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Previous Chapter Next Chapter Natural Law Divine Spirit and the divine G.o.ds above him all ran back to Big Chaotic Times and left this mess behind. Chen Xiang felt extremely displeased when he thought back to it.

The Natural Law Divine Spirit said with a wry smile, "I am only in charge of governing the various divine races, I am indeed not very strong. I even more did not expect that the fusion of the Evil Spirit Race and Undead Divine Race's bloodlines would make me so strong. By the time I reacted, we no longer had the power to resist them."

"Back then, when all races were discussing together, they planned to throw this mess back into this era and let the experts of this era settle it."

Chen Xiang listened seriously. He wanted to know what happened.

"And then? You guys have not succeeded in merging the two eras. I was the one who did this. " Chen Xiang said.

"That's right, we failed!" This matter is mainly due to the responsibility of the time G.o.d, and reversing the flow of time and merging the two eras, this matter originally went against the law, and the time G.o.d was also heavily restricted by the law of time, so even though he did not succeed, he could only send us, the G.o.ds, and all the races, back to this era. " Natural Law Divine Spirit said: "I originally thought that we would come back to think of a way, but I didn't expect that the divine spirit would actually die in the only time we could think of it."

"Is there only one Time G.o.d?" Chen Xiang asked, if these divine beings had their own difficulties, then it would be understandable.

"Yes, the Time G.o.d was the only one who went from Big Chaotic Times all the way to the Age of Star Arts. Besides that, there was also the Undead Divine Race … Undead Divine Race was also a guy who had experienced many eras. And we G.o.ds are born from the future! Back then, when the Heavenly Dao was set up, there was only a single Divine Spirit of Time. " The Natural Law Divine Spirit nodded.

"Doesn't that mean those old fellows from the Undead Divine Race have returned to this era, that means there are two of them?" Chen Xiang frowned.

"That's not it, Big Chaotic Times's time is a little special, and in the setting of the Heavenly Dao, Undead Divine Race is very special as well. As long as they don't die, they won't be able to exist in the past, so when I return to the past, there aren't any traces of them. The Natural Law Divine Spirit said.

"The Undead Divine Race possess eternal life, but they also have a weakness, and that is, there is a limit to their strength. They aren't like you human beasts who can continuously break through their limits! This point is in order to restrain the Undead Divine Race from ruling the entire world. "

"And then? They seem to have broken through this limit! " Chen Xiang said.

"That's right, it's because they had fused with the Evil Spirit Race, which is why they made such a mistake." The Natural Law Divine Spirit sighed.

"What is the Heavenly Dao?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It is the existence that caused all of this. He is an illusory existence, and the laws of power and the laws of operation here are all carried out under his power." The Natural Law Divine Spirit said.

"Then what do we do now? The Undead Divine Race has a loophole! " Chen Xiang shrugged his shoulders, "This kind of thing can only be solved by the Heavenly Dao!"

Natural Law Divine Spirit sighed, shook his head and said, "The Heavenly Dao would not care about these things, he might not even know about it … And the reason why he created us deities is to manage this Heavenly Dao, and fixing such errors is also the reason for my existence. "

Chen Xiang laughed: "But you didn't succeed!"

Natural Law Divine Spirit nodded his head helplessly, "I failed. If not for you, the age of star law would have been unimaginable! I have to thank you for this. You are indeed very capable. With your weak strength, you were actually able to fuse the two eras together. "

"I'm just trying to save myself." Chen Xiang spread out his hands: "Then what about the three great native bank s? They seem to be even stronger existences, and were probably not weaker than Evil Spirit Race and Undead Divine Race, right? I heard that even the Undead Divine Race do not dare to offend them! "

"The existence of these three great native bank s was also a mistake. They were exterminated at the very end of the Big Chaotic Times and it was also at that time that the entire Wasteland began to split apart. Then we'll enter the era of the three thousand major worlds, the era of the initial stars, and finally, the era of Star Mantra. " The Natural Law Divine Spirit said, "But it should be different now, because the fusion of the first and last generation will definitely change the way things go in the future."

"But you still haven't told me why they're so powerful." Chen Xiang asked, he really wanted to know what was going on.

"The managers of the three great native bank s are all people like me, their existences were all there for the order of the world, so they had things like Jade money s, so they were very strong. As for why they were killed later on, it was because they were getting stronger and stronger, and because the heavens wanted to balance, they separated the Desolate Land, causing the Desolate Land to fall into a state of destruction."

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then asked: "Then what about now? Will the Heaven's Path still attack us again? "

But he didn't, and I don't know the reason why, but in short, the three great native bank s' fates won't be like before, and they will continue to develop! This is a good thing for us, because it can restrict mutated Undead Divine Race and Evil Spirit Race. This is the equivalent of balance, and it might also be the reason why the Heavenly Dao does not act anymore. " The Natural Law Divine Spirit said.

The more Chen Xiang thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss. This seemed to be a game!

"Then why are you looking for me?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I just came to thank you." The Natural Law Divine Spirit laughed.

"Then how are you going to thank me?" Chen Xiang snickered.

"Don't worry about that. I know you have a lot of good things on your hands, so the things I've prepared this time are very sincere." Natural Law Divine Spirit was sincerely grateful to Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang had allowed this Natural Law World to be on the balance. As long as they could balance, their group of G.o.ds and their divine species would not be threatened by the threat of life.

Chen Xiang urged her: "Quickly show me!"

Natural Law Divine Spirit laughed and said, "Don't worry, this thing is a bit special!"

Chen Xiang patiently waited for a while, and only saw Natural Law Divine Spirit taking out a well.

"This is the creator's well, and inside it is the creator's spring … You are the Alchemist, so this is most suitable for you. With this thing, you can grow medicinal herbs as fast as gra.s.s. " Natural Law Divine Spirit hurriedly said: "Quickly put it in your own Divine Sense Sea World. Only in Divine Sense Sea World will this thing be useful."

Chen Xiang immediately took it and threw it into the Divine Sense Sea World, placing it on a patch of gra.s.s.

"If you need the Creator's Spring, you only need to circulate your Dao energy to enter it." Natural Law Divine Spirit said: "As for the effect, you will know after trying it yourself."

"Natural Law Divine Spirit, do you know where the Everlasting Mountain is? And... I have someone I know over at the Violet Yuan Mountain. After merging with them, I won't be able to find them. " Chen Xiang asked: "Right, there's also the Nine Heaven World, they should have already fused into the group right?"

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