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Previously, the G.o.d's Eye Dao mark was an accident and he did not understand that it was a combination of fire and s.p.a.ce. However, that mark did not disappoint him.

"It's an elephant!" Chu Hongqing said: "This is also beast type, not bad!"

"It's not an ordinary elephant, it's a Ground-suppressing immortal elephant!" Chen Xiang replied: "Have you heard of it?"

"Of course I've heard of it. Legend has it that there's a h.e.l.l in here that's guarded by an elephant. If it's really a Ground-suppressing immortal elephant, then it must be very scary. It's said that it's a very magical Heavenly beast." Chu Hongqing said in shock: "How did you know this was a Ground-suppressing immortal elephant?"

Chen Xiang's Dao marks were all related to his body, so when he saw the Elephant Dao marks, he knew that it was a Ground-suppressing immortal elephant.

Chen Xiang pressed his hand on the ground, then activated his Spirit power, and suddenly an elephant shaped array formation appeared on the ground.

"This is the divine flame formation used to suppress demons. It's very powerful." Chen Xiang also suddenly had this information in his head just now, letting him know the use of the Divine Image Dao Marks.

"If I'm strong enough, I can use my Dao mark to summon a huge Ground-suppressing immortal elephant. It has a very frightening power." Chen Xiang said.

"Another extremely terrifying Dao mark!" Chu Hongqing exclaimed. She seemed to be already used to it.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and suddenly ate another Dao mark Dan. This time, he began to cultivate the spatial attribute Dao mark, he was extremely curious about what kind of special power this spatial Dao mark held.

The sixth slash appeared quickly, Chu Hongqing was not concocting pills now, but was watching him cultivate by Chen Xiang's side.

"This is …" This pattern is very similar to your Heavenly artifact! " Chu Hongqing said.

Chen Xiang's sixth mark, the pattern looked to be exactly the same as his Six Realms mirrors. Upon seeing it, Chu Hongqing suddenly understood that Chen Xiang's first mark was a sword, which was the same as his own Heavenly magic sword, and now this Six Realms mirrors's mark had appeared.

This meant that the marks that Chen Xiang had created were all closely related to him! Thinking about it till here, Chu Hongqing's heart suddenly shook. For Chen Xiang to be able to condense so many marks from Heavenly beast, it showed that he definitely had a close relationship with them.

"What is the use of this scar?" Chu Hongqing asked.

"I can connect to the Transmission array!" Chen Xiang said, as he placed his palm on the ground. He channeled his spatial energy, and something similar to a Six Realms mirrors appeared, which looked like an array disc.

Then, he released another Six Realms mirrors to the other side. This was all condensed out of spatial energy, it wasn't a real Six Realms mirrors.

"Let me try!" Chen Xiang stood on top of one of the Six Realms mirrors, and with a thought, he went over to the other Six Realms mirrors.

Chu Hongqing also walked up. In Chen Xiang's s.p.a.ce, she had teleported from two Six Realms mirrors s.

"This Demon Forest should be able to connect to it too, right? Let me see if I can!" Chen Xiang first used his Divine Eye to lock onto one of the Transmission array s inside the Demon Forest.

Then, he released another Six Realms mirrors. Afterwards, he pulled Chu Hongqing and stepped onto that Six Realms mirrors, and under his control, they instantly arrived at the Transmission array that he had locked onto in the Transmitting Square.

"Awesome!" Chu Hongqing yelled in excitement. Chen Xiang also laughed mischievously, then he returned to the secret room.

Chen Xiang had thought that Dao marks were extremely difficult to cultivate, but he never thought that a single pill could produce one. No wonder this Dao mark Dan was so precious, and was even treated like a treasure by the Fire Reverent School, but now that he obtained it, he could quickly and quickly refine it.

The uses of the Dao marks were very wide, and they could even be used ingeniously to coordinate with each other. Right now, Chen Xiang was only using the basic power.

"The seventh one is here, hurry up and eat it!" Chu Hongqing urged Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang swallowed another Dao mark Dan, and after condensing the Dao mark, Chu Hongqing immediately grabbed Chen Xiang's palm and examined it carefully.

"Is this a house?" Chu Hongqing suddenly felt that it was familiar, and shouted in alarm: "This is the You Yao Palace inside the ring!"

Chen Xiang was also very surprised, he never thought that he would actually form such a scar.

"What's the use?" Chen Xiang's palm faced an open s.p.a.ce, and after channeling his spatial energy, a white light flashed from his palm, shining on an open s.p.a.ce and congealing a door.

"Could it be that he entered through the gate of the ring?" Chu Hongqing anxiously walked over, opened the door and entered, after that a surprised shout came from inside: "Master, quickly come in!"

Chen Xiang immediately walked over, and after entering, he saw Youyao Palace!

He had carried the ring for who knows how many years. When he sent his soul consciousness into the ring, he could only see the palace, but he had never entered it before!

And now, with Youyao palace right in front of him, Chu Hongqing was skipping over, opening a door and walking in.

"This really is the palace of Youyao, my clothes are still inside!" Chu Hongqing laughed, "Now, you can also enter Youyao palace."

"Yeah, I really didn't expect it!" Chen Xiang looked at the scenery around him. He had previously only seen the scenery with his divine sense, but now that he was able to see it with his own eyes, he felt that it was very different.

"So you're saying that you can hide in your own ring in the future?" Chu Hongqing felt that he could not understand: "You should take the Dark Jade Ring with you, how did you manage to enter this place?"

"Actually, when the ring and my soul fused together, it was also in my real world! So I can come in, and it's really nice. " Chen Xiang laughed: "In the future, I can hide like this, I don't need to look for inns everywhere."

"The Dao mark is truly magical on your body. Quickly get out and take a look at the next Dao mark." Chu Hongqing pulled Chen Xiang and walked towards the door that led outside.

After arriving outside, Chen Xiang immediately ate a Dao mark Dan. It was just as he had expected, a Dragon shaped mark on it that was a little cyan in color.

When he used it, he discovered that it could release a very strong power of Thunder power and wind, as well as oscillating power through the air. It possessed a very strong attack power.

The last two Dao marks he got were the Beast elephant Dao marks, the White Tiger Dao mark and the Black Tortoise Dao mark. Right now, he only knew that the White Tiger Dao mark could have a very strong jumping power in s.p.a.ce, and he felt that this jumping power could allow him to jump out of the s.p.a.ce seal.

As for the Black Tortoise Dao-mark, it had a very strong s.p.a.ce defensive power. This was only what he had discovered. Now, he had already formed 10 Dao marks!

After having ten Dao marks, he also felt that the divine power in his own Divine Sense Sea was different!

"You can start cultivating the Daoyuan immortal power now, try eating a piece of Qiyuan Dan!" Chu Hongqing said.

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