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Chen Xiang took in a light breath and activated the Daoyuan immortal power. In just an instant, the vast amount of Daoyuan immortal power gushed out from the's dao pills, to the point that Chen Xiang was amazed.

"Then you must be careful." Chen Xiang did not use the Dao mark, but used the Shrinking step to instantly dodge the attack.

Jiang Xian saw Chen Xiang just a moment ago, still in front of him, but had disappeared in the blink of an eye. When he was on guard, Chen Xiang had already strangely arrived by his side, his fist had already struck over.

Jiang Xian was caught off guard, he did not expect Chen Xiang to be so fast, and Chen Xiang's fists did not seem to be that simple either. He could only circulate his Daoyuan immortal power instantly to form a defensive wall to block Chen Xiang's fists.

However, Jiang Xian did not expect Chen Xiang's fist to stop right in front of his wall of energy, and then burst out in a burst of red light.

Chen Xiang did not plan to attack Jiang Xian directly from the distance. Instead, he used his Meteor immortal power and pierced through the air.

With a boom, Jiang Xian's strength wall shattered and the entire stage shook for a moment. However, the power of the Meteor immortal power did not disappear as it charged towards Jiang Xian while bringing along the remaining shockwaves.

The wall of power Jiang Xian had just released gave him some time to react, he had already activated his own Daoyuan immortal power, so when the aftershocks of the Meteor immortal power surged towards him, he dispersed it with a palm strike.

"Jiang Xian is not at the first stage of the Dao Dan realm." Yang Xiangyin said.

"That's right. If it was an ordinary first stage Dao Dan realm, he would have died just now." Chu Hongqing nodded, the two of them had high cultivation, so they were able to see through this point.

Jiang Xian laughed: "Brother Shen, you're not bad at all, I have underestimated you."

"Then you must be more serious." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, the Shrinking step walked away and mysteriously arrived behind Jiang Xian. Just as Jiang Xian was about to counterattack, he felt his body being wrapped by many fire vines.

It was Chen Xiang's usual move, he released a very strong Daoyuan immortal power, and after wrapping Jiang Xian up, he threw out a punch. The flame on his fist burned and turned into a dragon head, releasing waves of roars, and just as it was about to hit Jiang Xian, his body suddenly shone with a red light, producing an extremely powerful shockwave.

Chen Xiang's fist wind had been scattered, he was forced to take more than ten steps back, the Fire Vine on Jiang Xian's body had been shaken to the point of disappearing without a trace.

Chen Xiang was shocked. This Jiang Xian was strong indeed, when he was pushed back just now, Jiang Xian had also launched a fierce attack.

"This guy cultivates lightning and oscillating elemental energy." Chen Xiang saw that Jiang Xian's body was covered in lightning, and when he flew, both of his feet stepped on the ground, causing waves of shockwaves, and this invisible shockwave was aimed straight at Chen Xiang.

"What a strong vibration power." Chen Xiang wanted to dodge, but he realized that he couldn't avoid the energy that was enveloping him. Even if he used his own energy, he would be scattered by the shockwave.

As for Jiang Xian, he was not affected by the shock himself, it could be seen that he used the power of the Shock Laws.

"This guy is really good at it." Chen Xiang saw Jiang Xian's fist strike towards him, and the extremely terrifying Thunder power that was contained within it, so he immediately channeled his Heavenly Vision Technique, Cloud and Sky Phenomenon.

The fist was only aimed at Chen Xiang's left shoulder, it did not hit his vitals. Jiang Xian originally thought that he could defeat Chen Xiang with one punch, but when his fist touched Chen Xiang's left shoulder, he realized that Chen Xiang's left shoulder had suddenly split apart like mist.

At this time, Chen Xiang had also used the Daoyuan immortal power to force the shockwave back. He had used the Shrinking step to leave Jiang Xian and the arm that he had dodged earlier had also returned to normal.

"Is this a Heavenly Dao divine ability?" Jiang Xian exclaimed.

"This... "Right." Chen Xiang did not expect the sacred art to be so rare.

The people below also exclaimed in surprise, as if they had never seen this sacred art before.

"Alright, I want to finish this battle quickly." After Jiang Xian finished speaking, the entire stage suddenly started to shake, Chen Xiang only felt himself being pushed forward by an invisible wave.

Jiang Xian was sweating profusely, it could be seen that he had used a very strong vibrating power, and it was controlling the shockwave as well, sending Chen Xiang flying very gently. Seeing that Chen Xiang wanted to resist, he released a few lightning bolts at him.

Chen Xiang never thought that Jiang Xian would be so terrifying, especially that type of shaking power. Now that he understood the difference between the first and second stage of Dao Dan realm, the strength of the Ancient Code which was to be grasped at the second stage was even stronger.

In just a few blinks of the eye, Chen Xiang was pushed out of the arena, which could be considered as his victory.

"I haven't gotten used to it yet." Chen Xiang said as his mouth twitched.

Jiang Xian walked down the stage, gave Chen Xiang a glance, and then walked towards the stairs. Chen Xiang followed him.

Jiang Xian's expression was extremely solemn, and it was very obvious that something was amiss. Chen Xiang felt that it was because of his kind of sacred art, when he suddenly thought about the Four Great Taboo magic, it was very likely that it was something from this era, and it seemed to be related to some kind of taboo.

Jiang Xian had a separate house here. After bringing Chen Xiang in, he said solemnly: "Chen Xiang, it would be best for you to use fewer divine powers."

Chen Xiang asked Jiang Xian the entire way, but Jiang Xian did not speak. Only now did he finally say such a thing.

"Why?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Others might not know, but I am very clear on which power is the sacred art you used just now. I also don't know why you know how to use it, but it is extremely dangerous." Jiang Xian said, he was also afraid that if he continued to attack Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang's abilities would become even more obvious.

"Which power?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Heaven Shadow Sect." Jiang Xian said, "They are a great power in the Black Wasteland. They are in the Lifeless City."

Chen Xiang immediately frowned. The Heavenly Transformation Art was used by him from the Heavenly spirit kunfu, so he was sure that the Heavenly Body Technique was used by the Heaven Shadow Sect.

Chen Xiang felt that it wouldn't be long before he would know the origin of the Four Great Taboo magic, especially the Heavenly Alchemy.

"Alright, I won't use it again if I have to." Chen Xiang rarely used it in front of everyone, and the Heavenly Alchemy was extremely secretive.

"That's good. Of course, what you're using is not too obvious. Even if the Heavenly Shadow Sect knows about it, they wouldn't suspect anything. If you ask them, just name any of your abilities." Jiang Xian said: "But if they knew, you would still get into a lot of trouble, at that time, you better find the native bank to settle things, no conflicts are allowed here, and the Heaven's Shadow Sect will not do anything."

"I'll go back first. Our Jiang family will hold a convention here soon, mainly to celebrate the birthday of my grandfather." Jiang Xian laughed: "When the time comes, I'll come find you and bring you along."

"Alright." Chen Xiang smiled and nodded. He never thought that the Jiang Clan's Patriarch would be so young, just ten thousand years old. Chen Xiang felt that he was even older than the other party.

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