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Chen Xiang was only curious about the Infinite Dan method, he felt that his own Heavenly Alchemy would definitely be better than the Infinite Dan method, because the Infinite refining he had just used, was something he had comprehended from the Heavenly Alchemy.

Furthermore, he wanted to know who the Heavenly Alchemy was. This man must be powerful, even if he was in the Big Chaotic Times, the Alchemist would not know of its existence.

Chen Xiang rested properly for two days, refining such high quality pills was only because he wanted to challenge himself, but he was extremely tired. He had to rest for two days to recover.

Now that he had the Creator's Well, he didn't need to condense purple pearls to copy the medicinal ingredients. He made Chu Hongqing try it out, and when he added purple pearls to water the medicinal ingredients, the rate at which the medicinal ingredients grew would increase even more.

Right now, he already had a lot of Qingyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients. As long as he meditated for a period of time, he would be able to refine a large amount of Qingyuan Dan.

He wanted to see when he could live in that house he bought. After finding the old man from last time, he knew that he could go now, but that city was not completely built, and it would take a few more days to finish.

The old man didn't recommend that Chen Xiang go there immediately. The three native bank s had built these cities to let the group of cultivators gather together to discuss about it, and it was for the fun of it.

But Chen Xiang did not care, because he planned to go to that place to refine a batch of Qingyuan Dan, and at that time, it would be up for sale.

The reason the Three Great native bank s created this kind of city was partly to take back the Jade money from a large group of rich people, so all the houses here would be sold at a high price. Billions of Jade money could be considered a large amount of wealth outside, but it was definitely not much here.

And Chen Xiang wanted to buy more pill formulas and ingredients here, so he needed to prepare more Jade money.

Chen Xiang pa.s.sed through the Eternal Life Native Bank's Transmission array and arrived at the city. It was indeed very quiet there, and the construction was almost complete.

Chen Xiang followed the map and soon arrived in front of the house he had bought. In front of him were ten large shelves with sixteen floors, and behind them was a huge villa with many houses built inside.

The houses that were being sold were already equipped with defensive formations and all kinds of formations. This was to ensure that the interior would have a better environment. For example, the soundproofing array was used to isolate sound from the outside and to keep the interior quiet.

Chen Xiang used a jade tablet to open the door of a shop, and walked in. The interior was well decorated, and after he closed the door, he walked through the shop and arrived at the villa at the back, then chose a house for himself.

Right now, he was the only one left, but he felt that it would definitely be very lively in the future.

"Refine the Qingyuan Dan for a few more days, and this city will be completely built. It's just that I don't know how many people will come." Chen Xiang was a little worried, if this city was deserted, it would be difficult for him to earn Jade money by selling pills here in the future.

"Are you ready to sell the Qingyuan Dan?" Chu Hongqing asked.

"Of course not, we have nothing better to do anyway, we can just make some ingredients, and the Qingyuan Dan can also be eaten by us." Chen Xiang laughed.

Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin also came out from the You Yao Mountain Villa, looking at the place that Chen Xiang had bought.

"It really isn't small." Chu Hongqing praised: "The scenery around here is also not bad. I wonder if this city has any city walls, behind this villa is a large mountain."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Could it be that you're worried about some savage beasts over there?"

Chu Hongqing stuck out her tongue, then took out her pill furnace and started refining pills in the courtyard. Since there were only the three of them here, no one would disturb them.

Chen Xiang also took out his pill furnace and started to refine his Qingyuan Dan. He had to get used to refining this kind of pill quickly, as long as he was familiar with the pill to a certain degree, he would be able to use his eyes's Bones to refine it, and it would be completed very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, a few days had pa.s.sed. Chen Xiang and Chu Hongqing had refined over five hundred Qingyuan Dan.

Yang Xiangyin came back from the outside and said: "There are already a lot of people here, especially in the central region, it is said that there are shops and houses in the city, and the majority of them are from the big sects and big families. Some have even moved the entire sect or family's core here."

That was why those forces had spent so many Jade money s to move to this place. Of course, they had only brought the core personnel here, so that way, even if they were attacked by the enemy, their foundation would not be shaken.

Chen Xiang thought back to what the Natural Law Divine Spirit had said. Previously, the three great native bank s had displayed too much power, and had already destroyed the balance in the world, which was why they had been annihilated.

Right now, Chen Xiang could already see how strong the powers of the three great native bank were. To be able to gather such a large group of powerful forces, if it were to be controlled by them in the future, it would be difficult to imagine.

"Master, that Jiang Xian seems to be looking for you everywhere. He wants to invite you to partic.i.p.ate in the Jiang Clan's Patriarch's birthday celebration." Master, that Jiang Xian seems to be looking for you everywhere. Yang Xiangyin said: "The Jiang Clan also has a large manor here."

Chen Xiang almost forgot about this and laughed: "I will go look for him now, his strength is still very scary."

The big cities built by the Three Great native bank s were occupied by many large powers, many of them harboring grudges, but under the laws of the Three Great native bank s, they did not dare to act recklessly, and could only fight after leaving this place.

Chu Hongqing had also joined the You Yao Mountain Villa and had already fused the s.p.a.ce inside the Serene Jade Ring into the Divine Sense Sea World.

Chen Xiang walked out of his house, and not long after, he found Jiang Xian.

Previously, Jiang Xian had told Chen Xiang that there would be a very large battle arena in this newly built city. If they were to fight in this new city, they would be able to obtain a lot of Jade money, and even more so, place their bets on the Three Great native bank s.

It was in this fighting arena that Chen Xiang found Jiang Xian.

Jiang Xian was currently looking at the battle arena which was three hundred meters wide, below it were ten people fighting chaotically. These ten people's strengths were all in the Dao Dan realm, they released their own energy from their Dao marks, and when they fought, they released five different colored Daoyuan immortal power s, which made people's eyes dazzled.

"Brother Jiang." Chen Xiang patted Jiang Xian's shoulder and laughed.

Jiang Xian was so engrossed in watching that he did not notice when Chen Xiang came to his side. It was only until Chen Xiang patted him.

"It's brother Shen." Jiang Xian was surprised and said: "I was looking for you everywhere previously, but you really came out of nowhere and I couldn't find you when I was looking for you, but now you have found me."

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