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"Luckily I'm at the tenth level of the Dao Yuan realm, so I have a very strong power. I managed to fuse them in one go!" Chen Xiang looked at the dark golden crystal ball. Just as he was about to condense the pill, he used the Dao heart Eye to look at Xie Qiaoyan's pill furnace.

He discovered that there were five b.a.l.l.s of intense light emitting from Xie Qiaoyan's pill furnace, like a scorching sun!

"This woman has great pill refining skills as well. It seems like her quality is much better than mine!" Chen Xiang also used his Dao heart Eye to look at the crystal ball in his pill furnace. The light was actually not as bright as the one in Xie Qiaoyan's furnace.

"There's still a lot of time left. I can still clash once more!" Chen Xiang suddenly felt a huge pressure, the other party's level was truly high, he was curious what method Xie Qiaoyan used, to actually raise it to such a high quality in such a short amount of time, and without any sound at that.

"Could it be her pill furnace?" Or is it because of the cultivation technique she's cultivating? " Chen Xiang could only guess that he had already split the crystal ball into eight groups.

Then, he activated the strongest Daoyuan immortal power and used it, causing the eight lumps of crystals to crash into the pill furnace like eight meteorites!

Rumble rumble rumble!

This time, the commotion was even louder, and the tall building that was the Eternal Life Native Bank was shaken. Everyone was extremely shocked, what exactly happened inside Chen Xiang's pill furnace?

"I wonder if he has a Dan!" Chen Xiang looked at the things that he rammed into. Those were extremely high quality crystals, and were extremely st.u.r.dy.

The last time he had refined a pill with Dan Ge, the quality was extremely high! The last time he refined it, he had also used the crystal to collide with it!

"There's still an hour left. I can still make another collision!" Chen Xiang had already went through two collisions before, and the third one was extremely dangerous. Once he lost control of it, this furnace of his would fail, and he would lose.

Chen Xiang did not use Dao heart Eye to look at Xie Qiaoyan's pill furnace, but instead focused on pill refining. He split the lump of golden crystal that he had just condensed into eight parts, and prepared to make his third attempt!

Xie Qiaoyan frowned as she looked at Chen Xiang. She did not know what Chen Xiang was doing, but such a commotion did not fail her. Of course, she was very confident in herself. She seemed to have a secret technique that allowed her to concoct higher quality pills.

"The third collision, go all out!" Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, and transformed the Daoyuan immortal power into eight parts of Meteor immortal power, pouring them into the eight pieces of crystal, then violently clashing with it.

This time, there was no explosion, which surprised Chen Xiang!

However, the moment they clashed, the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace actually burst out with a wave of Qi, causing everyone around to be blown back!

What was shocking was that Chen Xiang's furnace was trembling slightly, and every time it trembled, it would release a burst of Qi!

"Oh no, I've lost control!" Chen Xiang was shocked, he immediately used all his strength to control it, if not he would fail.

If all went well, the pill furnace would now be very stable and would no longer emit that kind of power.

Xie Qiaoyan opened his eyes once again and looked at Chen Xiang: "What are you doing? Don't you know it's dangerous? "

"Isn't everything alright now?" Chen Xiang replied. At the moment, he was perspiring profusely and his expression was grave.

"Chen Xiang, admit defeat! "You must have failed long ago, stop wasting your time. Even after a few incidents, it doesn't seem like you are forging pills at all." He was also a relatively high level Alchemist, so he naturally understood that in a situation like this happening in the pill furnace, there must have been a huge accident.

"None of your business." Chen Xiang said with a sneer. On the third collision, that kind of unforeseen event was too intense, even the sound was erased by the energy.

If the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace did not have a natural barrier to block off most of the energy waves, most of the people who were watching would have been washed away by the energy and the third floor would also have been destroyed.

At this moment, there was only a fist-sized crystal inside the pill furnace, and there was a large ball of white mist outside.

"Begin Core Formation!" Chen Xiang placed the Six Realms mirrors into the bottom of the furnace. It would not be easy to shrink this kind of crystal into a pill, he had to rely on the Six Realms mirrors.

Time flew by quickly, and just as there were still a few moments left until the end of the two hours, Xie Qiaoyan opened his pill furnace and took out five golden Dao mark Dan s!

Everyone was shocked, especially the Alchemist, they started to discuss whether this was a Dao mark Dan, and how could it be like this.

Ning Quan was very proud, because he knew that this was an extremely high quality Dao mark Dan, if he lightly touched it, this Dao mark Dan would shimmer like the stars.

"Even with such high quality, he was still able to refine five pills. Brother Ning, your Junior Master is so strong, Chen Xiang should have definitely lost." Huang Tian was also shocked. There were very few Dao mark Dan s that could produce pills, but this Xie Qiaoyan could actually refine five of such high quality pills.

Chen Xiang also felt a lot of pressure. For the other party to produce so many pills of this quality, if it was a normal quality, more pills would come out.

"Hurry up, you don't have much time left!" Huang Tian said, he was purposely adding pressure on Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang did not do it, although he looked extremely nervous and perspiring profusely, he was doing it very steadily.

An old man from Eternal Life Native Bank took out a quality testing tool. It was a very small formation plate, with a pit in the middle of the formation plate. Next, there was a crystal square plate beside the plate that displayed numbers.

"How high can the quality test instrument be?" Xie Qiaoyan asked.

"There's no limit. You can measure however high you want." The old man smiled and took out a Dao mark Dan. This was the most common high quality Dao mark Dan.

When this Dao mark Dan was placed in the pit at the center of the formation plate, it showed a hundred and fifty points of quality.

"This kind of quality is considered high quality. Generally speaking, a hundred is already quite good." The old man said.

At this time, Huang Tian took out the Dao mark Dan that he refined and placed it on top. The quality of his Dao mark Dan looked good, but after placing it on top, it was only one hundred and thirty.

"Martial Uncle, test your five pills!" Ning Quan said. He wanted Xie Qiaoyan to test him to ensure that the quality was high, which would also increase the psychological pressure on Chen Xiang.

However, Xie Qiaoyan did not. She was waiting for Chen Xiang, and from the looks of it, her character was pretty good, and she was not willing to take advantage of him.

Everyone also felt that Chen Xiang was strange, after making so much noise over and over again, he still hadn't exploded! They were surprised that Chen Xiang's pill furnace did not get blown to smithereens.

When the two hours were almost up, Chen Xiang had already succeeded in condensing a pill. What troubled him the most was that this pill looked really weak. The first one was not round enough, it was oval in shape, and it was a bit flat. The second was that the surface was b.u.mpy and rough. In the end, the color was not too good. It looked like a rock that was found by the roadside. It was a grayish-yellow color.

"d.a.m.n it, just because it's not good doesn't mean it's low quality. This is the first time I've refined it with three dashes, so the quality is definitely very high." Chen Xiang opened the pill furnace and everyone opened their eyes wide, watching him take out the Dao mark Dan.

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