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Chen Xiang also wasn't confident anymore, because he only had one pellet, and it was not looking good either! On the other hand, Xie Qiaoyan had five dazzling golden pellets, flickering like stars in the sky.

When everyone saw this pill, they couldn't help but laugh.

"How is this a pill?" It's like a moldy bean. " Huang Tian laughed out loud: "To be able to use Dao mark Dan's medicine to refine it to this extent, I'm impressed by you. This isn't something that anyone can refine."

is one of the ten great Alchemist s of Three Lives native bank, and also the only woman there. "" That's right, that's right.

"She seems to be at Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands's 13th place."

"Yeah, but it's not bad. There are only 30 people in Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands."

Ning Quan laughed: "Martial Uncle, you have won for sure! Three billion Jade money s should be very easy to earn! "

Chen Xiang said: "Let's begin the evaluation!"

Ning Quan laughed coldly: "Is there even a need to test it? "No matter how you look at it, I know that broken bean of yours is useless. You've lost for sure, so hurry up and give me five billion."

"Do it according to the rules. Quality is a must." Chen Xiang said resolutely.

Xie Qiaoyan did not say much and walked over to the old man's side. Chen Xiang then walked over and looked at her.

"Watch carefully, this is the first pill!" Xie Qiaoyan said coldly, then took out one pellet and placed it into the pit at the center of the disc.

After putting it down, a number appeared on the crystal square.

"One thousand eight hundred!"

Huang Tian who was at the side shouted in alarm.

Xie Qiaoyan's expression was still ice-cold. Although this quality was very scary, she didn't think much of it.

I heard that the last time you did so, you only reached the maximum of one thousand five hundred. It seems like entering the top ten of Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands will not be a problem for you. Ning Quan laughed.

There were a few Alchemist s present who could not understand even after thinking about it. The abandoned Dao mark Dan, in the hands of Xie Qiaoyan, could actually refine one thousand eight hundred grade Dao mark Dan.

Moreover, she still had four pills that she hadn't tested!

"The second pill!" Xie Qiaoyan said.

"One thousand and eight hundred!"

The third, fourth, and fifth pills were also equivalent to a thousand eight hundred pills. The quality and control of the pills was astonishing.

"The total quality of my Martial Uncle is 9000!" Ning Quan looked at Chen Xiang and mocked: "I would really like to see how good your lousy bean is! It was already good to have a quality! Chen Xiang, now do you know how arrogant you are? "

Huang Tian laughed: "It's fine to lose, after all, to be able to compete with the Alchemist above, losing is not funny."

"The results haven't come out yet!" Chen Xiang was very confident in himself. Holding the Dao mark Dan in his hand, he could clearly feel the strong power contained within it.

He placed the pill on the plate, and its quality soon showed up!

The moment he came out, everyone could not believe it, it was actually 11300, the entire arena was sunk into silence, they could only hear Chen Xiang exhaling deeply.

She had competed with many Alchemist s on the rankings before, but there had never been a single pellet that had exceeded ten thousand in quality. At most, it had only been one pellet with three to four thousand quality, but Chen Xiang had surpa.s.sed ten thousand.

"I won!" Chen Xiang said indifferently: "Don't judge a person by his appearance, this pill is the same. Although it is not easy to look at, but you all have to admit that the quality is very high!"

"How did you refine it?" Xie Qiaoyan asked.

"Secret!" Chen Xiang smiled lightly: "I'll sell a hundred million Jade money to you, do you want them?"

"Yes!" After Xie Qiuhan finished speaking, he threw a hundred million Jade money to Chen Xiang and then picked up Chen Xiang's pellet of Dao mark Dan and ate it.

Chen Xiang looked at Ning Quan, and laughed: "Give me my five billion!"

Ning Quan had yet to react when he looked at Xie Qiaoyan and asked: "Senior Master, is this true? Did he really win? "

Xie Qiaoyan swallowed a piece of Dao mark Dan, his eyebrows knitted together: "It's true, give the Jade money to him!"

"You … "Humph!" Seeing Chen Xiang's pleased expression, Ning Quan was very unhappy in his heart.

"Thank you. The feeling of earning five billion Jade money s in two hours is f * cking great!" Chen Xiang laughed out loud.

"Your pill isn't perfect enough." Xie Qiaoyan suddenly said.

"That's right. This is the first time I've tried such a dangerous refining technique and I've lost control. That's why I've become like this!" Thus, this pellet of pellet is a failed product. Although it is a failed product, it is more than enough to win against you. " Chen Xiang said while grinning, looking extremely arrogant.

"Take this!" Xie Qiao Han threw a golden pill to Chen Xiang.

"What is this? "Is it edible?" Chen Xiang looked and asked.

"You can't eat it. This is Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands's recommended divine pill. I gave you this pill to challenge Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands! With this pill, as long as you go challenge any Pill G.o.d in Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands, they won't be able to reject you! " Xie Qianhan said.

"Why did you give it to me?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Don't you understand? You can challenge me now with the pill here, but you have to follow the rules of the Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands, as long as you defeat me, you can replace me in the rankings of the Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands. " Xie Qianhan said.

"But I'm not ready yet, and right now, I can only refine Wanjie Dan, so it's better if I don't. I'm not interested in that Dan G.o.d List of Eight Wastelands." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he pulled Yang Xiangyin and was about to leave.

"Hold on..." She thought that Chen Xiang would challenge her, and she really wanted to compete with Chen Xiang once again, because she was not willing to lose to Chen Xiang just now.

No one expected Chen Xiang to be so arrogant, his actions did not make sense.

"You can't leave, I want to compete with you again." Xie Qiaoyan said.

"I'm very tired now, so I'm going back to sleep. Next time!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Alright, if you want to challenge me, then come find me in Three Lives City. I'm at the Xie Clan Manor in Three Lives City." Xie Qiaoyan said, "After a period of time, the three great cities built by the three great native bank will all be together. At that time, it will be very easy for you to go to Three Lives City."

"Got it!" Chen Xiang casually replied as she dragged Yang Xiangyin and left in a hurry.

It was not that Chen Xiang did not want to compete with them, but he was truly exhausted. Furthermore, he knew that he was unable to control the Three Crash with his own power, which was why he was able to refine that incomplete Dao mark Dan from before.

If he were to spar with Xie Qiaoyan again, he would definitely lose.

"I have to hide in this period of time. If I win against such a famous woman, there will definitely be a lot of Alchemist coming to challenge me." Chen Xiang returned to the Immortal Restaurant and laid on a couch, looking at the divine recommendation pill that Xie Qiaoyan gave him.

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