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Chen Xiang was concocting pills in the secret room, while Huang Tian was thinking of how to take revenge on Chen Xiang. He was enraged by Chen Xiang several times, and had no place to vent his anger on.

Last time Chen Xiang was heavily injured by Huang Tian, he still did not have enough strength to fight Huang Tian. However, he had calculated that he would not let Huang Tian and his son off just like that.

The Eternal Life City had only just started opening to the Southern Wasteland, and only invited a small number of Southern Wasteland Rankers. On the other hand, the Eternal Life City was open to the other regions earlier, and those regions had a lot more experts than the Southern Wasteland, and they were very strong. Huang Tian and the others only knew about them after entering the Eternal Life City.

Chen Xiang had already known from Yang Xiangyin that entering the Eternal Life City was beneficial to him. On one hand, it could make him safer, so Huang Tian didn't dare to make a move against him.

In Eternal Life City, if he was relatively rich, even if his cultivation was not very high, he would still be able to obtain the respect of many people, because Eternal Life City had very strict rules, and experts with high cultivations did not dare to casually attack him.

Inside the ring, Chu Hongqing was also refining a Qingyuan Dan. She wasn't very familiar with the Heavenly Alchemy like Chen Xiang, so she had to follow the pill formulas to refine the Qingyuan Dan.

Yang Xiangyin was not idle right now, he was growing Spirit seed s, everything he did in the past was done by Chu Hongqing.

"Could it be that I won't succeed if I don't bleed?" Chen Xiang had already refined two of the Qingyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients, but he was still unable to combine them. The recipe had a solution to this problem, which was to use his own blood to fuse the medicinal ingredients.

Chen Xiang did not want to do that, because his goal was to quickly and quickly refine a large amount of such a pill.

The Chuangshi G.o.d furnace suddenly trembled, Chen Xiang sighed, because he had failed, he forcefully gathered the two medicinal liquids together, and unexpectedly produced a strong explosive power, exploding the furnace.

"I'll give it a try using the fire and water refinement technique." Chen Xiang couldn't find any suitable methods from the Heavenly Alchemy, so he could only try using other methods.

After he used the Fire and Water Refinement, he was pleasantly surprised to be able to successfully combine these two medicinal herbs.

This kind of unexpected event made him extremely happy. He inwardly praised the strength of the Heavenly Alchemy, as expected, there was a method to deal with this kind of situation.

Not long after, he used the Water and Fire Refining Technique to completely fuse the two medicinal essences. What he did not expect was that the medicinal liquid was actually very large.

"How can there be such a big ball, this can condense seven or eight pills." Chen Xiang took a deep breath, then divided the medicinal liquid into eight clumps, and started to condense the pellet.

The process of condensing the pellet was relatively long, so the eight lumps of medicinal liquid were difficult to compress. This was, after all, a middle tier king level medicinal ingredient, so it took Chen Xiang a full six hours.

"Hongqing, I succeeded." Chen Xiang said while grinning towards Chu Hongqing. Chu Hongqing had already failed once, but she did not continue with the refinement, she was afraid that she would fail again, and would waste her medicinal ingredients.

"Really? How many pills have you refined?" Chu Hongqing asked, and then, he walked out of the Netherworld Udumbara Ring with Yang Xiangyin.

"Eight pills." Chen Xiang laughed: "Using fire and water to refine it is very easy, go and try it yourself."

Chu Hongqing was not too surprised, because she had already gotten used to it. On the other hand, Yang Xiangyin, who knew a little about this pill, was dumbstruck.

Just one furnace could produce eight pills, and the quality was all very good. Each pill cost five million Jade money, and this furnace could be sold for forty million.

Yang Xiangyin knew that Chen Xiang had the Alive Slain Method, which could duplicate a large amount of medicinal herbs, and Chen Xiang's pill refining skills were superb, which was equivalent to having an endless amount of wealth. Just thinking about it made her afraid, she suddenly felt that Huang Xiaotian and his father had been too stupid to be enemies with Chen Xiang.

"Hongqing, try it yourself. I'll take one and see." Chen Xiang was currently at the second level of Dao Yuan realm. Only by stepping into it could he be considered to have strength, but he was still far inferior to Huang Tian.

"Alright." Chu Hongqing also knew how to refine water and fire, and she and Yang Xiangyin entered into the ring again.

Yang Xiangyin worked even harder growing the Spirit seed, because she knew that this was something that could help her copy the herbs. Chen Xiang would soon be selling the Qingyuan Dan in bulk, and at that time, he would be able to earn back the money to buy the Qingyuan Dan.

After Chen Xiang ate a Qingyuan Dan, he quickly refined the medicinal power. A ball of mist appeared above his Divine Sense Sea, which quickly condensed into a small white sun.

"Eating another pill will succeed, this Qingyuan Dan is truly extraordinary." Chen Xiang swallowed another pellet, and quickly cultivated the third pellet.

Feeling the Qingyuan Dan's benefits, Chen Xiang continued to eat. The difference between Qingyuan Dan and Qiyuan Dan could be eaten continuously, and with enough Qingyuan Dan to support him, he could quickly condense Dao Yuan.

He quickly condensed his fourth set of Dao Yuan, but he had used four Qingyuan Dan. One day, when he had been cultivating, Chu Hongqing had also successfully refined a furnace of water and fire.

"I only have six pills." Although Chu Hongqing said this, she was still very happy in her heart. It was the first time that she had concocted so many pills in one go, and she felt a sense of accomplishment.

Yang Xiangyin was extremely envious of Chu Hongqing. He knew how to refine pills, and after receiving the pill refinement skills that Chen Xiang had pa.s.sed on to him, he had become extremely proficient in it.

"I'm already at the fourth stage of the Dao Yuan realm. It seems that I'll need to eat quite a bit to reach the great perfection stage." Chen Xiang ate another two pills, and based on the condensed Dao Yuan Qi tornado, he still had to take another four pills before he could condense the fifth pillar.

"I can only condense the fifth element after consuming six pills this time. When condensing the sixth element, I should be able to condense eight pills, then ten, twelve … Didn't the description say that within the tenth layer of the Dao Yuan realm, at most ten of them would be able to condense one Dao Yuan? " Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"That might be because you're different." Chu Hongqing laughed.

"It's very possible that when I first ate it, I quickly condensed Dao Yuan." Yang Xiangyin said.

Chen Xiang took Chu Hongqing's six pellets and stuffed them into his mouth in one go. Both Yang Xiangyin and Chu Hongqing felt that it was somewhat funny, Chen Xiang actually ate such a precious Qingyuan Dan so casually, it was all in one go, the six pellets he had were equivalent to thirty million Jade money.

Chen Xiang had continuously made breakthroughs and his cultivation speed was extremely fast. In just a short ten days, he had already condensed ten Dao Origin Stage cultivators.

"Rest first, then we'll begin attacking the Dao Dan realm." Chen Xiang did not stay idle while he was refining the pellets. He condensed the purple pearls for use in copying the Qingyuan Dan's medicinal herbs in the future.

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