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People like Huang Xiaotian loved to show face the most. He had always felt that he was a person that many people looked up to, but now, Chen Xiang was ridiculing him nonstop, causing him to lose all face.

"What, it can't be that you don't have a hundred million Jade money, right?" Chen Xiang laughed.

Yang Xiangyin did not say anything, she was a cultivator of the first stage of the Dao Po realm, not to mention Huang Xiaotian, even her Dao Po realm did not have a hundred million Jade money, so even if she had it, she would not take it out to gamble.

"You … You came in here and spent five hundred million Jade money to buy this purple jade tablet. Although you were selling quite a few Qiyuan Dan outside, you only earned five hundred million in total, right? " Huang Xiaotian sneered.

"Don't forget that Fang Heng and his son won two hundred million during our bet." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I already did." Huang Xiaotian said: "You don't have a hundred million, but you are arrogant here. You are only so-so."

Chen Xiang laughed blandly: "How about this, I'll bet two hundred million Jade money with you. If you lose, just give me two slaps."

"You …" Huang Xiaotian was stunned, everyone was stunned, Chen Xiang was obviously trying to humiliate Huang Xiaotian.

"You don't have that many Jade money, don't waste my time." Huang Xiaotian shouted in anger.

"I really have that many. If you take them out, do you dare to bet?" Chen Xiang said indifferently.

"I don't believe you. I know that you have many tricks up your sleeve. You will definitely use some tricks to trick us." Suddenly, Huang Xiaotian didn't believe it.

"How about this, a bet of one billion Jade money. If you lose, give me two slaps, and I'll cut off your arms. Anything." Chen Xiang said again.

Seeing Huang Xiaotian not saying anything, Chen Xiang laughed: "If you win, you can get one billion Jade money, and you can also become a great lord. Of course, with how confident you are in yourself, you definitely won't lose, right? "

One billion Jade money was an extremely large number. If he had so many Jade money, Yang Xiangyin would definitely look at him in a new light, and furthermore, he would be able to become famous in the Eternal Life City, and gain a lot of face.

"I don't believe that you really have that many Jade money unless I see them with my own eyes." Huang Xiaotian said in a serious tone. If Chen Xiang really had it, he would take the risk.

Chen Xiang took out a large pile of jade tablets, and then said to Yang Xiangyin: "Hall Master Xiang Yin, since you're from the Eternal Life Native Bank, you should know whether these jade tablets are real or fake. You can count how many Jade money s these jade tablets can be exchanged for."

This is one hundred million pieces, very few. Furthermore, it has been a long time since our Eternal Life Native Bank has produced this kind of jade plate, this is the older certificate of Jade money, but we can still exchange it. You have ten pieces here, that is one billion Jade money. Yang Xiangyin hastily picked up the 10 pieces of jade from the ground.

A billion Jade money were just thrown to the ground like that by Chen Xiang, this kind of boss was extremely rare, at least, it was the first time Yang Xiangyin had seen such a thing.

Chen Xiang really did have a billion Jade money, and they were the older kind as well.

Huang Xiaotian suddenly thought back to the matter of Chen Xiang helping others to cure their poison, and the reward was 2 billion gold. Back then, Long Shuangru had also helped Chen Xiang on stage, and he now understood that Chen Xiang had successfully cured Long Shuang's father.

"Young Master Shen, I'll return it to you." Yang Xiangyin returned the ten pieces to Chen Xiang. These were jade sheets that could be exchanged with Jade money at any time at the Eternal Life Native Bank, she did not dare to take them for herself.

"If you want to gamble, then gamble, let's compete in refining low-grade heaven stage Yaoge Dan." Huang Xiaotian sneered: "At that time, you'd better not cry."

"In my memory, I don't seem to have lost that much. Even if I lost, I wouldn't cry. Don't worry." Chen Xiang chuckled, took out his Heavenly furnace and walked up onto the stage.

He had never refined a low rank king level Yaoge Dan and he did not have any medicinal ingredients.

"I don't have any herbs. How about selling one to me?" Chen Xiang said.

"I only have one copy left." Huang Xiaotian found the Storage magic treasure and said: "How about this, we compete to refine the Dao mark Dan?"

Dao mark Dan s to Eternal Life City were also quite famous. This medicinal formula was not unique to Fire Reverent School in the first place, and many of the people present had all eaten Dao mark Dan before, so they knew how expensive Dao mark Dan s were.

"Oh, you already know how to refine." Chen Xiang asked, he felt that Huang Xiaotian was purposely sparring with him in order to refine Dao mark Dan.

"Of course I understand. You already have the Dao mark Dan's pill formula, you should be able to refine it." Huang Xiaotian said. He knew that Chen Xiang had refined a lot of Yaoge Dan s and his speed was very fast.

And Huang Xiaotian was only able to refine Dao mark Dan recently, he knew that Chen Xiang had also just gotten the Dao mark Dan's pill formula not too long ago. Furthermore, Chen Xiang had been refining Qiyuan Dan to sell on the Demon Forest and was even more injured than his father.

"Alright, let's refine the Dao mark Dan. But before we refine it, how about we form a blood contract? I'm worried that you will go back on your words." Chen Xiang said.

"I'm more worried that you will go back on your word, that's for the best." Huang Xiaotian was secretly happy. He felt that refining Dao mark Dan would definitely not be worse than Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang had also just learned how to refine Dao mark Dan, and more importantly, his father had taught him the trick to refine Dao mark Dan.

Both of these young men could make Dao mark Dan and these pills were expensive, so they could be sold for as much as three million Jade money in Eternal Life City.

"The rule is that whoever refines the pill wins, regardless of the quality or the amount of pills produced, it just depends on the level of the pill. What do you think?" Huang Xiaotian said.

"Alright, no problem." Chen Xiang said.

After they made the blood contract, Chen Xiang and Huang Xiaotian immediately began to refine pills.

Last time when Huang Xiaotian and his father went to the air islands to attack Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang was selling off a large number of Dao mark Dan s, so Huang Xiaotian knew that Chen Xiang had already made a lot of Dao mark Dan s. However, he still felt that he could win, because he had mastered the trick his father taught him very well.

And the compet.i.tion's rules were also set by Huang Xiaotian. He purposely set the speed limit, so it was definitely because he felt that he had the advantage in this area.

If it was only a comparison of speed, Chen Xiang was very confident in himself. Now, Huang Xiaotian's face was filled with complacency, as if he was going to win.

This kind of compet.i.tion also attracted a lot of attention. Everyone just wanted to see the result as soon as possible. After all, it was a rare gamble.

Yang Xiangyin was also watching from below. She was extremely nervous, she did not want to see Chen Xiang lose, of course if Huang Xiaotian lost, there would be a b.l.o.o.d.y scene.

After an hour, Chen Xiang used the power of the G.o.d's Eye Dao mark and channeled it into his eyes, allowing him to directly see the situation inside Huang Xiaotian's furnace.

"This fellow's speed is quite fast, but he still used that death method to link all the Spirit grain together, but his speed was much faster, it seems like he can refine one furnace in five hours, but his quality and pill production are not guaranteed." Chen Xiang also wanted to see what kind of reliance Huang Xiaotian had.

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