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Not long after Chu Hongqing started, she already felt the effects of the Inscription Method. It was much faster than the method she used before.

Chen Xiang said: "I'll try eating one first and see if it's really as powerful as the rumors say."

Previously, Chu Hongqing had said that eating a single pill could condense it into a line. He did not believe it, because the Dao mark required one to comprehend.

"Have you thought about what kind of Dao mark you want to form? If you need to form a Dao mark, then after you eat it, use the flame power to rush into your heart. That way, you will be able to form a Dao mark." Chu Hongqing said.

"I've thought about it." Chen Xiang needed two kinds of Dao marks now, the Spatial Dao mark and the Flame Dao mark.

Fire was his main cultivation method, and it was also of great help to alchemy. This was a Dao mark that he had to form, and the power of s.p.a.ce was also of great help to him. It had saved his life many times, so it had to be there.

The Dao Ti realm could only create a total of ten scars, he planned to create five flame and five spatial marks.

"Hongqing, are all the flame marks different?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Everyone's different, so there shouldn't be any repet.i.tion. The Dao marks are all different and strange, and vary from person to person." Chu Hongqing replied, "The power one possesses is also very different."

After Chen Xiang asked around, he immediately ate a Dao mark Dan and began to circulate the Flame power in his heart.

Not long after, he felt his body itch. It was as if something had suddenly appeared in his body, and he could not help but go grab at it.

"You have successfully formed a Dao mark. Try it." Chu Hongqing couldn't help but giggle when she saw Chen Xiang grabbing every part of his body like a monkey.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes. As expected, he felt the first scar in his body, one that grew within his body. At the same time, he also had a very close relationship with the Divine Sense Sea.

After he opened his palm, he saw what seemed to be a long sword shaped mark, on it were many small Spirit grain s that formed a group.

"This is a Dao mark." Chen Xiang asked as he pointed his palm at Chu Hongqing.

"That's right, the Dao mark is just like that. You can give your own Dao mark a name." Chu Hongqing smiled and nodded.

"It looks like the shape of a sword, and it's also fiery red. Let me try it out first." Chen Xiang channeled the divine power inside the Divine Sense Sea into his body, and then poured it into the Dao mark.

He only felt his palm heat up, and then he placed his palm against a wall. A flame appeared in his palm, and countless flaming light swords shot out from his palm, all hitting the wall. Fortunately, he had only used very weak divine power, and the wall was also very firm, so it did not cause much damage.

"So powerful." Chen Xiang said in shock: "Just a tiny bit of divine power is already so powerful."

Just a moment ago, he was very satisfied because he had simply released so many fire swords that were very powerful. Then, he tried again and this time, he managed to form a very large sword. When the sword was about to pierce through the wall, he hurriedly retrieved it.

He was also able to retract his power with just a thought.

"This is an offensive Dao mark, and it's also very strong. This is quite rare." Chu Hongqing said somewhat enviously, "My Dao marks are all flowers, plants and little birds. Sigh."

"This is called the Path of the Fire Sword, is it really that rare to see an attack type Dao mark?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I rarely see anyone use it. Continue eating the Dao mark Dan and see what the next scar is." Chu Hongqing urged, she had not finished refining her Dao mark Dan yet.

Chen Xiang ate another Dao mark Dan and the speed at which he condensed the marks was indeed very fast. In a short moment, he succeeded, opening his palm and looking at his second mark.

"This is a Fire unicorn, the mark of the Qilin Dao." Chen Xiang said: "I don't know if it's the type of attack."

As he said that, he channeled his divine power, his palm facing the ground. A red light flashed and a palm-sized Fire unicorn appeared in front of him.

"It's so small, could it be because I'm using too little divine power?" Chen Xiang laughed as he used his divine hand to grab the Fire unicorn that was younger than Yue'er.

Chu Hongqing said in shock: "Isn't this the Heavenly beast, your Dao marks are all these powerful stuff, each one is more terrifying than the other."

After Chen Xiang grabbed onto the Fire unicorn, he shouted in shock, "This thing is actually real … "What's going on?"

Chu Hongqing said: "This is a beast type Dao mark, as long as you use your divine power, you can create a very realistic beast."

The scales on the little Fire unicorn's body were also very stiff. Then, with a thought, the little Fire unicorn disappeared, and he also felt a burst of divine power return into his body.

Now, Chu Hongqing was even more jealous, her face filled with hidden bitterness, because her Dao marks were all ordinary things, she also wished to have such a strange Dao mark.

Chen Xiang ate another Dao mark Dan. After his body started itching, it showed that he had successfully formed a Dao mark.

"What is it this time?" Chu Hongqing asked curiously.

"It's a bird. This is very ordinary, right? " Chen Xiang said as he channeled his divine power, releasing a small flame bird.

"This... "This is no ordinary bird. This is a Vermillion Bird, and also a Heavenly beast. Why are your Dao marks so powerful? I am so happy to have a Dao mark like that." Chu Hongqing could no longer stay calm.

At this moment, her mood was like a gambler who had lost nine times in a row and had seen others win every single round. She felt extremely upset and wanted to cry, because once the Dao mark was cultivated, it could not be changed.

"There's one more." Chen Xiang looked at the little Vermillion Bird that was flying around, "What's next?"

Chen Xiang was not surprised by this, because his second Divine Sense Sea had a Qilin and a Vermillion Bird, these were all fire attribute Heavenly beast.

Chen Xiang was also very curious about the marks that would appear next. There were no longer any fire attribute Heavenly beast in his second Divine Sense Sea.

After eating his fourth pellet of Dao mark Dan, Chen Xiang refined the medicinal power, and waited expectantly for the moment the Dao mark appeared. Not long later, he felt his body itching, which meant that he had succeeded again.

Chu Hongqing also stretched out her neck at this time, staring at the center of Chen Xiang's palm. Even though she was jealous, she still hoped that Chen Xiang's fourth scar was as powerful as the one before.

"This is …" "One eye." Chen Xiang looked at the eye pattern on his palm. This pattern was the same as the one before, formed by many complex Spirit grain.

"It's the first time I've seen a Dao mark that looks like an eye. Dao marks are truly strange. Let's see what's so powerful about it." Chu Hongqing exclaimed.

Chen Xiang felt that this eye could be related to the Bones that had congealed in his eyes. If the Dao mark was his eyes, then the effects of using it would definitely be very strange.

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