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The lake that Chen Xiang currently resided on was beside his old house, and since this island was considered a relatively large empty island within the Spirit Sky City, many people would often come here to jump into the lake and teleport.

Therefore, Chen Xiang did not plan to spend so much time and effort to advertise, and directly set up a stall in front of his house, and then write a few large words on it.

In order to let everyone on this empty island know, he even used ten thousand Jade money to hire dozens of youths who had nothing to do to make announcements.

Just then, someone came up to ask about the price of the Dao mark Dan. It was a very decently dressed old man, and it was obvious that he was relatively wealthy. Furthermore, his cultivation was quite good, so he probably bought the Dao mark Dan for the younger generation.

"Two million Jade money, the quality is better than the one refined by Fire Reverent School, and Fire Reverent School's Dao mark Dan are hard to buy. Most importantly, my Dao mark Dan is cheaper than theirs by one million." Chen Xiang smiled at the old man: "Old sir, you should be able to see the quality of this Dao mark Dan."

The old man nodded: "I previously bought one for my disciple, it was from Fire Reverent School! Your quality is indeed better than Fire Reverent School's, but when I bought it, it was four million more. "

The advantage of Dao mark Dan was that it could quickly cross the Dao Ti realm and cultivate up to ten Dao marks. If one did not use Dao mark Dan s, it would take at least ten years to cultivate them.

"I'll buy one!" The old man was straightforward. Seeing that the quality was not bad and the price was much cheaper than the Fire Reverent School, he immediately took out his Jade money and bought it.

Of course the old man knew who the seller of Dao mark Dan was. Other than the Fire Reverent School, only Chen Xiang could refine Dao mark Dan!

Previously, the Fang Family's Qiyuan Dan had already shaken Chen Xiang's name in every direction. Especially when the Fang Family went to the Demon Forest, Chen Xiang being able to refine ten batches of Qiyuan Dan in an hour was truly impressive, and had even become a legend.

Not long after, the people of the floating island knew that Chen Xiang was selling the Dao mark Dan here, and the news of this event quickly spread throughout all of Divine Sky City.

Those who needed to buy Dao mark Dan all rushed over to the island, because Chen Xiang's Dao mark Dan was one million cheaper than the Fire Reverent School's Jade money.

They were already very familiar with the pills refined by Chen Xiang, the quality of the Qiyuan Dan was much better than the Fang family's.

Two million Dao mark Dan s was still very expensive for many people, but there were still a few rich people. This area had been around for many years, and for many small and large forces, they had acc.u.mulated quite a few Jade money s over the years. Dao mark Dan s could allow their disciples to grow quickly, so even spending a lot of Jade money s was worth it.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang sold fifty of them. He was not lacking in Jade money s right now, and doing this was because he was unhappy with Fire Reverent School.

In just half a day's time, this matter had spread to Fire Tao Divine Place and other nearby big cities, attracting many big shots from different forces, thus Chen Xiang quickly sold another fifty pills.

In the evening, he had sold a total of two hundred pellets. Because there were already many people waiting to buy the Dao mark Dan, but they had to wait for the Fire Reverent School to open for sale. So when Chen Xiang opened the sales today, he immediately took away all the Jade money this group of people had been preparing for a long time.

Chen Xiang comfortably sat at the door of the house. He planned to set up the house for one day and one night, until all the Dao mark Dan on his body were sold out.

However, when the sky was about to turn dark, he suddenly felt a very familiar aura!

"Huang Tian and Huang Xiaotian!" Chen Xiang was shocked, he anxiously kept the Dao mark Dan that was displayed on the table, but he did not expect that, at that moment, Huang Xiaotian would actually attack him.

"Chen Xiang, it's time for your death!" Huang Xiaotian suddenly came to the front of Chen Xiang, the blade in his hand struck towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang immediately dodged. This Huang Xiaotian was from the Dao Dan realm, the current Daoyuan immortal power on his body was extremely vigorous, that aura made it difficult for Chen Xiang to get close to him, and his strength was also extremely terrifying. That blade just now had left a very, very deep crack.

"What does your Fire Reverent School mean? You want to kill me because you can't sell me a pill? " Chen Xiang shouted, it was a bustling place, when everyone saw Huang Xiaotian attacking, they quickly dodged, but in their hearts, they secretly despised Fire Reverent School.

The Fire Reverent School had also made a lot of profit from selling the Dao mark Dan, so it was normal for the Fire Reverent School to come knocking on his door to look for Chen Xiang's business.

"Hmph, that day you destroyed the Heavenly Law Auction and even did many heinous things. I was only acting on behalf of the heavens." Huang Xiaotian laughed coldly, and once again rushed towards Chen Xiang.

Huang Xiaotian had a very strong Daoyuan immortal power protecting his body, and he had no way of dealing with Chen Xiang at all. Even if the Heavenly magic sword stabbed at him, it wouldn't be able to destroy Huang Xiaotian's Daoyuan immortal power, unless Huang Xiaotian was distracted and didn't use the Daoyuan immortal power protecting his body.

Long ago, many people already knew that the Fang family and the Fire Reverent School were discrediting Chen Xiang, so everyone did not believe what Huang Xiaotian had just said.

Chen Xiang was furious in his heart. He still could not beat Huang Xiaotian, so he could only escape first. Otherwise, he would very likely be taken down by Huang Xiaotian.

"Father, he's going to run away!" Huang Xiaotian saw that Chen Xiang had suddenly disappeared, and immediately shouted.

Chen Xiang immediately teleported towards the lake, but he did not expect to be blocked by a powerful force, as a spatial enchantment suddenly enveloped him.

Just as Chen Xiang was thinking of a way, a loud sound came out, Chen Xiang felt an intense pain all over his body, it was as if his bones and flesh were being torn apart.

"Huang Tian!" Chen Xiang looked up, it was Huang Tian who had struck him with his palm just now. Although the distance was quite far, Huang Tian was an expert of the Dao Po realm, so the power that came from afar was also very terrifying.

"Quickly hand Chu Hongqing over, I can spare your life." Huang Tian coldly said.

"Dream on!" Chen Xiang secretly activated the White Tiger Dao mark, allowing the power of the White Tiger Dao mark to flow into his body.

Chen Xiang was sealed by a spatial enchantment, so he could only move inside the enchantment. As Huang Tian's palm attack came over, it covered the entire enchantment, and if he did not run, Chen Xiang's injuries would be even worse.

"s.p.a.ce Jump!" Chen Xiang used the power of the White Tiger Dao mark to release a White Tiger. The moment the palm attack came, he immediately trapped the White Tiger and with a huge leap, he jumped out of the barrier that sealed him and into the lake.

He had already known that Chen Xiang had the power to break free from the seal, so when he came, he specially prepared a spatial enchantment disc to trap Chen Xiang. However, he did not expect Chen Xiang to escape in the end.

After entering the lake, Chen Xiang immediately appeared on another floating island. He was lying on the ground, his entire body filled with energy, while Huang Tian's palm attack was still wreaking havoc in his body.

"This father and son duo, just you wait!" Chen Xiang used a hidden jade mark and opened a door leading to the ring. Then, he walked in.

Seeing Chen Xiang coming in, Chu Hongqing anxiously walked over and supported him. She was planning to come out just now, but Chen Xiang did not allow her to, even though she was from Dao Dan realm, she was far from Huang Tian, and would only be taken away by Huang Tian.

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