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Xie Qiaoyan had seen everything clearly just now, and the process was still being repeated in her mind.

"Just now, you injected a lot of your own pure energy into the eight ma.s.ses of medicinal liquid. That way, you could make the process of the medicinal liquid colliding become even more violent, and also because of this violent collision, the energy you injected into the eight ma.s.ses of medicinal liquid scattered, and the moment it dispersed, because of the strong impact pressure, it could merge with the tiny medicinal liquid."

"In the end, it will produce a very high temperature that will melt everything. With your control, your powerful strength will be able to fuse with the medicinal liquid, and because of this tempering, the quality of the medicinal liquid will soar."

Xie Qiaoyan looked at those tiny particles inside the Magic method furnace, they were all tiny crystals, the same as medicinal liquid, but the medicinal liquid had solidified.

"That's right." Chen Xiang said. He did this so that Chu Hongqing could see it, because Chu Hongqing was very interested in this kind of extreme refining method.

Chen Xiang released flames, completely enveloping the tiny Medicine crystal inside the pill furnace. As it burned, these crystals emitted a faint golden light, and then, under Chen Xiang's immense pressure, they all gathered together into a ball. This process was extremely quick.

After he finished this, Chen Xiang used the Heavenly Alchemy to refine this large lump of crystals into eight little round beads. This also caused Xie Qiaoyan to be extremely surprised, as he obviously knew of some method to make this happen.

"The second time." Xie Qiaoyan said in a low voice. She could tell from Chen Xiang's serious expression that he was under a lot of pressure right now.

Chen Xiang took a few deep breaths, and after relaxing a lot, he started the Second Crash.

The moment the eight b.a.l.l.s of crystals collided with each other, they exploded with a strong flash and a loud explosion at the same time.

Because it was too strong, the sound penetrated the s.p.a.ce defense.

The light produced by the collision of the strong powers was extremely scorching, and Xie Qiaoyan had no choice but to cover her eyes with her hands, if not her eyes would be injured.

But when she shifted her gaze, she saw that Chen Xiang's Magic method furnace was glowing with an extremely strong golden light.

After a while, the light gradually dimmed down, and many of the particles that had melted into water droplets started to solidify, and just as they were about to solidify, Chen Xiang gathered all of them together and condensed them into a ball.

This Medicine crystal was the same size as the one just now. Chen Xiang had originally planned to condense a core at this time, even though the quality would be a little worse, but he felt that he could control it pretty well. Therefore, the Third Crash shouldn't be a problem.

Xie Qiaoyan thought so too, she thought that Chen Xiang was about to start condensing the pill now.

"We still have an hour, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes." Xie Qiaoyan had just finished answering.

Chen Xiang then used the technique in the Heavenly Alchemy to refine a large group of eight small b.a.l.l.s, and then poured a very vigorous Daoyuan immortal power.

"Are you really going to continue?" Xie Qiaoyan immediately shouted.

"Don't worry, nothing will happen. Get ready." As Chen Xiang finished speaking, he saw the eight crystals within his Magic method furnace once again turn into lightning and fiercely charge towards the center from eight directions.

After the fierce collision, the entire secret room was enveloped by the strong light. However, this time, there were no sounds of explosions, only the low shouts from Chen Xiang.

After the light gradually dissipated, Chen Xiang's sleeves started to swell and tear, his arms swelled up very big, and at the moment, Daoyuan immortal power was gushing out continuously, suppressing the Magic method furnace.

Then he let out a long breath and took advantage of the heat to fuse the particles together.

"The final stage." Chen Xiang shouted loudly. A Taiji array appeared at the bottom of the Magic method furnace.

These Spirit grain turned into chains, enveloping the huge crystal ball and beginning to retract it.

Xie Qiaoyan looked at the continuously spinning Yin Yang Taiji array below Chen Xiang, and was so shocked that she couldn't even speak. After a while, she said in a serious voice, "This is the refinement method from the Infinite Dan method, your technique is called the Limitless Divine Congealing Method."

"You … How did you learn it? I took a long time to understand this technique, but you... Even with guidance, it's not that easy to learn, and you can use it so skillfully, almost in one go. "

Before, Chen Xiang also called this move Infinite refining, he laughed and said: "I accidentally comprehended this technique myself, but I have not used it for a long time. Of course, the current use of it is very different from the past, because I have also grown a lot later on."

Now, Chen Xiang also understood that the Infinite Dan method was definitely related to the Heavenly Alchemy, because the Infinite refining was something that he had comprehended from the Heavenly Alchemy, but he rarely used it afterwards.

Right now, he couldn't use Six Realms mirrors to help him condense the pill, so he thought of this move.

Many of the Life-Killing Divine Deity that Chen Xiang cultivated had yin and yang energies, so when using this Infinite refining, it would also increase by a lot, and the speed at which the pellet was condensed was extremely fast.

Xie Qiaoyan had already completed it, so she knew that she would definitely lose if she refined five pills, because Chen Xiang had actually gone much more smoothly than when she used the pill furnace last time.

"I never thought that after entering the Dao Dan realm, my strength would increase by so much." The last time he competed with Xie Qiaoyan, he was only at Dao Yuan realm.

This time, not only did he step into the Dao Dan realm, he was even more familiar with using such methods from the Dao mark Dan, which was why his use of the Magic method furnace was so smooth.

When the two hours were almost up, Chen Xiang's Magic method furnace finally condensed a light gold pill.

"It's finally healed." Chen Xiang chuckled, then wiped off his sweat and kept the Magic method furnace and the Xuanwu.

"I've lost." Xie Qiaoyan said, she was now convinced, because she had witnessed with her own eyes how the pills were made here.

Chen Xiang was only at the level of Dao Dan realm, yet he was able to refine such a high quality Dao mark Dan.

"Why don't you test your quality?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Alright." Xie Qiaoyan took out the testing disk and took Chen Xiang's Dao mark Dan s.

The number was quickly displayed. Although Xie Qiaoyan knew that the quality would be very high, even higher than the pill that Chen Xiang had refined last time, he did not expect it to be as high as two vials.

"The last one was defective, this one is finally perfect." Chen Xiang wiped away the sweat on his forehead. Refining this furnace was not easy for him either.

"Can you sell it to me?" Xie Qiaoyan asked: "Name your price."

"Here, I know you want to keep it." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Yes, to me, this is a priceless treasure. It is the crystallization of the dao of pills." Xie Qiaoyan stared at the pellet, his ice-cold eyes shining with a fiery light.

"Thank you." Xie Qiaoyan said: "You should be tired, you rest first, I will not go back on my words, next time I come to find you, I will pa.s.s on the Infinite Dan method to you."

"Alright." Chen Xiang smiled at her, then sent her out the door.

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