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Huang Xiaotian felt that it was extremely quick for him to refine a batch of Dao mark Dan. Although it was only one pellet and the quality wasn't the best, it was still enough to defeat Chen Xiang.

If his father wanted to seriously refine a batch of Dao mark Dan, it would take at least a day. His father and the elders from Supreme Fire Sect had once praised him for mastering that trick so well. His refining speed was much faster than many other elders.

In the blink of an eye, another two hours pa.s.sed. Although everyone had been sitting here for a long time, they had something to eat and had the patience to continue watching.

When Chen Xiang used the Inscription Method, not only was his speed fast, the pill production and quality were also guaranteed. Right now, he was using the Inscription Method to refine the pill.

It had been eight hours, and the corners of Huang Xiaotian's mouth curled up slightly, filled with pride, because he had already started to condense his pellets. In another two hours, he would be able to refine a batch of Dao mark Dan, he felt that Chen Xiang would definitely not be faster than him.

"I'm done refining!" Chen Xiang suddenly said.

Huang Xiaotian was stunned, quickly replying, "Impossible!"

"Why is it impossible? "You've already inspected my pill furnace, and when we made the blood contract, you said that cheating is not allowed. Once you do that, there will be a backlash. Do you see what I have to do now?" Chen Xiang laughed: "You've already lost!"

Chen Xiang opened the pill furnace and took out four Dao mark Dan s. The quality was extremely good and released a faint glow, like two precious beads, it made everyone exclaim in surprise. Now they understood why this master was so arrogant, he actually had such a profound art!

Dao mark Dan s were relatively hard to refine, and this was something that everyone knew. Alchemists could usually only refine two pellets, and it required a lot of time.

Chen Xiang could produce one furnace of pills in eight hours, and it would be four pills at that, which was more than ten million jade coins!

"You … "You …" Huang Xiaotian trembled, and with a 'peng' sound, his pill furnace exploded.

If Huang Xiaotian lost to Chen Xiang, he would be slapped twice by Chen Xiang and both of his arms would be broken. This was not only a simple loss, he would also be injured.

"I admit defeat!" Chen Xiang laughed and walked over: "Stand firm!"

Chen Xiang rubbed his palms together, looking at the green faced Huang Xiaotian, Huang Xiaotian's entire body shivered. It was unknown if he was feeling fear or anger.

Chen Xiang fiercely slapped Huang Xiaotian's face and he immediately flew out. Chen Xiang anxiously moved him back.

This was because the blood contract had already said that Huang Xiaotian could not use the Daoyuan immortal power to protect himself, but when Chen Xiang used the Daoyuan immortal power on him, it showed just how painful Huang Xiaotian was.

Huang Xiaotian's face was already distorted, turning purple in color.

"I've already said it before, I definitely won't let you two off!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he waved his hand and slapped Huang Xiaotian's face. Huang Xiaotian was sent flying and when he fell on the ground, he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Chen Xiang would not be soft-hearted, he was almost tortured to death by the father and son pair last time!

"Chen Xiang, you … Our Supreme Fire Sect will not let this go. " Huang Xiaotian retorted in anger. He had changed beyond recognition.

"Humph, it was your Fire Worm Clan that had provoked me. My revenge against the Fire Worm Clan has only just begun." Chen Xiang swung his sword, cutting off one of Huang Xiaotian's arms.

"Go back and tell your dad that I'll find him sooner or later. It's best if he finds a way to break through his current bottleneck, or else he'll die." Chen Xiang swung his sword again, slicing off Huang Xiaotian's other arm.

After that, he angrily glared at Chen Xiang, and left the Eternal Fragrance Pavilion. He wanted to tear Chen Xiang into pieces, he himself also had the strength to do so, but he could not do anything to the Eternal Life City, and furthermore, he had a blood contract with Chen Xiang.

When Chen Xiang first came in, everyone thought that he was a playboy, but now, they no longer thought so. They all knew that Chen Xiang's cultivation was not very high, only at the second level of Dao Yuan realm, but it was extremely terrifying, especially when he was taking revenge on Huang Xiaotian.

"Sun Jun, take me to rest." Chen Xiang said.

"Grandpa Shen, follow me." Sun Jun became even more respectful towards Chen Xiang. This was a pill refiner who could quickly refine Dao mark Dan.

Dao mark Dan could become so familiar with the process of refining, so it would be the same for the other pills. In the future, they would definitely have a very high status and could not be offended.

She had been in the Eternal Fragrance Pavilion for many days now, and had met many people. She was also looking for opportunities to curry favor with a powerful person, but none of them were as satisfactory as her. However, Chen Xiang's appearance today made her feel that this was a chance.

"Pavilion Master, where are you going?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You are our esteemed guest. You have just arrived at the Immortal Building, so you are able to get Xiang Yin to play music for you alone." She was not a very charming woman, so she could only try her best to attract Chen Xiang's attention with her strong points.

She could also tell that Chen Xiang wasn't infatuated with her and that this kind of man was also the hardest to deal with.

"That's good too!" Chen Xiang laughed, then followed Sun Jun to a small hut. There was a teleportation circle here that could be teleported to the floors above.

Chen Xiang was teleported to the two hundred floor. Sun Jun said, "Half of the floor here is for you, Master Shen. This is my communication talisman. You can find me anytime you want."

Chen Xiang was very satisfied, there was a luxurious hall here, and also a very large bathing pool. There were many rooms, it was a very luxurious place to stay.

When he arrived at a balcony, he could see a lot of scenery of the Eternal Life City.

Sun Jun chose a very small room for himself. He was already satisfied with just being able to live here.

Yang Xiangyin also sat in the hall, playing a beautiful zither. Chen Xiang leaned back in his chair and enjoyed it.

"Young Master Shen, you are still young, your cultivation is shallow, but your pill refining skills are amazing, in the future, you will definitely make a huge contribution." After finishing playing, Yang Xiangyin sat down on a chair beside Chen Xiang and said.

"Xiang Yin, you are from the Dao Po realm, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Hmm, Dao Po realm isn't very strong here, but it's not weak either. However, I've been raised by the Immortal Bank since I was young, don't look at me like this, I'm actually a servant girl of the Immortal Bank." Yang Xiangyin said.

"Oh? I didn't expect it. I even thought that the Eternal Life Bank was a power and that you were a disciple of the Eternal Life Bank. " Chen Xiang said, "Now it seems that the Immortal Bank is different from what I imagined."

"This Eternal Life City has only recently been opened to your region. Your region is the Southern Wasteland, and they are also the weakest." Seeing that Chen Xiang did not know about these things, Yang Xiangyin quickly told him.

"So it's like that! Doesn't this mean that the Eight Desolations are very big? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, the Eternal Life City is built in one of the eight wastelands. This is the most prosperous and strongest region here." Yang Xiangyin nodded: "The Eternal Life City is a place filled with wastelands, and right now, we are recruiting a lot of people to enter the Eternal Life City. This has been the plan of the Immortal Bank for many years."

"What is the purpose of the Immortal Bank?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"It's to gather a group of outstanding experts. As for the goal, I have no idea. In short, the three great banks are controlling the entire wasteland." Yang Xiangyin said.

Chen Xiang had already known that the banks were not simple, otherwise no one would use their jade coins for no reason at all.

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