." Chen Xiang said.

"What, he's only at the second level of Dao Dan realm, he's your master." Jiang Xian had thought that Chen Xiang's master was one of those extremely powerful old fogeys.

"Don't underestimate him." Chen Xiang chuckled: "But he shouldn't be as strong as me. Back then, when he accepted me as his disciple, I was indeed very weak, but later on, I pa.s.sed him."

Huang Jintian also came to the entrance of the compet.i.tion arena and laughed: "Little brat, I just won against ten million Jade money, I'll treat you to a drink … "No, you have billions of yuan, you should be the one treating me."

"Let's go." Chen Xiang laughed, he had also called Jiang Xian over, but Jiang Xian had suddenly received a notification from the Jiang Family, telling him to return quickly, so he had no choice but to accompany him.

Huang Jintian was extremely tasty, and now that he knew that Chen Xiang had made so many Jade money, he would definitely eat Chen Xiang up until he was done.

Chen Xiang brought Huang Jintian to the best hotel in the place, while eating and drinking, he answered Chen Xiang's question.

"It's a long story. After the two eras merged, our Everlasting Mountain appeared in the same valley. Also, there was a change in the seal below the Everlasting Mountain. Two Earthly beast ran out." Huang Jintian said.

Chen Xiang knew what kind of Earthly beast they were, and they were also Ren Xin's parents.

After that, they stayed in Everlasting Mountain for a period of time. From time to time, they would go out to bring us some food to eat. Huang Jintian laughed: "Afterwards, we brought the people from the Everlasting Mountain to a small city and inquired about your information."

"It's not easy for you guys either. I was going to look for you guys." Chen Xiang said, then took out a map that he obtained from the Natural Law Divine Spirit, which Chen Xiang told him about him encountering the Natural Law Divine Spirit.

Hehe, we also met that guy. This old man even helped us quite a bit, and he seems to know your relationship with us. He treated us pretty well, and most importantly, he gave us quite a few Jade money. Huang Jintian said.

"This guy actually didn't mention this to me." Chen Xiang snorted.

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