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"It's just a physical injury, it's fine." Chen Xiang saw Chu Hongqing's face filled with worry and said.

"Huang Tian seems to be extremely anxious. I'm guessing that he wants to use me as a cultivation furnace so that he can break through his bottleneck. He has been stuck in the Dao Po realm for a very long time." Chu Hongqing sighed.

As Chen Xiang recovered from his injuries, he scolded, "This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you can forget about breaking through your bottleneck in your entire life. I'll let him die in the Dao Po realm."

Chen Xiang was currently only at the first level of Dao Origin Stage, and Huang Xiaotian was at the Dao Dan realm, so he was one realm higher than him, so there was no need to mention Huang Tian. The peak of the Dao Po realm was two to three great realms higher than him.

Fire Reverent School knew that Chen Xiang was still in Shen Kong City, so he was anxious for the disciples of the Fire Reverent School to quickly rush over to the various floating islands to search for Chen Xiang.

Huang Tian just wanted to catch Chen Xiang quickly and force Chen Xiang to hand him over so that he could use Chu Hongqing to cultivate and break through his current bottleneck.

"Fortunately, the Dao marks I've been training in are very useful. Otherwise, I would've been in big trouble just now." Chen Xiang was most afraid of spatial seals, but just now, when he used the White Tiger Dao mark, he actually easily brought him out of the spatial enchantment.

It had been a long time since Chen Xiang had received such a heavy injury, and he had only recovered after a full month of healing. Furthermore, in this one month, Chu Hongqing had also improved a lot in refining Dao mark Dan.

After Chen Xiang recovered from his injuries, he ate a high grade Heaven Stage Qiyuan Dan. After eating it, he felt that he could condense his second Tao Yuan.

"I need to eat a few more pills before I can condense the second element." Chen Xiang took out a few more high-grade Heaven-ranked Qiyuan Dan and ate them.

After eating it, it only took him half a day to cultivate up to the second Yuan Li.

I need to quickly cultivate to the Tenth Perfection, then enter the Dao Dan realm. Only at that time can I break through Huang Xiaotian's defense, so I must kill this guy. " Chen Xiang said coldly.

"It seems like you can eat once a month. If nothing goes wrong, you will be able to reach the great circle of perfection within a year." Chu Hongqing said. What Chen Xiang lacked the least right now were Qiyuan Dan, since Chen Xiang had h.o.a.rded a lot of Qiyuan Dan for himself to eat.

I have to hurry, I can't wait anymore, I definitely won't be able to kill Huang Tian in a short time, but I can still kill Huang Xiaotian. Chen Xiang would never let these people who wanted to kill him off, especially the father and son duo like Huang Xiaotian, who were extremely despicable.

The Dao mark Dan was given to them by their Fire Reverent School as a reward for the celebration of the Heavenly Dao. Chen Xiang had obtained it with his own abilities, but they were unwilling to let it go, seeing that Chen Xiang was selling it, they had come to make trouble. Furthermore, they had been spreading rumors everywhere previously, trying to embarra.s.s Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang didn't dare to be so arrogant right now, because Fire Reverent School was already very shameless. He dared to do such a shameless thing in public.

He made a trip to the Demon Forest and exchanged two hundred portions of Dao mark Dan's medicinal ingredients from there.

The Elder Tree also knew about Chen Xiang's matter at the Divine Void City, and now that he saw that Chen Xiang was fine, he was a lot more relieved. This was because they needed the Energy Gathering Beads that Chen Xiang provided in order to refine the Qiyuan Dan.

The Fang family's Qiyuan Dan was already heavily affected, even if the Fang family were to lower the price, it would be difficult to save it. This was because if they were to lower the price, the Demon Forest's side would also lower the price.

"From the looks of it, the Fang family is already prepared to take action against us. If it was just against one of the Fang family, we are not afraid, but we do not know if the Fire Reverent School will intervene." The Elder Tree said.

Right now, the Fang family must have realized something. They knew that was not the only person refining the Qiyuan Dan, because the number of Qiyuan Dan was increasing. Furthermore, after Chen Xiang was injured, they had no evidence against him.

What the Fang family hated the most was that now, there were more and more king level Qiyuan Dan.

Fang Heng and Fang Daiqi, who had bet Qiyuan Dan and Chen Xiang back then, hated Chen Xiang even more, because they were often scolded at by the clan elders. Now, they were also thinking of a way to save them.

"What if Fire Reverent School interferes?" Chen Xiang was safe in Demon Forest. He drank a cup of fruit juice and licked his tongue.

"We can only go all out against them." Elder Tree said, "If our entire Demon Forest fights with them, the final result will be a mutual destruction. Let's see if they dare to or not, since we are not afraid."

"If I had a little more time, I would have been able to overturn them all by myself." Chen Xiang snorted.

"Little brother, I advise you not to go to Divine Sky City, it is even more impossible for the Fire Tao Divine Place to return. Our place is also in danger." The Elder Tree said.

"Then where to?" Chen Xiang asked: "I'm not familiar with this place, Elder Tree, you can recommend me a place."

"I know of a safe place." The Elder Tree replied, "You should be very familiar with the Eternal Life Native Bank."

Chen Xiang nodded his head. He had not received the one billion Jade money that he won at the last Heavenly Mystery.

"Eternal Life Native Bank is very safe." Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course not, it's a place the Eternal Life Native Bank can help you go to that is called Eternal Life City. It's said that you won't die in there, and it's very orderly. It's just that it requires ten million Jade money to buy a pa.s.s." The Elder Tree said.

"Really." Chen Xiang had never heard Chu Hongqing talk about such a thing.

"Why would I lie to you? You can go to Demon Forest and ask." The Elder Tree said.

… ….

When Chen Xiang came to the Eternal Life Native Bank, he had asked Chu Hongqing about it on the way there but he had never heard of such a place.

"The last time I won against the Jade money, I came to exchange." Chen Xiang took out a jade piece.

"You must be Chen Xiang. Although you fake your name to be Yun Fei, but you still suppressed yourself in the end, so we will also give you Jade money. Here, a billion Jade money." A young man at the counter said with a smile.

Chen Xiang had to admit that this Eternal Life Native Bank was indeed very mysterious. With so many Jade money stored inside, if they wanted to keep these Jade money, they would definitely have a very powerful strength.

"Oh right, I want to go to Eternal Life City. How do I go?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Oh, we usually only invite people at the sixth level of Dao Dan realm or above." The man laughed, then took out a crystal ball and said, "Let me see what cultivation you have now. Put your hands on it."

Chen Xiang placed his hands on it, and two white dots of light appeared inside the crystal ball.

"You are currently only at the second level of Dao Yuan realm, which is not enough." The man shook his head.

Chen Xiang remembered that Chu Hongqing was at the seventh stage of the Dao Dan realm, but he was not invited.

Although I am not at the sixth level of the Dao Dan realm, I am indeed a rather good Alchemist. You should not act according to the level of your cultivation. " Chen Xiang said.

For example, Fire Reverent School Leader's son, Huang Xiaotian, was only at the second level of the Dao Dan realm. However, because he was the son of the Fire Reverent School Leader, we let him in. "" That's true. The man nodded.

"That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is also inside." Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

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