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Chen Xiang made Yang Xiangyin accompany Chu Hongqing inside the ring. Furthermore, he could also hear Yang Xiangyin playing the zither inside the ring, which was extremely enjoyable for him.

Just as he walked two streets, he heard someone talk about a shop that had just opened. The price of selling the Dao mark Dan was extremely cheap, only selling it for one million and seven hundred thousand Jade money.

Chen Xiang immediately guessed that this was most likely opened by the Fire Reverent School.

When he arrived, it was as he expected, because he saw Huang Tian in the shop.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d sells so cheap here and so expensive outside. He seems to be doing pretty well here." Chen Xiang and Huang Tian had a huge grudge, so when he saw that Huang Tian's shop business was so good, he was very unhappy.

He walked in, and the moment Huang Tian saw him, his originally smiling face sank.

"Chen Xiang, what are you doing here?" Huang Tian's voice was ice-cold and filled with anger.

"I just came to take a look. I didn't expect you to open this shop." Chen Xiang said while grinning, he was not afraid of Huang Tian, if Huang Tian were to make a move on him, a purple jade plate master, the consequences would be dire.

"Chen Xiang, be careful. I did not open this shop by myself. I worked with others." Huang Tian said coldly: "Offending him will not make you comfortable even in Eternal Life City."

"Why should I offend him? Furthermore, I am not here to cause trouble. I am only here to take a look. Are you that petty? You won't even let me take a look." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Brother Huang, what's going on? You should be more polite to the guests." A middle-aged man dressed in luxurious golden clothes walked over. In his hand was a golden fan, and on his waist was a gold medal. Beside him were two young men with purple jade medallions.

Although Chen Xiang didn't know him, he knew that this middle-aged man definitely had a lot of power and position.

"It's a golden token, far more n.o.ble than the purple one. It's said that, so far in Eternal Life City, only five people have bought this golden token, it requires a billion Jade money." Yang Xiangyin said: "But I do not know this person."

"Brother Ning, he is Chen Xiang. My att.i.tude towards him is considered very good." Huang Tian said.

"This is Chen Xiang, I have heard about the matter between you and him. As long as he is Brother Huang's enemy, he is also my enemy." Ning Quan coldly looked at Chen Xiang: "This shop was opened by us, we do not welcome you, quickly scram."

Chen Xiang sighed: "Being enemies with me, Chen Xiang, does not mean much, you and I have no grievances, so be my enemy, you will regret it, I want to tell you, since you have chosen to be my enemy, then I will treat you as my enemy, and take care of yourself."

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he walked out of the shop.

Ning Quan laughed sarcastically: "However, to be so arrogant after learning such a powerful pill refining technique, I think that I am afraid of him. I would like to see how he will make me regret it."

Chen Xiang also heard Ning Quan's words, and he only felt it was funny, he did not know how Huang Tian fawned over him, but he knew, Ning Quan would definitely be unlucky if he was treated as his enemy.

"Xiang Yin, what is the background of those guys with the gold medal? Is the power behind them really so terrifying?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Normally, this kind of people would not lack Jade money. Moreover, they all hope to have a higher position. That Ning fellow should be from the Eastwoods clan, a very powerful family." Yang Xiangyin said.

"How does the Ning Family, which is so powerful, compare to the Eternal Life Native Bank?" Chen Xiang asked.

"They definitely wouldn't dare to go against Eternal Life Native Bank, the Eternal Life Native Bank is very strong, the Ning family can't afford to offend them, otherwise they wouldn't have spent one billion to come here, and they knew very well of the Eternal Life Native Bank's strength, that's why they came here." Yang Xiangyin said: "He probably wants to build his own businesses in the Eternal Life City, so he is getting close to the big shots of other families."

"This is how Huang Tian should befriend him."

Chen Xiang laughed: "In that case, the refining of Dao mark Dan must be better than others, that's why Ning Quan chose to work with Huang Tian."

"It should be like that. That shop just now was mainly filled with Dao mark Dan." Yang Xiangyin said.

Chen Xiang walked to the end of the street and realised that there was an empty s.p.a.ce, there were a few people setting up stalls and selling all sorts of things.

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up. He then asked the stall owners and found out that as long as he could find the person in charge of this area and pay a certain amount of Jade money, he would be able to set up a stall here.

Chen Xiang arrived at a small building and found the person in charge of these streets. He rented a stall with one hundred thousand Jade money per month, which wasn't too expensive for Chen Xiang, so he rented it for three months.

Right now, he had yet to set up his stall. Instead, he went back to the Immortal Restaurant and refined the Dao mark Dan in the secret room.

He had refined all of the remaining Dao mark Dan s' medicinal ingredients. Last time, he exchanged for 200 from the Elder Tree and Chu Hongqing had refined some of them.

Currently, he could refine six batches a day, which meant that he could finish the rest within twenty days. He had a total of seven hundred Dao mark Dan pills.

He calculated the time and found that he had been inside for almost a month. Afterwards, he left the Eternal Life City and headed towards the Demon Forest to exchange for a hundred batches of Dao mark Dan's medicinal herbs.

"I need to speed up." Chen Xiang also felt that he could use his eyes to refine pills now, he was already at the tenth level of Dao Yuan realm and the flames he released using Daoyuan immortal power was also very strong.

He took a deep breath and used the light from his eyes to refine the pill. He did not complete the pill in an instant, but rather took a moment to do so.

Even so, it was still extremely fast. Yang Xiangyin was once again shocked by Chen Xiang's method of refinement.

This was a consummate skill that could only be used by Chen Xiang. It required an extremely large number of times to refine a type of pill.

Thirty batches a day, and in more than three days, he had refined a hundred batches of Dao mark Dan's medicinal ingredients into four hundred pellets.

"There are a total of 1100 Dao mark Dan. He should be able to compete with Huang Tian and the others." Chen Xiang came to the corner of the street and started to set up a stall. There was a large sign saying, "High-quality Dao mark Dan, only need a million and five hundred thousand."

Chen Xiang had previously asked around, but Huang Tian's shop only sold fifty Dao mark Dan everyday, and the quality was not very high either. Although it sold for one million and eight hundred thousand Jade money, many people felt that it was not worth it, but there were not many Dao mark Dan here, so they could sell all of them every day.

Those who bought Dao mark Dan s here were all bought for the younger generation and were relatively easy to sell. However, Chen Xiang's small stall did not attract anyone's attention, and many people did not even bother to look at it, because this type of stall was very hard to find.

Chen Xiang quickly thought of a way, which was to let Yang Xiangyin play the zither.

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