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Chen Xiang never thought that everything would happen so quickly, especially after he cultivated the ten Dao marks, the Spirit Force in his body had clearly become much stronger.

After eating the Qiyuan Dan, under the Qiyuan Dan's power, his Divine Sense Sea actually started to boil, and was converting his power bit by bit.

At this moment, he also felt that there was a very mystical phenomenon occurring in his Divine Sense Sea World.

For example, he could see that the air above his real world was filled with condensed mist. These mist gathered together, forming a heavy rain. Rain was divine force!

Above the clouds, there was a huge ball of air. That ball of air was the Daoyuan immortal power that had just been formed!

"Has he condensed Dao Yuan?" Chu Hongqing asked.

Chen Xiang told Chu Hongqing about the situation of the ball of air.

"That's Dao-Yuan, but it hasn't completely formed yet. After it's fully formed, it'll be like a scorching sun hanging in the sky." Chu Hongqing said: "However, right now you can be considered to have just stepped into the Dao Yuan realm, and once you train to the first layer, there will be a white sun in the sky above your real world, and it will not have any effect on the earth."

"In other words, I need to train up to ten Dao-Acupoints here before I can be considered a Paragon, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes!" Chu Hongqing laughed: "Now you should be able to produce your own divine power right? Dao Yuan realm is to upgrade your divine power to Daoyuan immortal power and condense it in the air, you just need to extract the divine power from the Tao Yuan."

"The Daoyuan immortal power is indeed very strong!" Chen Xiang used the Daoyuan immortal power to activate his Fire Sword Dao mark. As he held the sword hilt, he could feel how terrifying this Fire Sword was.

"It's best not to use the Dao mark carelessly. You should rarely see anyone use it, right? Because this is a secret! " Chu Hongqing said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Previously, when he and Lv Ying were fighting against beasts, they did not use the power of the Dao mark.

"What rank of Qiyuan Dan should I eat now?" Chen Xiang asked, he had h.o.a.rded a lot of Qiyuan Dan and could finally eat them now.

"Xiantian High Rank!" Chu Hongqing thought about it, because many cultivators that had just stepped into the Dao Yuan realm did not choose such a high rank Qiyuan Dan like Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took out a high-grade heaven stage Qiyuan Dan and ate it, then he began to cultivate. His Divine Sense Sea was unceasingly boiling, and the rising mist all gathered in the air above the Divine Sense Sea World, fusing into that ball of Dao Yuan.

The high-grade Heaven Rank Qiyuan Dan was different, it was much better than the low-grade Qiyuan Dan from before, there were a lot of seething Daoyuan immortal power.

After Divine Sense Sea stopped his boiling, he ate another …

He had only swallowed more than ten pills, and was already able to condense a very large amount of Dao Yuan in the air.

Chen Xiang consumed another high-grade Qiyuan Dan and discovered that although the Divine Sense Sea was boiling with spirit energy, he was unable to condense the second ball of spirit energy.

"Hongqing, what's going on?" Chen Xiang quickly told Chu Hongqing about the difficult problem he had encountered, while Chu Hongqing was refining a Dao mark Dan.

"You have condensed a Dao Yuan, so you need to wait a while before you can start cultivating the second Dao Yuan. This is mainly because your Divine Sense Sea's power has gotten used to the first Dao Yuan." Chu Hongqing said: "Generally, you will have to wait for a few months. Your cultivation speed right now is already very fast."

Chen Xiang could only sigh, take out his pill furnace and refine a Dao mark Dan. Right now, he could only refine Dao mark Dan to take revenge on the Fire Reverent School.

The Fire Reverent School was plotting against Chu Hongqing, and he had even joined hands with the Fang family to seal him, so he had to take this lying down. After a month, all a hundred batches of Dao mark Dan's medicinal ingredients were refined into pills, a total of three hundred pills.

After coming out, he found the Elder Tree and gave him fifty Energy Gathering Pearls, in exchange for a hundred portions of Dao mark Dan's medicinal herbs.

"Elder Tree, the business of the Qiyuan Dan is not bad right now!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Very good. The Fang family is already stomping their feet in anxiety, the speed at which they produce the pills is too slow. It seems like they don't have much medicinal ingredients, but we do have a lot of Alchemist s." The Elder Tree laughed, "The Fang family can't come looking for trouble right now, but we still have to be wary of them."

"It can only hit the Fang family, it's not fun enough!" Chen Xiang laughed mischievously as he suddenly took out a few Dao mark Dan. "Elder Tree, how is Fire Reverent School's production of Dao mark Dan right now?"

"They sell at most twenty of them every month, and they sell them at a very high price!" Elder Tree asked anxiously: "How many pills do you have right now?"

"Three hundred pills!" Chen Xiang said.

"So many!" Elder Tree could not help but take a deep breath.

"Yes, Fire Reverent School's Huang Tian is really annoying." Chen Xiang laughed. He knew that his Dao mark Dan would definitely send Huang Tian into a rage.

"Little brother, it's best not to provoke Fire Reverent School for now, because an old Leader from Fire Reverent School has suddenly appeared. I wonder why?" The Elder Tree said: "If this old Leader were to attack our Demon Forest, and our Treant Emperor cannot, it would be more dangerous."

Chen Xiang nodded: "I understand!"

The Demon Forest had already angered the Fang family. If they provoked them, the old Leader would also fight, and they, the Demon Forest, would not be able to hold on. At that time, the Fire Reverent School and the Fang family would have to join hands and attack.

"As long as you don't sell it in the Demon Forest, I will go to the Divine Air City and sell it!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Then be careful! The old Leader of the Fire Reverent School is not simple at all. Even the Treant Emperor is afraid of him. " The Elder Tree replied, "However, I'm not worried about Divine Void City. It would be easier to escape from there."

After Chen Xiang bid farewell to the Elder Tree, he immediately headed to the Divine Void City. From here, he could hear the news of the Qiyuan Dan! The Fang family's Qiyuan Dan production was low, and the quality was not very good. Adding to the fact that the price was expensive, no one was interested in the Fang family and they all went to the Demon Forest to buy them.

Chen Xiang had also heard the news of Old Leader's return. He did not know why he came back, but this old Leader was extremely prestigious and he had no idea where he went after he abdicated his throne.

"Hongqing, do you have any impression of the old Leader?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, when I entered the Fire Reverent School, the old Leader had already left, but there were some rumors about him." Chu Hongqing said.

"That guy must be related to the Undead Divine Race!" Chen Xiang had a new understanding of the Undead Divine Race s here, and they were different from the s that he knew.

He came to the house Long Shuangru bought before, and thought about how to advertise the Dao mark Dan. At the same time, he also thought about the old Leader!

He had previously killed Huang profound, but that Huang profound had a very high status in the Undead Divine Race. He felt that the old Leader had probably come back for this!

Of course, the Undead Divine Race did not know that he did it, otherwise he would have calculated it using the Heaven extended method. He came from the future, so he was not an existence of this era.

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