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Not only did Chen Xiang have such a question, the dozen or so men also wanted to ask. Huang Tian felt a headache, and now, not only Chen Xiang wanted to buy Yang Xiangyin, but the dozen or so rich young masters also wanted to buy him.

In the Eternal Life Native Bank, many people are extremely poor, especially some old people. They are in urgent need of money right now, but they cannot take it from the Eternal Life Native Bank, so they can only sell the slaves that they cultivated back then. " The old man said helplessly: "The matters of our Eternal Life Native Bank are rather complicated, it would be hard to explain it to you in a few words."

"What do we do now? We need to buy Yang Xiangyin." A blue-clothed man asked.

"Of course it's an auction. The highest bidder gets it." The old man smiled. Two billion is a low price. You can make your own bids and do it here.

"2.1 billion." a man shouted.




When it reached 3.5 billion RMB, Huang Tian finally stopped shouting. From the beginning to the end, Huang Tian never did.

"Is there anyone else?" the old man asked.

Yang Xiangyin's head was slightly bent, she was still holding onto Chen Xiang's hand tightly. It was obvious that she only wanted to follow Chen Xiang, she seemed to think that Chen Xiang would not buy him, because the current price was too high, and had already surpa.s.sed her own value. She was well aware of how much she was worth.

"3.6 billion." Huang Tian shouted.

Chen Xiang could feel Yang Xiangyin's delicate body slightly tremble just now because she was afraid. Her intuition told her that if she was bought by Huang Tian, it would be very miserable.

"Anything else?" the old man shouted again.

Huang Tian sneered at Chen Xiang, as though he was ridiculing Chen Xiang for not being able to afford it, and the dozen or so men had already given up, there were already a lot of women by their side, they only wanted to buy a Dao Po realm of a female servant for fun, but they had already crossed the line.

"3.7 billion." Chen Xiang shouted indifferently.

"You … Chen Xiang, you don't have that many Jade money s, so don't blindly meddle. " Huang Tian said angrily.

"If I meddle blindly, Eternal Life Native Bank will not let me go. You don't have to worry about that." Chen Xiang smiled faintly.

Yang Xiangyin never thought that Chen Xiang would actually have this much money, as this was comparable to a lot of large sects and families.

"3.8 billion." Huang Tian shouted again.

"4 billion." Chen Xiang added two hundred million in one breath, causing the dozen or so young masters to be shocked. For a woman with Dao Po realm, he actually offered that much.

Huang Tian's facial muscles twitched, wanting nothing more than to kill Chen Xiang, but he did not dare make a move. Huang Tian could not increase his strength any further, as this was already his limit.

"Is there no one else?" He was already very satisfied with the price.

A moment later, the old man clapped his hands and laughed: "Chen Xiang right, 4 billion."

Chen Xiang took out the four billion Jade money s worth of credentials, which were all jade pieces and only forty of them.

"It's a very ancient item, but it can still be redeemed. This is Yang Xiangyin's Blood Pact Pearl, she will be yours from now on." The old man gave a bead to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang dripped a drop of blood on it, and immediately felt the connection between him and Yang Xiangyin.

The yellow weather trembled, after snorting for a bit, he left the Eternal Life Native Bank with incomparable fury.

Seeing Huang Tian's expression, Chen Xiang was overjoyed in his heart, and then, he returned to the Immortal Mausoleum with Yang Xiangyin.

Chen Xiang sat on the chair and was using her tender jade hands to squeeze his back, making him feel very comfortable. At this moment, Yang Xiangyin was also smiling very sweetly.

"Master, did you not plan to buy me from the beginning? You didn't even raise the price." Yang Xiangyin laughed.

"Of course not, I've definitely bought you from the beginning. Do you know why Huang Tian cares about you so much?" Chen Xiang drank his tea and said.

"Isn't it all for his son Huang Xiaotian?" Yang Xiangyin thought so.

"Of course not, he wants to break through a bottleneck. This guy wants to use you as a cultivation cauldron so that he can be troubled by the bottleneck that has been with him for many years. However, I will not let him succeed." Chen Xiang laughed: "It should be difficult for him to break through now."

"This... Is this true? " Yang Xiangyin could not help but be shocked, cold sweat trickling down her back. If she really fell into Huang Tian's hands, she would definitely suffer a fate worse than death.

Chen Xiang released Chu Hongqing from the ring and laughed: "She is called Chu Hongqing, and was once the G.o.ddess of Supreme Flame, almost becoming Huang Tian's cauldron. However, she is now my female slave, and from now on, you two are good sisters."

Chu Hongqing pulled Yang Xiangyin and sat at the side. Suddenly, the two girls chattered about many things, while Chen Xiang leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to rest.

He spent four billion in an instant. This was the compensation Long Shuangru gave him back then.

He still had a little more than a billion like this, but half of it was earned from selling pills. The other half was the one billion he had won from gambling in the Eternal Life Native Bank, but he had given the Eternal Life Native Bank 500 million to buy the opportunity to enter the Eternal Life City.

Yang Xiangyin very quickly found out many things about Huang Tian, as well as about Chen Xiang's situation outside. Of course, there were many things that Chu Hongqing did not tell Yang Xiangyin, such as the matters of the Hundreds of Flowers Village, but only mentioned the things regarding Chen Xiang in the Fire Tao Divine Place.

Yang Xiangyin was also very happy at this moment.

"Master, what are you thinking about?" Chu Hongqing came to Chen Xiang's back and patted Chen Xiang's face and giggled.

"I'm thinking about how I can earn a lot of Jade money here." Chen Xiang opened his eyes, and then placed his hands on Chu Hongqing's cheeks and rubbed them.

"Elder sister Xiang Yin, do you know of any way to make him earn money? He is a very powerful Alchemist." Chu Hongqing said.

Yang Xiangyin thought for a moment, then said: "Pill refining can definitely earn money, but the condition is that it has to be sold at a lot of money. Dao mark Dan s here cost 200 Jade money s per pellet, which means that there are a lot of people buying it.

"The Dao mark Dan is not bad, Hongqing and I can refine them, and Hongqing can also refine four of them in one go now. Sometimes he can refine three of them, but it will be slower." Chen Xiang said.

"Hongqing, so you're actually this powerful." Yang Xiangyin was very surprised, she did not know that Chu Hongqing had this ability, a female Alchemist who could refine Dao mark Dan, this ident.i.ty was even more n.o.ble than her, a Dao Po realm.

"It was all taught to me by him. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to improve so quickly. Even though I was refining pills in the past, I'm not as strong as I am now." Chu Hongqing laughed.

"Right, the Eternal Life Native Bank should also sell medicinal ingredients or pill formulas." Chen Xiang asked.

"There are some that can go take a look. There are some Alchemist that are in a hurry to spend their money and would sell their pill formulas." Yang Xiangyin nodded.

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