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Chen Xiang gave Sun Jun some Jade money and beat him away. Sun Jun was a young man, to be able to get so many Jade money, he was very happy.

Chu Hongqing returned to the Dark Dragon Ring, and started refining Dao mark Dan s inside it. She had become addicted to it now, but Chen Xiang and Yang Xiangyin continued on their way to the Eternal Life Native Bank.

When Chen Xiang and Yang Xiangyin came to the third floor, they saw quite a few people there, and those who had the money to enter the Eternal Life City must be mostly from Alchemist. When the Eternal Life Native Bank was trying to spread the news to the Alchemist, he said that there were a lot of rare herbs and pill formulas for sale, which was why he had attracted them here.

In the middle of the third floor was a large transparent crystal cabinet. In the middle of the cabinet, there was a crystal clear purple pill with the words "Heavenly Purple Pill" written on it.

"This is the most precious thing on the third floor, it's a Natural Law Dan." Yang Xiangyin said to Chen Xiang: "I only know that this pill is a Natural Law Dan, I'm not sure about its use."

Chen Xiang looked at the price listed, and saw that it was actually ten billion.

Chen Xiang understood that in these eight wastelands, the medicinal ranks of the pellets were now Tianjie Dan s, Wanjie Dan s, and finally Natural Law Dan s.

Chen Xiang could only keep low levelled king Stage pills for now, he came here to see if there were any low levelled king Stage pills here.

"There is a middle tier king grade pill formula there." Yang Xiangyin pointed to a painting hanging on the wall. On it, the uses and price of this pill was written.

"Mid tier Mid tier Mighty Yuan Royal Pellet is mainly used for Dao Yuan realm s, Dao Dan realm s and Dao Po realm s. It is the most effective for Dao Yuan realm s and can break through one stage in at most ten pellets and surpa.s.s the tenth stage of Dao Yuan realm."

Chen Xiang read the description on it, then asked Yang Xiangyin: "Xiang Yin, have you ever heard of this kind of pill, how many Jade money s can it sell here?"

After I reached the sixth stage of the Dao Yuan realm, I started to make breakthroughs after consuming these pills. I also ate them when I was in the Dao Dan realm, but there are very few people who sell them now, and I don't know why, but I heard that it's because the herbs are too rare. Yang Xiangyin said: "It's very difficult to buy this pill right now."

Five million Jade money per pellet was twice as expensive as the Dao mark Dan. Although Chen Xiang could now make a breakthrough by eating Qiyuan Dan, the Qiyuan Dan could only be eaten once every two months. Furthermore, after arriving at the Dao Dan realm, even if it was a low level king level pellet, the effects would be greatly reduced.

"I wonder how many pills are out there. It says that ordinary Alchemist can produce two pills and the more powerful one can produce three. If I were to refine them, four or five should not be a problem." Chen Xiang thought, he was estimating whether this pill formula was worth it or not.

"There's 1.5 billion in total, I'll be poor if I buy it."

Chen Xiang considered for a moment, then said to Yang Xiangyin: "Buy it."

Yang Xiangyin nodded, and then led Chen Xiang to a person in charge. After they were done, Chen Xiang used the 1.5 billion Jade money to buy it.

The recipe also provided a set of medicinal herbs. The Qingyuan Dan only required two ingredients, a blue flower and a very big blue fruit.

"Master, you really have a lot of Jade money." Yang Xiangyin had thought that after Chen Xiang bought her, he had almost used her up.

"Not now." Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed.

Yang Xiangyin felt a little guilty, she could not refine pills like Chu Hongqing, and could not give him money to earn. She muttered to herself: "I am truly sorry, I only know how to play the zither.

"You play the zither is very nice. There are women who can concoct pills and there are those who can forge artifacts, but they can't play the zither very well." Chen Xiang caressed her face and laughed: "In short, I bought you. I think it's worth it, don't feel inferior."

"Yes." Yang Xiangyin nodded and smiled sweetly at Chen Xiang. She felt that Chen Xiang was really too good to her.

After Chen Xiang returned to the Immortal Deity Restaurant, he ordered a lot of food and drinks. Only after he ate a huge meal did he go and look at the Qingyuan Dan's pill formulas.

"No wonder this kind of Qingyuan Dan is sold by less and less people. Not only are Qingyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients rare, they also require a large amount of blood to refine the Qingyuan Dan." Chen Xiang frowned.

"Why are there so few medicinal ingredients?" Chu Hongqing asked, she had not heard of this pill before.

"Because the conditions for growth are very harsh, it needs to be in a place where the extreme cold and heat are similar. It will also take a very long time for it to mature. This is what is described above." Chen Xiang said: "The medicine that I sent over is also not very good."

"Then what do we do now?" Chu Hongqing knew that he was desperate to break through. Although Chen Xiang had beaten Huang Xiaotian in pill refining, he was still weaker in terms of strength.

Right now, there were no Qingyuan Dan on the market to buy it, otherwise he would have directly bought one for himself.

"I can only allow you to use the Violet Bead." Chen Xiang said: "Xiang Yin, go inside the ring, let Hongqing teach you how to help me."

"Alright." Yang Xiangyin placed Yang Xiangyin inside the Yin Yao Ring. She could cultivate the Spirit seed inside there.

After an hour, Chu Hongqing said: "The purple pearls that have been submerged in the Six Realms G.o.d Cup for a day only need twenty of them to replicate. Strange, this is actually faster than the Dao mark Dan's medicine ingredients by a lot."

"Alright, I'll condense more purple pearls now." Chen Xiang could condense five purple pearls in two hours, and that meant he had sixty purple pearls per day.

Chen Xiang had continuously condensed purple pearls for ten days, a total of six hundred, adding the original one thousand.

If he were to copy the medicinal ingredients, he would be able to produce 50 batches of them.

Yang Xiangyin was also shocked, she finally understood why Chen Xiang was so rich, it was because he possessed such a bizarre divine art.

"I'll start concocting now. I hope there'll be more pills." Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and placed the two herbs inside.

Once refined, it would mutually reject, and that was the biggest difficulty in refining it. In order to prevent the two extreme powers from mutually rejecting each other, the Alchemist who created this kind of pill could inadvertently use blood to cure it.

It just takes a lot of blood.

Although the use of Qingyuan Dan was large, it was very difficult to increase the price. Usually, for cultivators under the Dao Po realm, five hundred Jade money was the limit, no one would buy them no matter how high they were.

Refining Qingyuan Dan s were very common, not to mention the few medicinal herbs, they also had to put their own blood in it. As a result, over time, many Alchemist who knew how to refine would stop refining this kind of pill.

Chen Xiang didn't know before that he had to bleed, or else he definitely wouldn't choose. Because buying the pill formulas with one and a half billion would be considered quite a loss.

"If I can use the Heavenly Alchemy to solve the difficult problem of bleeding, then that would be great for me." As Chen Xiang refined those medicinal herbs, he searched for a solution within the Heavenly Alchemy.

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