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When Chu Hongqing saw the eyes on Chen Xiang's palm, she was also wondering what kind of use it would have. Not only had she never seen this kind of strange Dao mark before, but she had never even heard of it.

"I'll try." Chen Xiang channeled his Spirit power and released the eye-shaped marks. Facing the wall, the eyes on his palm suddenly emitted a weak white light, which was not a flame color.

The white light illuminated a wide area, but not long after, the area turned green and pale white.

Chen Xiang and Chu Hongqing could see many green and white ribbons of light appear in that area. They looked like a river flowing with some kind of energy.

Chen Xiang moved his palm and shone it on other places. It was the same thing, but when he shone it on Chu Hongqing's furnace, he could see that it was fiery red.

"This is the Dao heart Eye." Chen Xiang was shocked, and then, he also used the Dao heart Eye to observe his surroundings. Sure enough, it was the same as what his eyes had just seen from the center of his palm.

"It's really strange. It can restore the true form of energy." Chu Hongqing said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. The Dao heart Eye indeed had such an effect, but he felt that it was definitely not that simple.

"No, this is not a fire attribute Dao mark." Chen Xiang used the eyes once again and channeled his divine power. This time, for some reason, his eyes actually blinked once, and in the blink of an eye, a terrifying flame suddenly rose from the place he had locked on to.

"There's spatial energy too." Chen Xiang said in surprise, "These eyes are the combination of s.p.a.ce and fire."

Chu Hongqing was even more depressed. Why wasn't this strange and powerful mark on her body?

"Seems like there are many uses for it." Chen Xiang was now certain that these eyes were not only Dao heart Eye s, but also that special type of Bones in his eyes.

He immediately took out a set of low-grade Heaven Stage Qiyuan Dan medicinal herbs, and let his eye trace appear on his two palms. As he held the Qiyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients, his mind moved, and the eye trace on his palm immediately blinked, spitting out scorching flames.

The medicinal ingredients held by Chen Xiang immediately turned into five Qiyuan Dan s.

When Chu Hongqing saw it, he could not help but shout out. This time, Chen Xiang did not use the method of spitting out fire from his eyes, but used his hands to feel the medicinal ingredients, making them turn into pills, moving much faster.

"Sure enough." Chen Xiang laughed. He now understood that this was a fusion of the Dao heart Eye and the Bones in his eyes. Other than this, it was also a fusion of fire and spatial energy.

"Let's call it the G.o.d's Eye Dao mark." Chen Xiang laughed, and then, he placed his palm against the wall. Under his control, the divine eye mark on his palm opened, shining a gentle white light.

The walls that were shot by the white light started to show signs of impact. It was the big tree in the middle of the Demon Forest, and the angle of impact was looking down from the sky.

Chen Xiang increased his spatial strength and the image on the wall appeared in the sky above Fire Tao Divine Place. He could see the bustling city center.

"Is this the power of s.p.a.ce?" Chu Hongqing said in shock. If Chen Xiang could see that far through the sky, then that was the only possibility.

"Yes, the Dao mark is indeed very useful." Chen Xiang laughed: "This should be the s.p.a.ce Eye."

"Each of your Dao marks is stronger than the last." Chu Hongqing pouted. She was so jealous that she said, "Dao marks and Dao marks can be fused together. Try it yourself, but it will consume a lot of divine power."

A thought flashed through Chen Xiang's mind. He first used the Eye of s.p.a.ce to project an image of himself on the wall.

The image that was projected on the wall was extremely clear. Chen Xiang and Chu Hongqing could clearly see those beautiful flowers as if it was right in front of their eyes.

Chen Xiang's heart stirred. The Divine Eye's Dao mark and the Vermillion Bird flashed, and in the image, he saw a very small Vermillion Bird flying back and forth amidst the flowers.

"Success." Chu Hongqing cried out in shock. Chen Xiang had just released the Vermillion Bird into a flower bush tens of thousands of miles away, and he could even personally see the Vermillion Bird.

"The consumption rate is indeed huge." Chen Xiang immediately took back the Vermillion Bird.

"Too terrifying. If you used it together with your previous fire sword, wouldn't you be able to kill people?" Chu Hongqing said in shock. She also found it hard to believe.

"If my power is strong enough, I should be able to do it." Chen Xiang laughed, the four marks he had just formed were all very good, which made him very satisfied.

"Hongqing, have you not finished refining the first batch?" Chen Xiang walked over and asked.

"Not yet. You can start refining it yourself. Even if I am to refine it, it would be impossible for me to refine four pills in one furnace. I am not as amazing as you." Chen Xiang daintily said. Chen Xiang walked over and caressed her jade face, then began to refine the Dao mark Dan.

As long as he could cultivate all 10 Dao marks, he would be able to step into the Dao Yuan realm.

With the Daoyuan immortal power, he was able to unleash the power of the Dao mark. Just now, when he used his divine power to activate the Dao mark, the effect was very ordinary.

Although Chu Hongqing was envious, she was still very happy. After all, Chen Xiang was her master, and she was the one who liked to concoct pills the most. Chen Xiang had also imparted her a very profound pill refining technique, so she had already achieved her primary goal of becoming Chen Xiang's servant.

In the past, she would have headaches for the Jade money from time to time, but now, Chen Xiang had an unlimited number of Jade money.

After a few hours, Chu Hongqing had successfully refined a Dao mark Dan. Although there were only two pellets, it made her extremely excited.

"In the past, Huang Tian always used to force himself on me with Dao mark Dan. If he were to compete with me in refining Dao mark Dan now, he would definitely be no match for me." Chu Hongqing laughed proudly, she knew that Huang Tian needed to go into closed door cultivation for a period of time before being able to refine the pill much.

"I've finished refining it too." Chen Xiang laughed, he had still refined four pills, if he wanted to level up, he could only use the Crash method, but he did not need them now, because Dao mark Dan of this level were already enough.

"I've only managed to cultivate four Dao marks at the moment, but I've managed to refine four. You can refine two of them, perfect." Chen Xiang laughed.

"En, quickly eat it. Let me see if there are any more powerful Dao marks behind you." Chu Hongqing was also very curious, she thought that Chen Xiang's following marks would definitely not be any worse than the previous four.

Chen Xiang ate one pill, and not long after, he cultivated out the fifth scar. This time, he was still using the Flame power to cultivate, so this should also be a flame scar.

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