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Chen Xiang really wanted to pinch Huang Xiaotian to death right now, so when he heard Huang Xiaotian's name, he had a huge reaction.

The man was naturally aware of the hatred between Chen Xiang and the Fire Reverent School. He smiled and said, "You cannot have private duels when entering the Eternal Life City.

"En, I understand. Then can I go in now? Can I sell my pills after I enter?" Chen Xiang asked again, to be able to enter the Eternal Life City, he was definitely the rich one, he would definitely be able to earn a lot by selling pellets inside.

"Of course you can sell pills. Fire Reverent School, Fang Family and Treant Tribe are all selling pills, but you need to pay taxes to our Eternal Life Native Bank, for example if you can sell one billion Jade money, you have to pay one hundred million. Of course, your taxes are not for nothing, you can get our protection inside." The man said.

"If that's the case, then the Eternal Life City is not big. If it's just a small city, then there will be many pill sellers. They have a lot of compet.i.tiveness." Chen Xiang asked again.

"You don't have to worry about that, although the Eternal Life City has just been opened, there are a lot of people inside, they are all from different regions and our Eternal Life Native Bank is spread out very widely, all of the people we invited have status and status." The man laughed.

"How many Jade money s do you need?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Your words... You need five hundred million, because you are special. If you were invited by us, ten million would be enough. " The man said.

"You must be trying to scam me." Chen Xiang laughed: "Are you joking?"

You have paid five hundred million Jade money and you can freely enter and exit the Eternal Life City. Furthermore, your ident.i.ty will be even more respected and you will be able to enter many places easily. " The man said again.

"Here." Chen Xiang only wanted to quickly meet Huang Xiaotian, even if he could not fight, he had to reprimand him.

"Alright, here is the jade token for you to come in and out …" Oh right, do you have any Storage magic treasure with you that can hold people within? If there is anyone inside, enter the Eternal Life City and don't let them come out. Once they find you, the consequences will be severe. " The man gave Chen Xiang a jade plate.

Chen Xiang released Chu Hongqing and said: "She is at the seventh level of the Dao Dan realm. Ten million Jade money should be enough, right?"


Chen Xiang helped Chu Hongqing turn in ten million Jade money a year, and Chu Hongqing also received a jade token.

"Follow me." The man brought Chen Xiang and Chu Hongqing to the underground stone room of the native bank. There was a Transmission array there.

Chen Xiang and Chu Hongqing entered the Transmission array and were teleported away in the blink of an eye.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang and Chu Hongqing arrived at the Eternal Life City. They were in the same Transmission array.

"Not bad."

Chen Xiang looked around, the buildings here were all very impressive, there were hundreds of floors of stone towers, and also some relatively short wooden buildings. There were mountains and water in here, and from time to time, a group of birds would fly across the sky.

"I should enter the ring. I still need to concoct pills." Chu Hongqing chuckled: "You can start by strolling around by yourself."

Chu Hongqing entered the Serene Jade Ring. Chen Xiang's own jade tablet was purple while Chu Hongqing's was white. He too did not know what this purple jade tablet signified.

At this moment, a youth ran over in a hurry. The youth was thin and tender, and his clothes were very tidy. His young face was filled with smiles.

"Chen Xiang, Master Shen, right?" The youth laughed, "I am Sun Jun, Eternal Life Native Bank has sent me to receive Master Shen."

Chen Xiang looked at the purple jade medallion in his hand, and immediately understood that the purple jade medallion meant his ident.i.ty as an elder.

"I spent a lot of Jade money to get in, you guys can't afford to just eat and sleep." Chen Xiang asked.

"It's all within one or two years, and the ones that eat are the best ones. They're in the Immortal Restaurant, that one." Sun Jun pointed to the tallest white jade tower, which was several hundred stories high.

"Not bad, the money wasn't spent in vain." Chen Xiang nodded his head in satisfaction: "Let's go."

Sun Jun immediately released a horse carriage and invited Chen Xiang up. He then drove the carriage towards the Immortal Tower.

"Sun Jun, what does my purple jade token represent? Besides being a bag of food and shelter, is there any other good use for it?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Uncle Shen, there are many benefits to being able to sit in the front row of the Eternal Fragrance Pavilion and listen to the beautiful ladies of the Eternal Fragrance Pavilion singing and playing. You can also sit in the front row and freely enter and exit the Eternal Fragrance Pavilion."

"Is that all?" Chen Xiang felt that this was too ordinary.

Of course, if you encounter any danger, you can use a jade plate to contact the experts of the Eternal Life City.

"It's just so-so." Chen Xiang looked at the purple jade tablet, and then put it away.

When they arrived at the front door of the Immortal Restaurant, Sun Jun brought Chen Xiang in. When they went in, Chen Xiang felt that there were many terrifying auras in the Immortal Restaurant.

Previously, Lv Ying had told them that this world was extremely grand, but the Fire Tao Divine Place was located in a very small area.

In other words, this Eternal Life City could very well be one of the Rankers that had gathered in many different regions.

"Master Shen, the pavilion master of the Eternal Fragrance Pavilion is playing the zither right now. Do you want to go in and take a look? That pavilion master is really beautiful, and she is also extremely powerful." Master Shen, the pavilion master of the Eternal Fragrance Pavilion is playing the zither right now. Sun Jun said.

"Alright, let's go in and take a look." Chen Xiang didn't have anything to do now, so he followed Sun Jun to the Eternal Fragrance Pavilion.

The Eternal Fragrance Pavilion was also on top of the Immortal Deity Restaurant. Strangely, after entering, it seemed like they had gone to another s.p.a.ce. There was a beautiful lake here, and a three story tall elegant building was right beside the lake. That was Eternal Fragrance Pavilion.

"Strange, isn't this playing a zither? Why is it so hot?" Chen Xiang asked curiously after he entered, and immediately saw that on the stage in front of him, there were two people sparring pill refining.

"It's actually that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Huang Xiaotian." Chen Xiang thought.

There were dozens of rows of seats in this s.p.a.cious hall. There were only a few people in the first five rows, but the dozens of rows behind them were all filled.

"Sun Jun, didn't you say that there was a peerless beauty playing the zither? Why are there two men refining pills on top of the zither?" Chen Xiang walked in and said hoa.r.s.ely.

Sun Jun also felt this was strange, but he didn't dare to say anything at the moment because the people here were all very strong.

Everyone was quietly watching, when Chen Xiang suddenly spoke, everyone heard him, and his voice was very loud.

Just when everyone was frowning, they realized that Chen Xiang had a purple jade tablet in his hands, and was relieved, because those who had purple jade tablets were all my lord.

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