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had seen many different kinds of medicine, but this was the first time he had seen one like the Dao mark Dan. This was because the three kinds of Dao mark Dan's medicine were all round, small fruits that were black, white, and transparent.

The strangest thing was that these fruits had Spirit grain s on top of them, and using Chu Hongqing's words, these fruits all had natural Dao marks.

However, the Dao marks on the black, white and and transparent fruits were completely different. also did not understand what the Dao marks on the fruits represented, and what Chu Hongqing did not know, was that the three fruits could refine Dao mark Dan s out of them.

Chen Xiang had seen the Dao mark Dan's pill formulas, Chu Hongqing had also seen it, and the two of them had even discussed what they should take note of when refining it.

"It seems that the most complicated part is the fusion of the Dao marks. I can't believe that a thousand Dao marks would form a complete Dao mark by connecting them together." Chu Hongqing said: "Just thinking about it makes my head hurt, no wonder this Dao mark Dan is so expensive, it can be sold for three million Jade money s per pellet."

"Is it really that expensive?" Chen Xiang did not expect that, because 3 million Jade money was a huge number for the majority of the people. Forget about Yu Yan and Lv Ying, just based on the fact that Chu Hongqing had a good position in Fire Reverent School, it would be difficult for her to take out that many Jade money.

Although she was a Alchemist, she did not have a large amount of medicinal ingredients to refine, so she could only be controlled by others. Thus, she was very envious of the Alive Slain Method, which meant that there would be an unlimited amount of medicinal ingredients.

Back then, I did not eat Dao mark Dan s, but there were many examples to prove it. As long as you eat Dao mark Dan s, the condensing of Dao marks is extremely fast, and the fastest is to eat one to form a Dao mark. Of course, these are all for those who have cultivated their Dao Body at a young age. Chu Hongqing said.

Once you finish cultivating the Dao Body, you will eat Dao mark Dan and step into the Dao Yuan realm. Then, you will eat Qiyuan Dan and quickly cultivate to the Great Perfection Stage. Chen Xiang said.

"That's right. Back then, I had to use my own time concocting pills to improve myself." Chu Hongqing said.

"Hehe, if only you knew me earlier." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Pill refining? I don't know when I'll be able to finish it. Back when Huang Tian closed up for a few months, he only managed to refine one or two pills. It's not easy at all." Chu Hongqing sighed.

Of course, Chen Xiang would not go according to the pill formulas. If he went along to refine the pills, it would take a lot of time, especially so to link all the Dao marks together. There were over a thousand of them, and he would need to connect them with the corresponding pill formulas one by one.

Therefore, from the very beginning, Chen Xiang had already used the Original source refining to try, but he did not succeed. The Dao marks did not have any obvious patterns, if he randomly tried to connect the Dao marks to them, it would cause the medicinal liquid to go crazy, and explode at the end.

Chu Hongqing didn't know much about Heavenly Alchemy, so she combined it with the methods of Heavenly Alchemy and started to refine according to the instructions of the pill formulas.

Because Chen Xiang understood the Heavenly Alchemy, he would find a way to solve this difficult problem from the Heavenly Alchemy. It was like this for many years, where he only used the Heavenly Alchemy to take many shortcuts.

"The Alchemist who created the Dao mark Dan back then must have discovered some sort of pattern, so he knows how to arrange the thousands of marks. Otherwise, if he tried it in groups, who knows how many years he would have to try it out for, and he would even waste a lot of medicinal ingredients." Chen Xiang tried again to see what the rules were, but failed in the end.

"Oh right, there is a special method for refining Spirit grain in the Heavenly Alchemy. This mark has quite a lot in common with the Spirit grain, I wonder if I can try that method." Chen Xiang had only skimmed through this method before, but he had never used it before. However, he knew that this method was specially used to link many complex Spirit grain together.

This was after all, the Heavenly Alchemy, so it could be used to refine anything strange. He felt that this method was more useful in setting up arrays or in refining formation plates.

Chu Hongqing was currently very quiet as he focused on refining the Dao mark Dan.

Chen Xiang then began his third attempt, using the pattern refining method to refine, he began to refine the three fruits. After the fruit was refined, lines would appear on it.

"Tattoo Forging Technique." The trick behind Chen Xiang's technique was to release his own spirit sense and use the method in the technique to release his spirit power.

It was just that in the beginning, the thousand lines of marks inside the pill furnace started to dance about chaotically, causing the entire Chuangshi G.o.d furnace to tremble. Initially, Chen Xiang was very worried, but later on he could clearly feel that the marks were decreasing.

"It's getting smaller and smaller. Originally, there were more than a thousand marks, but now there are only more than 800. Could it be that they've all fused together?" Chen Xiang wondered in his heart. Until he succeeded, he did not dare to confirm whether it was a success or not.

"His speed is very fast. Did he succeed or not?" Chen Xiang wondered in his heart. Only four hours had pa.s.sed, but there were only about two hundred marks on the pill furnace.

Another two hours pa.s.sed, and only one Dao mark remained.

The recipe of the Dao mark Dan stated that if it was at this time, it would need to use an ingenious power to disperse this only scar.

Chen Xiang tried it and only saw the long scar turn into a pale white black Qi, which then fused into the medicinal liquid.

"Done." Chen Xiang didn't have any confidence so he could only continue to refine more pills.

"Four won't be a problem." Chen Xiang easily split the medicinal liquid into four clumps, and then formed four pellets. From start to end, he had only used eight hours.

"Hongqing, I succeeded." Chen Xiang chuckled: "Are Dao mark Dan like that?"

Chu Hongqing, who was initially focused on refining pills, immediately opened his eyes when he heard Chen Xiang's voice. He looked at the four white pellets on Chen Xiang's palm.

"Yes, you really refined it." Chu Hongqing was startled, and shouted in shock.

"Of course, you can refine it according to the pill formula, but it will take a long time. Are you still connecting to those Dao marks?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Mm, I've already connected more than ten Dao marks. It's very difficult to connect Dao marks to Dao marks, and I don't know how long you'll have to refine them." Chu Hongqing asked.

Chen Xiang arrived in front of her body, and tapped the center of her brows with his finger: "You can be as fast as me."

Chu Hongqing also had the entire Heavenly Alchemy, and with Chen Xiang's guidance, she flipped through her mind and took out the Inscription Method, then used the Inscription Method to refine it.

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