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's name was known to many, especially after she was bought by four billion Jade money. Her name was even more famous, causing many people to feel pity, because they would no longer be able to listen to her play the zither anymore.

As long as he could help Chen Xiang, Yang Xiangyin would be happy, she would be happy to play the zither here, and that way, more people would be able to hear her zither music.

The moment Yang Xiangyin appeared, the few people at the side who had the same reactions nearly had their eyeb.a.l.l.s pop out from their sockets.

"This... This is actually the living Fragrant Pavilion Master, right in front of our eyes … Could this guy be Chen Xiang? " A middle-aged man said in shock.

"That's right, I'm Chen Xiang. I'm selling the Dao mark Dan right now, do you want to buy some?" Chen Xiang laughed.

Just as Chen Xiang had expected, after Yang Xiangyin appeared, the effect was very good and he very quickly attracted many people. The entire street very quickly found out that Yang Xiangyin was accompanying his master in setting up stalls to sell Dao mark Dan s.

Therefore, the story of the one million and five hundred thousand Dao mark Dan being sold at the stalls was quickly spread out. This made Huang Tian extremely angry, as it was obvious that they were robbing him of his business.

… ….

"Brother Huang, don't worry, he's selling his stuff. We're selling ours, and he's only one person. His Dao mark Dan won't be able to hold for long." Ning Quan sneered: "Let's see how long he can continue to sell for."

"He has a lot of Dao mark Dan. Last time, he sold two hundred in a single day. I wonder how many are currently in his possession." Huang Tian understood this very well.

"Oh, then let's go take a look." Ning Quan knitted his eyebrows, then led his people and Huang Tian forward.

They saw from afar that Chen Xiang and a few others bought Dao mark Dan from Chen Xiang's stall. On his way there, he bought over ten people.

"Oh, it's you guys, do you want to buy a few? My Dao mark Dan's quality is much better than yours … Don't be angry, these words were said by everyone, and they all said that your Dao mark Dan's quality is very bad. " Chen Xiang laughed.

Huang Tian had just opened a shop here and it was heavily advertised. It could be considered quite famous, adding the fact that Ning Quan, this tyc.o.o.n, was often hanging out with his friends inside, many people knew about it.

They knew of the hatred between Chen Xiang and Huang Tian, the reason why Chen Xiang was setting up the stall here was obviously because he was trying to suppress Huang Tian and Ning Quan's shop.

"Chen Xiang, I won't talk about you selling the Dao mark Dan, but it's not appropriate for you to be here." Ning Quan said coldly.

"What's wrong with that? There are a lot of people frequently coming to this street, and the rent here is cheap. It's at the end of the street, and across from it is a large open area. Everyone can listen to Xiang Yin play here." Chen Xiang laughed: "And the best thing is that when you stand in front of my booth, I don't have the authority to make you scram, right?"

Ning Quan's ident.i.ty was n.o.ble, no one had ever dared to speak to him like that, if not for the rules of the Eternal Life City, he would have definitely made his move.

"Kid, show some respect. Talking to our Lord Ning like this is courting death." A man beside Ning Quan said.

"On what basis should I respect him? He is my enemy, but you, as a dog, are not bad. You know to get angry for your master. You are worthy of respect." Chen Xiang snickered.

Every word he said made the other party want to beat him up, but they didn't dare to.

"Hey, if you're not buying, then hurry up and move aside. Don't hinder my business. If that happens, I'll have to file a complaint. When I paid the rent, I asked. If someone came to create trouble, they would do so." Chen Xiang said.

The people around Ning Quan were all very angry, they could not make a move, and could only scold Chen Xiang, but was stopped by Ning Quan.

"Chen Xiang, you are very confident in your pill refining skills, and I heard that you like gambling. Ning Quan said.

Chen Xiang couldn't help but reveal a brilliant smile. If he was betting on something else, he wouldn't be so confident. But if he was betting on pills, he could make the other party lose everything.

"How should we bet?" Chen Xiang asked: "I need to understand more first."

"Let's bet on the Dao mark Dan." Just as Ning Quan finished speaking, Huang Tian who was beside him wanted to speak, but was stopped by Ning Quan.

"The rules for winning and losing." Chen Xiang was not afraid of gambling with the Dao mark Dan.

"This rule is a bit special. However, since you are so confident about yourself, I believe that you will definitely accept it." Ning Quan said.

"Go ahead."

"Both sides will use the worst quality Dao mark Dan's medicine to refine. It will be considered our victory if we can refine the best quality Dao mark Dan within two hours." Ning Quan said: "And this quality, refers to the sum of the quality of all the Dao mark Dan."

"On the third floor of the Eternal Life Native Bank, there is a place that specializes in pill gambling, and there is also a place that tests quality equipment with fairness. Let's go there and gamble, what do you think?" Ning Quan said.

"It won't be too late to discuss what we should bet before we go." Chen Xiang said.

"Five billion Jade money, you should be able to afford it, right?" Ning Quan said.

"Just what I want." Chen Xiang laughed: "Let's go, I will pack up my stall and go to the third floor of Eternal Life Native Bank."

Chen Xiang did not have five billion Jade money on him, but he was not worried.

When they arrived at the third floor of Eternal Life Native Bank, many people rushed over as well. This was a very common compet.i.tion, to refine Dao mark Dan in two hours, there were already many Alchemist on the third floor, and they all felt that it was very challenging.

"If you fail, then it's a loss. The quality is all added together from the Dao mark Dan that you refined, and you have to complete it within two hours. You used the Eternal Life Native Bank's quality testing treasure." Ning Quan explained the rules once again.

"No problem, where's the pill furnace?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I can use my own pill furnace." Ning Quan said: "Wait for an hour, I will send someone to invite Alchemist."

The one competing was not Huang Tian, because Ning Quan knew that Huang Tian still could not defeat Chen Xiang. It could be seen that the Alchemist he had invited was very powerful.

Ning Quan came from the Eastern Wastelands, an area that Yang Xiangyin had said was very strong, much stronger than the Southern Wasteland.

An hour later, Ning Quan was full of things to do as he walked downstairs. Not long later, he saw him talking and laughing as he walked over to a tall, beautiful lady in white.

"Martial Uncle, as long as you win, I will give you three billion Jade money. This is just a small matter to you, it's very worth it." Hearing Ning Quan's words, everyone was shocked, this white robed beauty who looked cold, was actually Ning Quan, the golden great master's uncle master.

At this time, Chen Xiang took note of Huang Tian's expression. He immediately felt that it was funny, that Huang Tian actually had such an evil thought towards Ning Quan's Junior Master.

Ning Quan's beautiful Junior Master was definitely very strong, especially in the area of pill refining. Men all liked to conquer this type of girl, especially this kind of ice beauty.

The stronger the woman was, the better it was for him. Originally, he had his eyes on Yang Xiangyin, but he did not expect that he would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by her.

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