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Chen Xiang understood this principle. With his current fame, it meant that he had stirred up a lot of trouble, and before he gained enough power, he did not want to continue on like this.

So at night, he quietly left the Eternal Life City, and after a few days of time, he returned to the Hundreds of Flowers Village. He handed over the cultivation method for the Qingyuan Dan to Su Meiyao and the others, and then went to find Long Jiuxiao.

Long Jiuxiao did a good job here. He was originally a very straightforward person, and was also strong, grasping all sorts of powerful people. Xue Xianxian and the other girls often came to him to ask him for guidance on equipment forging and setting up arrays, and Jiu Canghai had already become Long Jiuxiao's adopted son.

Chen Xiang was waiting for him in the living room of the Dragon Clan.

"Looks like you're about to condense your Dao pill. It's pretty fast!" Long Jiuxiao laughed, he had just returned from the outside world and was still dressed in his armor, it seemed like he had partic.i.p.ated in battles before.

"Senior Long, is there anything powerful around here?" You actually have to do it yourself! " Chen Xiang asked in surprise.

"Of course not, this is the most useless place in the Southern Wasteland, luckily there are a lot of pills from the Hundreds of Flowers Village!" Long Jiuxiao laughed: "I am just going to take a look at the earth core with them, we are preparing to create a dragon vein, only if we have enough dao qi will we be able to improve faster."

Long Jiuxiao was extremely grateful to Chen Xiang. On one hand, Chen Xiang had cured him of that strange poison, and on the other hand, Chen Xiang had allowed him to find a very large number of dragons.

From Su Meiyao and the others, he found out that in order to prevent the dragons from being poisoned again, their pill refining team had refined a special type of pill that could prevent the poison from being poisoned. Therefore, Long Jiuxiao was no longer afraid of the Black dragon flower poison anymore.

"Will it work? I never thought that Big Chaotic Times would actually have a Core of the Earth, just I wonder if the Core of the Earth is powerful. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"The heart of the earth is in chaos, that place is where Earthly beast run rampant! From what I see, when the world is split into many worlds, it will be because of the core of the earth! " Long Jiuxiao laughed: "The earth's core here is already very chaotic, if you guys were to merge with the earth's core from that era, you can imagine."

"So did you get into the center of the earth?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"No, but we've opened up a path and can release a very strong heat wave. We covered that pa.s.sage with a few special formation discs and they can transform the heat wave into a very dense Dao qi. Soon, the Dao qi in this place will become very dense." Long Jiuxiao said.

"Senior, do you know anything about the Three Great native bank s?" Chen Xiang came to find Long Jiuxiao to ask him about this.

"Of course I know, I was once a great general of the native bank, I am from there." Long Jiuxiao sighed: "My crafting skills were learned in the Eternal Life Native Bank, it was only because I made a mistake that I was chased out, and when I returned to the dragon race, I became the lord of one side."

The power of the three native bank s was much stronger than he had imagined, to actually let Long Jiuxiao do things inside.

"Eternal Life Native Bank, Three Lives native bank and Life native bank are all very mysterious. Even now, I still don't quite understand their existences, but I do know that they are all very powerful and control the entire Wasteland. The Wasteland is able to operate in an orderly manner and there aren't any large disturbances. Long Jiuxiao said.

"Even you don't know?" Chen Xiang had thought that Long Jiuxiao would know something.

"I have refined Jade money in the past, so I don't know much about it! I only know that they existed since a long time ago, because I was considered one of the earlier money refiners. At that time, the three native bank s were also just established not long ago! " Long Jiuxiao said: "At least, Undead Divine Race won't dare to find trouble with these three native bank s."

Chen Xiang frowned: "That's strange, why did these three strong and powerful forces not appear in our era? This should continue! "

"I don't know either. I think even those Natural Law Divine Spirit s don't know about this matter." Long Jiuxiao said: "Why are you asking this? You offended these three native bank s? "

"Not really!" Chen Xiang told Long Jiuxiao about the Eternal Life City.

"I already knew about the existence of the Eternal Life City, but because I did something wrong and could not go in, unless I gave ten billion Jade money s, I did not join in on the fun. I did not expect that it would finally be opened to the Southern Wasteland, and in the entire Wasteland, the Southern Wasteland is relatively weaker, but this is also good, at least no one can threaten us here." Long Jiuxiao said.

The Southern Wasteland was very weak, it was not the first time Chen Xiang had heard of it. Even the Eternal Life City was just opened up here, and not many people could enter the Southern Wasteland.

"If it's a big city built jointly by the three native bank s, then it would be very safe inside. At least we wouldn't need to worry about being chased and killed by the Undead Divine Race." Long Jiuxiao said: "I heard that there are many good things to sell inside."

The Eternal Life City was quite big, Chen Xiang had not finished strolling around, and he had not paid much attention to this either.

Chen Xiang brought back the Qingyuan Dan's pill formulas and ingredients this time, which would definitely allow the people here to improve their strength quickly. As long as they could improve to a certain degree, Chen Xiang would not have to worry about this place, at that time, the Hundreds of Flowers Village's pill refining team would also be able to cooperate and concoct those high levelled pills to sell, earning the Jade money.

Chen Xiang had stayed in the Hundreds of Flowers Village for more than ten days, allowing Yang Xiangyin to get familiar with those girls, and also allowing her to pa.s.s down her zither arts. Naturally, Yang Xiangyin was very willing.

Every time he returned, he would have to take care of those delicate and beautiful women of his …

Roughly half a month like this, Chen Xiang brought Yang Xiangyin and the two female slaves to the Eternal Life City!

He was now at the tenth level of Dao Yuan realm. When he used spatial teleportation, he could teleport even further, so it also shortened the amount of time he had to go back and forth.

"If you teleport three more times, you will be at Demon Forest." Chen Xiang calculated the distance, and then used teleportation. The moment he used it, he suddenly felt s.p.a.ce being sealed.

While he was shocked, he used the power of the White Tiger Dao mark to jump through s.p.a.ce, smoothly jumping out of the spatial seal.

"Wait, I mean no harm!" Suddenly, someone shouted. Chen Xiang was very familiar with this voice, he vaguely remembered that this was the Natural Law Divine Spirit.

Back then, when he followed that group of Evil Spirit Race, he had met this Natural Law Divine Spirit on the road, which was why Chen Xiang had an impression of him.

Natural Law Divine Spirit was also shocked by Chen Xiang's power, to think that she could actually jump out of the spatial seal he had released.

"You are the Natural Law Divine Spirit?" Chen Xiang immediately asked: "You can't use the spatial seal, I'm most afraid of that!"

"Obviously, you're not afraid at all!" Natural Law Divine Spirit appeared as a white robed senior. Chen Xiang had seen him last time.

"You actually know that I am a Natural Law Divine Spirit? "You are really capable." The Natural Law Divine Spirit laughed bitterly.

"Natural Law Divine Spirit is too weak, to think that you would be reduced to such a sorry state by Evil Spirit Race and that Undead Divine Race." Chen Xiang snorted, he looked down upon Natural Law Divine Spirit.

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