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"That's easy to do. I made a map, and it's something that only exists when two generations have fused together. The markings on it are very clear. Take a look for yourself." Natural Law Divine Spirit threw a jade plate to Chen Xiang.

"Alright, I still have things to do!" Right now, you are still weak, so it would be best for you to not cause so much trouble. Undead Divine Race has already suspected that you killed one of their descendants. With that, the Natural Law Divine Spirit disappeared.

"This guy, I still have something to ask!" Chen Xiang curled his lips, he still wanted to ask about the relationship between Huang profound and Fire Reverent School.

Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin who were inside the ring knew about the conversation between Chen Xiang and Natural Law Divine Spirit, and were secretly surprised at the mysteriousness of this world! Of course, they had even more respect for Chen Xiang now. Doing something like this would change the fate of the entire world.

"Xiang Yin, Hongqing, you two come out first!" Chen Xiang shouted, and they came out.

"I want to fuse the ring with my Divine Sense Sea World!" Chen Xiang laughed: "From now on, you all will be in my small world. I'll try and see if it's okay."

The inside of the ring was originally a s.p.a.ce, and Chen Xiang was the one who was proficient in s.p.a.ce the most. At this moment, he was using his own spatial energy to transfer everything inside the ring to his Divine Sense Sea World.

His Divine Sense Sea World was already the real world, and that was when he entered the Dao Ti realm.

Not long after, he successfully merged with the Divine Sense Sea World and Spirit Demon ring. After Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin entered the ring, they did not feel any changes, it was just that there was an additional well beside the farm.

This well was the Creation G.o.d well that Natural Law Divine Spirit had given him just now.

Chen Xiang looked at his own Youyao Dao mark, and sighed: "It's a pity that this Youyao Dao mark won't be of much use anymore!" With just a thought, his own body would be able to enter his Divine Sense Sea World and disappear from the world.

Chen Xiang came in to see how powerful the Creation G.o.d Spring was.

"This is the Creation Divine Spring. It looks no different from ordinary water, but it's cool and comfortable to the touch!" Yang Xiangyin reached out her jade hand to touch the clear spring water.

"Hongqing, what did you plant on the ground?" asked. He had just seen Chu Hongqing throwing many seeds in a field, and those were not Spirit seed s.

"This plot of land is the blue flower seeds of the Qingyuan Dan, and this section is the fruit core of the Mighty Origin Fruit, they are all seeds. Since that old man said that the Creation G.o.d's Spring is so powerful, then of course I'll give it a try." Chu Hongqing laughed: "Elder sister Xiang Yin, quickly water them!"

Yang Xiangyin nodded with a light smile, and poured out the barrel of World G.o.d's Spring Water!

Not long after, Chen Xiang saw many seedlings growing from the ground, all of them were small blue sprouts, these were from the Cyan Flower.

"So fast!" At this rate, it will not be long before many flowers are planted. " Chu Hongqing shouted in pleasant surprise, and then also ran over and took a bucket of water from the creator's well to water the other plot of land.

Blue saplings quickly grew on that piece of land. It was the Qing Yuan Fruit Tree. This speed was indeed very fast.

Soon after, Yang Xiangyin and Chu Hongqing continued to draw water to water the plants, but did not continue growing them.

"Growth also requires a period of time. It's impossible for it to mature immediately. It should be that as long as it is watered once, it will automatically grow to maturity." Chen Xiang said: "You guys can grow some other things. I'll go to Eternal Life City to see if I can buy good pill formulas."

Chen Xiang still had more than five billion Jade money in his possession, and he felt that this was enough for him to buy an expensive pill formula. After coming to the Demon Forest, he gave the Elder Tree some Energy Gathering Beads, and exchanged them for some Dao mark Dan medicinal ingredients. Although he did not need them right now, the Energy Gathering Beads were things he could casually procure, and with that, he could exchange for a large amount of Dao mark Dan medicinal ingredients.

He once again returned to the Eternal Life City. At this time, half a day had already pa.s.sed, and Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin were extremely excited outside the You Yao Palace because the Cyan Flower and the Qing Yuan Fruit Tree had grown a little.

After returning to the Immortal Deity Restaurant, he ate two Qingyuan Dan and started to cultivate. He was about to enter the Dao Dan realm.

The Dao Dan realm needed to gather all of the Divine Deity together. Chen Xiang didn't know whether or not it would affect his Bones after it was gathered, because the Bones in his eyes and head were both extremely important.

When he finished cultivating, he realized that all of his Divine Deity had gathered together and even the Divine Deity in the second Divine Sense Sea had fused with the Divine Deity of the first Divine Sense Sea.

Although it had been fused, he could still feel the different types of Divine Deity inside it. Even though the Divine Deity of the two Divine Sense Sea s had been fused into a small pellet, there wasn't any huge change.

The Bones had not completely fused with the spirit pellet, it was just that the spirit pellet had already entered, and the spirit pellet could release a strong Daoyuan immortal power into the spirit pellet at any time, the spirit pellet would become even stronger.

"This is the power of the Dao Dan realm! It feels great! " Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, allowing the Daoyuan immortal power to flow into the Bones on his arms, the shaking power made him feel very comfortable.

"Looks like this Immortal Deity building doesn't suit me well. I can't even do more violent things now." Chen Xiang really wanted to randomly punch out a few times to test his current strength, but this was not possible in the Immortal Restaurant.

That was why when he came to Eternal Life Native Bank and asked about buying the house, the old man in charge of selling the house immediately took out a thick stack of paper and placed it on the large round table.

Chen Xiang did not change his appearance. He felt that he would be absolutely safe in the Eternal Life City and he was not worried that Ning Quan would take revenge on him.

When the old man saw Chen Xiang, he immediately knew that Chen Xiang was a tyc.o.o.n. Many people in Eternal Life City knew that Chen Xiang had just won five billion Jade money.

"Where do you want it?" The old man asked with a smile.

"After the three major cities have joined together, where would the meeting point be? I think it will no longer be the center, and the place where the three cities come together will be the center. " Chen Xiang said, he knew that the three cities would be connected together, and at that time, the place to connect would be the biggest city, and it would be the most prosperous city.

"You're right, but not many people know about this!" Then, he took out a map. "This city is already being built in secret. We're preparing to sell off our shops and estates. Take a look at which region you like the most."

"So big! Ten big stores, and there were even ten floors above them. Behind them was a villa … This place is pretty good. " Chen Xiang pointed to a place on the map. It was not the center of the map, and was even located at the edge of the map.

"Here?" Because this is a rather remote place, and I'm worried that I won't be able to sell it, so I sent a villa. Although the price is cheap, the position isn't too good! " The old man said.

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