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Chen Xiang now knew exactly how terrifying this Eternal Life Native Bank was, he only hoped that the Eternal Life Native Bank would not provoke him, and as long as he did not make enemies with the Eternal Life Native Bank, he would be safe in this Eternal Life City. Huang Xiaotian was so much stronger than him, yet, he did not dare make a move against him just now.

To many people, it was extremely difficult to earn Jade money s in the Eternal Life City, even though the people here were all very rich.

"Xiang Yin, do you have something to say? Just say it directly." Chen Xiang could tell that Yang Xiangyin had something to tell him.

"Young Master Shen, Xiang Yin was raised by the Eternal Life Native Bank and is also a female servant of the Eternal Life Native Bank. She has made a blood contract with the Eternal Life Native Bank and cannot go against it. This person is indeed Huang Xiaotian's father. I don't really want to be with them. " Yang Xiangyin's face was filled with melancholy as he lightly bit his lower lip.

"Huang Xiaotian's father wants to buy you, but Huang Xiaotian seems to be interested in you, that doesn't make much sense." Chen Xiang frowned.

"Huang Xiaotian probably made his father buy me … Huang Xiaotian has been bothering me for a long time, so I want to ask for Young Master Shen's help. " Yang Xiangyin looked at Chen Xiang pitifully.

Chen Xiang suddenly understood what was going on. Huang Tian had already thrown Chu Hongqing away, and Chu Hongqing was Huang Tian's furnace. If he could not find Chu Hongqing, then he would find Yang Xiangyin to replace him.

Chen Xiang immediately rejoiced in his heart. Huang Tian thought to himself that using Yang Xiangyin as his cultivation furnace must be his best choice. After all, a woman like Yang Xiangyin was rarely seen.

It was the Dao Po realm, but she was a female servant. She did not have much of a position, and if Huang Tian offered a high price, she could buy Yang Xiangyin, and at that time, he would be able to do whatever he wanted.

And it would not be easy for Huang Tian to find a girl like Yang Xiangyin. Girls with her cultivation level and status, most of them had high statuses, so how could they become his furnaces?

"How much is he planning to pay the Jade money for you?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Two billion Jade money." Yang Xiangyin sighed.

Chen Xiang sucked in a small breath before laughing, "You're really not cheap at all."

Yang Xiangyin laughed at himself, his smile was filled with misery. He had this kind of strength, but it was like a commodity that he could buy and sell, and after being bought, he would be ravaged by others at will.

"Young Master Shen, I'm willing to pay that price." Yang Xiangyin really didn't want to be with Huang Xiaotian. "If you buy me, I'll be your female servant. You can do anything to me. " As he finished speaking, Yang Xiangyin's face flushed red and a trace of helplessness flashed past his eyes.

"Alright, how should I buy you?" Chen Xiang now had over five billion Jade money s, he felt that it was worth it to buy a beauty from the Dao Po realm as his female servant.

Huang Tian had a long conversation with Eternal Life Native Bank last time, trying to make the Eternal Life Native Bank cheaper. But the Eternal Life Native Bank did not agree, so this time Huang Tian probably went back to raise some money. "" Really? Yang Xiangyin said.

"Alright, we'll leave now." Chen Xiang nodded his head, the biggest reason he bought Yang Xiangyin was to not let Huang Tian succeed, Huang Tian had been stuck in the Dao Po realm for a long time, he accidentally acquired the secret technique, and needed to dual cultivate with a strong woman to absorb her cultivation to break through.

Therefore, Chen Xiang could not give Huang Tian any chance, otherwise, Huang Tian would become even stronger, making him even more difficult to deal with.

Furthermore, Yang Xiangyin was also a very beautiful woman. Even though Chen Xiang did not want to take her, he wanted her to be his companion in the ring.

Chen Xiang and Yang Xiangyin arrived at the Eternal Life Native Bank. This Eternal Life Native Bank was the only one, and it was extremely huge. At this moment, there were many people inside, and no one knew what they were doing.

Although Yang Xiangyin's face was covered by a veil, quite a few people recognized her. Her beautiful eyes left a deep impression on many men.

Of course, there were also many people who recognized Chen Xiang. Back then, when he was sparring with Huang Xiaotian in the Eternal Fragrance Pavilion, many people witnessed the entire process and had a deep impression of him.

Now that Chen Xiang had brought Yang Xiangyin to the Eternal Life Native Bank, everyone knew what they were here for. They could only secretly feel jealous in their hearts, as they could not take out two billion Jade money to buy Yang Xiangyin.

The moment Chen Xiang came to the Eternal Life Native Bank, Huang Tian actually came as well. He found out that Chen Xiang had appeared in the Eternal Life City, and Huang Xiaotian even told him that Yang Xiangyin had treated Chen Xiang way too much, so he came immediately.

Seeing Chen Xiang and Yang Xiangyin here, Huang Tian proved that he was thinking about buying Yang Xiangyin as well.

Chen Xiang had severed both of his son's arms, severely humiliated him. He had kidnapped Chu Hongqing earlier, and now that he wanted to take Yang Xiangyin away, his anger was ignited the moment he saw Chen Xiang. However, he did not dare make a move, as this was the Eternal Life Native Bank, any expert would be able to beat him up so easily.

"Leader Supreme Flame, long time no see. Thank you for being lenient last time and not killing me. Otherwise, I would never be able to see you again." Chen Xiang held onto Yang Xiangyin's jade hand, looked at Huang Tian and giggled: "Originally, I wanted to be lenient towards your son as well, but I knew that he was someone who was willing to admit his defeat, so I could only give him two tight slaps, then break both his arms."

"In retrospect, I feel very guilty." Chen Xiang laughed.

How could he feel any guilt now? He was obviously angering Huang Tian.

Yang Xiangyin was a little worried, and then pulled Chen Xiang to the second floor. The yellow weather was so cold that his entire body was trembling, but he didn't say a word and followed them to the second floor.

When he arrived at the second floor, Chen Xiang saw more than ten handsome men wearing gorgeous clothes. They were looking at the portrait on the wall.

There were many portraits of beautiful women, burly men, young and handsome men, and old men with white hair … In addition, there were also some beasts.

When Chen Xiang looked carefully, he immediately understood that the things on the portraits could be sold. The people on the portraits were all slaves of the Eternal Life Native Bank, so he could see the picture of Yang Xiangyin from the portraits.

"Yang Xiangyin, you came quickly." A blue-clothed man said with a smile. On his waist, there was actually a purple jade plate, it was the same old man as Chen Xiang.

At this moment, Yang Xiangyin was holding hands with Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang could feel that she was extremely nervous, and she was squeezing him tightly. He immediately understood, these dozen odd men with purple jade plates around their waists, were also going to buy this from Yang Xiangyin.

A tall and skinny old man walked out, and said while grinning: "It looks like you all want to buy Yang Xiangyin, Yang Xiangyin is an outstanding girl that our Eternal Life Native Bank has nurtured for many years, I won't say how good she is."

"Old sir, your Eternal Life Native Bank is already so rich, why did you still sell such an outstanding female servant?" Chen Xiang asked.

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