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The people here were all Dao Dan realm s, they had sharp ears, and Chen Xiang could be considered a public figure, so many people quickly found out about this matter.

Everyone secretly exclaimed in their hearts that with Chen Xiang's cultivation, he already possessed a peerless pill technique. If he became stronger in the future, his pill techniques would be terrible.

Chen Xiang and Jiang Xian had a lot of conversations and he faintly felt that this Jiang Xian was hiding something. Although he looked very ordinary and dressed very low-key, but from his words and actions, it could be seen that he was a very cultured person.

From him, Chen Xiang found out that the Dao Dan realm could fuse with all of the Divine Deity. It would use the attribute power that the Divine Deity had cultivated before to connect with the power of the Ancient Code and directly absorb the power of the Ancient Code to strengthen the power of the Ancient Code.

If he had cultivated multiple types of attribute power previously, then when he reached the Dao Dan realm, the power of the Ancient Code he would receive would also be extremely chaotic. The power of the entire body would not be condensed because it would be difficult to gather all the different types of laws.

Therefore, when cultivators with a specific cultivation attribute entered the Dao Dan realm, the power of law they cultivated would also be unique and would be stronger.

Although Chen Xiang had condensed the most Life-Killing Divine Deity, this Life-Killing Divine Deity belonged to the fire attribute, and he did not have a lot of spatial Divine Deity, it only took up a small portion of it.

Therefore, he believed that he wouldn't be so weak in absorbing the power of law in the future.

"There are only five matches left." Jiang Xian laughed: "Brother Shen, you don't have to worry, I won't hurt you when the time comes. Of course, if I am careless and hurt you, please do not be too calculative, I do not want to lose a friend that I just made."

"Of course, I'm not that petty." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Brother Shen, do you know of a big city that is currently being built?" Jiang Xian asked and then took out a map.

When Chen Xiang saw the map, he knew that the city Jiang Xian was talking about was the one he had just bought a big house. It was the place where the three cities converged, and at that time, it would be the center of the city.

"I just found out, what happened?" Chen Xiang took the map and looked at it, and realized that the map was even more detailed than what he had seen before.

When the time comes, an even bigger compet.i.tion ground will be built here, it can accommodate more people to watch. When the time comes, the Three Great native bank will even open a game of wager, using the victory or defeat of the battle as a bet, and the partic.i.p.ating soldiers will also receive a very generous reward. Jiang Xian laughed: "Of course, Brother Shen is a Alchemist, of course I wouldn't like that small amount of money."

"Brother Jiang, you will definitely not be interested in them. However, you will definitely attend." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Oh, you seem to know me very well." Jiang Xian laughed: "Why are you so sure?"

"You are a battle maniac. I have seen many battle maniacs like you, and I know them very well." Chen Xiang laughed, Leng Youlan was like that, he could tell from his eyes.

Jiang Xian's eyes were filled with the light of battle, especially when he was looking at the stage, it was as though his blood was ignited, he could not wait to go up and fight.

"That's why I'm more worried about losing control of myself." Jiang Xian shook his head and laughed.

"Brother Jiang, how much do you know about Ning Quan?" Chen Xiang was sure that this Jiang Xian came from a powerful force.

"Ning Quan from the Ning family, at the fifth level of the Dao Dan realm. Amongst the few great families in the Eastern Wasteland, the Ning family is the strongest, because there is one of the biggest sects in the Eastern Wasteland. Jiang Xian said: "He practices many powerful cultivation techniques in the Infinite Divine Mountain, so his overall strength is extremely strong."

"Then Xie Qiaoyan is also from the Infinite Divine Mountain." Chen Xiang asked: "She and Ning Quan's master are junior brothers, no wonder."

"Xie Qiaoyan is merely from the same generation as Ning Quan's master, and is not accepted by the same master. Xie Qiaoyan is part of the Limitless Pill Dao in the Infinite Divine Mountain, while Ning Quan and his master are from the Limitless Battlefield of Martial Arts, so Ning Quan calling Xie Qiaoyan master is only because of seniority." Jiang Xian slowly said.

Chen Xiang was suddenly very interested in the Infinite Divine Mountain, because Xie Qiaoyan had some kind of pill technique. The reason she could concoct such a high quality pill was definitely because of the secret technique inside the Everlasting Dao Pill.

"The Limitless Pill Dao should be very strong, to be able to nurture a girl like Xie Qiaoyan." Chen Xiang sighed.

"Xie Qiaoyan is a very special woman, I heard that she was once a warrior of Limitless, and then she turned into a cultivator of Limitless Pill Dao. She was an expert in both alchemy and battle, but I am not too sure about her cultivation, in short, she is the stronger kind, otherwise she would not have been able to become one of the core members of Infinite Divine Mountain."

Jiang Xian laughed: "Brother Shen, your background is also very mysterious, many of the great powers in the Eternal Life City are unable to find out your background, and your pill techniques are definitely above Xie Qiaoyan's, if not, you would not have been that much ahead of her. According to my knowledge, among the Alchemist who could defeat Xie Qiaoyan, the highest number would be around two to three thousand, and you are also around this level."

"I don't have any background, I only came here to create my own reputation." Chen Xiang laughed bitterly: "I just happened to stumble upon that profound pill technique by chance, and then, I came up by myself."

"If that's really the case, then Brother Shen, you are much stronger than I imagined. Without a strong background, it would not be easy for you to walk over by yourself." Jiang Xian suddenly felt deep veneration for Chen Xiang, because he was very clear that it would not be easy for him to get into her place.

"It seems that I'm still too young. I underestimated Brother Shen." Jiang Xian laughed at himself, because Chen Xiang was not as simple as he seemed to be.

"Actually, many people look down on me, especially my enemies." Chen Xiang laughed.

"And then." Jiang Xian asked.

"And then they died." Chen Xiang smiled faintly.

"Chen Xiang, Jiang Xian, it's your turn." The old man shouted. When they went up, they had already formed a blood contract. They were not allowed to seriously injure each other, and they were not allowed to kill.

The fighting stage also had very good protective measures. It wouldn't be destroyed just because of that. After all, it was on top of a huge building.

Weapons are not allowed to be used in combat. If you use weapons, you'll have to go through a special request, because it's easier for you to die or injure yourself.

Chen Xiang levelled up continuously, and did not fight much during this period of time. The main reason was that he had refined many pills that could help in raising his cultivation, and in the first two stages of the Heavenly Dao Realm, he had improved a lot as long as he had enough pills.

"Is everything ready?" the old man asked.

Chen Xiang and Jiang Xian nodded.

"Then let's begin."

Because this wasn't a life and death battle, and Chen Xiang and Jiang Xian could already be considered friends, they wouldn't be in a hurry to attack after this.

"Brother Shen, you can go first. Use your strongest power to attack me. Let me see what kind of power I will need to fight against you." Jiang Xian said.

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